>Windows 8 Preview!!


many as well as myself were shocked yesterday to see the unveiling of microsofts design for theyre new OS, which has internally been named windows 8. the reason it was such a shocker was because we were given a preview of windows 8 from a video microsoft posted on their blog, and not at a major press conference or in front of a crowd. Sources have confirmed a release date of mid February 2012, similar to windows 7, which was released on 9 Feb2009. Microsoft have confirmed that the video posted was only part one of a continuous series of video’s that is planned to explain and outline windows 8. for now, here are the features that are certain.

  • All new redesigned UI made up of large live tiles similar to the Metro UI of Windows Phone. microsoft claim this is to bring “important, at a glance information.” the lock screen also resembles that of windows phone, where you will be prompted to slide the wallpaper up to reach the start menu. Minor changes such as sliding from right to left to get a mini menu or left to right to go back to open apps(new multitasking design) and snap, a feature that lets you snap another open page to the screen to allow two pages to be open at the same time
  • IE10, although the only difference will be the additional touch enhancements
  • New apps will be written in HTML5, for quicker speeds and as announced on CES will feature full ARM architecture support.
  • Backward compatible with windows 7 programs.

Many speculate that this OS was made for tablets and will just be upscaled to PC size, but they claim it will work just as well with a Mouse and keyboard, bleh! I don’t think soooooo. who knows, maybe touchscreen laptops Smile Do you think this is what the Redmond Giants need to get back up on the wagon, or will the preview of Lion at WWWDC on monday blow us away?


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