The daily life of a semi-nerdy geek

Yes, ita sadly true, i have not posted in a long long time, an if you follow my YouTube vlogs, you know i have not vlogged in a long time as well, and I blame it on my love for technology. Yes, technology, the only drastic reason in my change of character. If you knew me before 2010, you would know i knew as much about technology as Abe Lincoln. So howd I go from a Dinosaur to the Charles Bartowski of my current social circle of friends, honestly, a very eye opening trip to India. That transformed me to supergeek in no time. It started from learning how to be a Pirate, to knowing how to decrypt WEP protection and build my own linux distributions.

And now back to the reason of me not blogging, well I’m not gonna blame it on school cause lets face it, I’m not the brightest lad in class. maybe I’ve been distracted, maybe its because I just resumed reading. I just started reading again because I used to have exceptional vocabulary thats just been decepriating lately and my performance in class has been abysmal.

Another main reason, probably most important, I’ve started writing again, writing scripts. And for the first time my script might actually turn into a short film, more on that a lil later. 🙂

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