Samsung goes all out!

well a very warm hello to you, I was gonna say good morning but its 10:41pm so I guess I can’t now can I? some of you may know this and some may not but quite a large tech-centric occasion is taking place in berlin right now known as IFA. IFA is where all the big playya’s go to hang, like Johnny Drama in the playboy mansion, just straight down hang. well the gangstas down from the Samsung hood (I do not know why im writing in a weird tone) just launched two, not one, but two huge yet tiny devices in there whole bloody swarm of androids. the devices im refering to, as pictured down below are the samsung galaxy note (left) and the Tab 7.7 (other left)


the Note is a huge huge huge smartphone… whats the diif between this and his cuz the SII? well besides the 1.4GHz dual core processor, this sexy beast packs a 5.3” Super AMOLED Plus display, now that’s big! and besides that, the reason its called the notes is because it can really take notes! literally! it comes with a magnetic stylus neatly tucked away at the bottom and oh yeah, a 2500 frickin battery!! that’s amazing! and now to the other device, a galaxy tab that’s 0.7” bigger than that other one!!! what a difference!!! other than that the usual bump up, same processor as the note. oh and android 3.2, big whoop!


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