>Soham’s Top 5 Phones

>1. Samsung Infuse 4G

Who needs a dual core processor? especially when its already a 1.2GHz single core. In my opinion, the Infuse takes first place due too the overwhelmingly large 4.5inch AMOLED display, and longer battery life compared to the galaxy sII. The hardware on this device is simply fantastic and the only thing missing, sadly is Android 2.3 and TouchWiz 4.0. other than that, the Infuse is definitely my favourite phone.

2. HTC HD7

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, what’s not there to love in windows phone 7? The software is simply outstanding`, the build quality is superb. The overall simplicity and ease of use is so amazing that a person who hates touch screen phones will definitely change his/her minds after using this phone. That coupled wit HTC’s brilliant hardware and the absolutely beautiful 4.3″ display makes this phone an all rounder.

3. Motorola Milestone 2(a.k.a Droid 2)

Yes I know it’s old and may soon be outdated but people underestimate the power this baby has. This packs a single-core 1GHz processor a 5Mega-Pixel rear camera with dual LED flash and the best part? a four row physical QWERTY keyboard, this machine is a beast. it’s running Android 2.2 and Motorola’s very own MotoBlur, which some people may hate but i like, maybe its just me but its not all that bad.

4. Apple iPhone 4

yes, some of you may have been expecting this and some may be shocked to find this on the list, especially due to my recent anti apple remarks, but as a tech blogger its my duty to be unbiased. The Apple iPhone 4 is a greatly built device, I myself love the design and not to mention the absolutely gorgeous Retina Display!
for someone who’s not all that crazy about technology and just needs a phone for everyday use and entertainment I would recommend the iPhone as apple has a greatly built ecosystem , that coupled with a simple easy to use software and the best selection of apps around the globe, and the fact that it is one sexy phone makes this an all around lovely phone. plus don’t forget iOS5 is coming soon.  

5. Nokia E63

Yes, Symbian is a dying platform, but you cant take it away from the fact that Nokia has, and always will make the best quality of phones there are. The E63 is my personal favourite as it is just amazing. In fact, other than my Optimus One, this is the phone i used for the longest time, I even returned to it twice, after trying out a BlackBerry and a Sony Erricson. The phone is overall simple and easy to use as most people have used nokia. For basic needs such as sms, calling, browsing, email, etc. thiis phone is all you need, just dont make the same mistake i did and try to use this phone as your go to entertainment device. Real Player is just really buggy and the ovi store has a horrible selection of apps.

  Anyway, hoped you liked me listy, haha, any thoughts? you can leave them down in the fla fla fla a.k.a comments box



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