Comparison of Media Streamers

Many of you may or may not have a large library of movies and tv shows on your computer, whether downloaded of sites like itunes, RIP’ed of dvd’s or maybe your just a pirate. whichever you classify yourself as, your always looking for a decent way to watch it on a big screen like your tv, but there are way too many options, so I’ve decided to make a comparison, and in the process help myself decide wich one I should get. (I’ll be going alphabetically, not sorted by preference.)

1. Apple TV

Apple TV

Probably the most popular of the bunch, the Apple TV is an iOS based apple device that let’s you download apps, watch youtube, rent content straight from iTunes and use your iPad or iPhone with it.

Pro’s: It’s small, looks sexy, tiny carbon footprint, high quality HD, iPad mirroring.

Con’s: Have to jailbreak to be able to play non iTunes content, no hard drive space, no browser, no A/V composite support.


2. Boxee Box

Made by D-Link, this sweet looking box based on the awesome open source software boxee, lets you stream content from online, your pc and anywhere, you can control it with your phone, download apps like college humor and best of all, its powered by IMDb, which downloads info and album art for all your content

Pro’s: HD, USB, Composite, Great Software, Supports all media formats, integrates with Facebook and twitter.

Con’s: $250 😦


Powered by Google TV, this media streamer has more capabilities then the competition, but still lacks a solid platform, which might change with the addition of android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and the ever so good Android Market

Pro’s: Integrates with your set top box(US Only), lets you stream online content, Google Chrome  web browser with flash, use your smartphone as a remote and share content, social network integration. only $99, stream from pc.

Con’s: lack of a solid consumer base, less apps compared to some ohers.

4. Roku 2

This super sexy media streamer comes in 3 editions suited to your needs, starting at only $59

Pro’s:Great collection of online apps and channels

Con’s: Only online apps and channels.


okay, so I’ve made it a simple as possible, now its up to you, which one do you prefer? for more info check out their websites.

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