10 Android apps I cant live without

10. IMDb
May be a shocker, but the Apps way better Than the mobile website. And what would I do without all my movie info, unless sidereel came out with an android app.

9. ESPN scorecenter.
With cuztomisable menus and highlights of your favorite teams, this app can quickly give live scores, whether football or golf, its on scorecenter.

8. Google search
Yes I know, it’s just search, what’s the diff? Well the native google app provides much more welcomed functionality.

7. GMail.
Well can’t argue with this can you? All my notifications coming via mail, one of my most used apps.

6. YouTube
To get my daily dose of video watching

5. Revision3
Some of you may know this, nut for those who don’t, rev3 is an internet TV’ channel that brings you all your tech needs.

4. WordPress
The app I’m using at the moment and the main reason I migrated away from Blogger, WordPress’s native app lets me blog and edit my blog right from my smartphone, and they have apps for all the other phones as well, major and non major.

3. Skype
Phonecalls and not getting credit cut? Awesome!!!

2. Whatsapp

The only app that could replace the messaging shortcut on my dock, whatsapp is IM without having to set up an account. Just use your phone number And it syncs with your contacts. Sad part, its free for a one year trial only. But you can always re-install.

1. Google Reader

Definitely my most used application, Google reader syncs with my google account to bring all my news to my phone in a very readable format.

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