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Hey guys, as promised I’m here to blog more regularly.. Smile I’ve heard many complaints from people recently about finding it irritating to carry around a usb with all their important stuff and what not so I recommended cloud services, not surprisingly, many new nothing about the Cloud.

The Cloud, is not an actual Cloud, its more like an online storage space. The cloud is a place for you to store your music/photos/documents/contacts etc, this allows you to gain access to them from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Almost every big named company out there has cloud services, but they all have their pro’s and cons.

Apple iCloud: Allows you to store apps, pictures, contacts and calendar events for seamless integration between iOS devices.

Pro’s: Let’s all your iOS devices stay in synch and you don’t have to re-download apps all over again

Con’s: Less storage, music storing costs $25 a year, no documents and can only be accessed from iOS devices.

Windows Live Skydrive: Offers an easily accessible place to store documents and also has a built in Web Microsoft Office, so if you don’t have Office installed, you can use it online.

Pro’s: a massive 25GB storage space, Microsoft Office 2010(WEB) and can be accessed from any device

Con’s: Only Documents(NO contacts/songs/etc.)

Google Sevices(Docs, Music, Picasa, Calendar): Offers tons of storage space and can be accessed from virtually anywhere and synched onto any major device automatically.

Pro’s: Only require one account, to access music, movies, videos, pictures, mail, contacts, documents, calendars. can be exported to different services with ease

Con’s: All access is obtained from different places. Which means all documents on google docs, calendars will be separate on google calendars, contacts will be on GMail, etc.

Just incase you’re still confused, here’s a list of my fav. cloud services

Documents-Google (docs.google.com)

Calendar-Google (calendar.google.com)

Pictures- no better place than the Face (facebook)

Movies- Windows Live Synch

Music- iTunes Mesh on iCloud, when released

Contacts- GMail.


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