>Features of the new Google


  • Voice search on desktop
  • Search by image on desktop.
  • google instant will be available on images
  • Google Instant Pages_ lets you load the page immediately(usually you wait 5 seconds)
  • loads the pages while you go through the search
  • recipe view
  • auto spell checker
  • simple search
  • unit converter built in
  • real time stock quotes
  • track your fedex/ups/etc. packages
  • get definitions (defne: internet)
  • calculate anything (cos(83)+100*3.14)
  • follow your favorite sports teams
  • locate earthquake acticity
  • get the right time from any part of world (time japan)
  • convert currency(11usd in pesos)
  • get sunrise and sunset timings
  • search by file type (starwars filetype:avi)
  • let google fill in the blanks by putting asterix
  • search for an exact phrase or quote by putting(“.”)
  • search from a specific site (GreenLantern : blitzmegaplex.com)
  • include or ignore common words (salsa recipe +avocado –tomatoes)
  • search for number range (LED TV $500..$1000)
  • find a zip code
  • shop
  • get movie times
  • check the weather
  • get flight schedules or arrival times by filling in details
  • get medication info
  • google goggles now on all mobile devices
  • google voice now on all devices

more to come tomrrow, c ya Smile


About Soham Adwani

Technology Enthusiast, Film and TV Lover, Photographer and Professional Beard Grower More on Google+ Google

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