Timeline, among other stuff

so what’s up everyone? how many of you loved the fact that facebook won’t inform people that you’ve deleted them of your friends list? well too bad, with the new facebook timeline feature, you can find out the exact date someone deleted you as a friend, If you’ve activated timeline already, just scroll to a particular year and click on “made this many friends on this date” feature and you can find out who deleted you, or who you deleted. this is presuming you have received the new timeline feature already, or maybe you’re like me, repulsed by the crowded and nauseating look of the new facebook that you have decided to give up on it altogether, if you have, congrats!

I’ve always said I hate twitter, but now its so simple and elegant, it’s starting to grow on me day by day, and facebook repulses me day by day.

if you for some weird ass reason want to keep up with all the bull**** I post, then feel free to follow me on twitter (@nerdherd69) on Google+ (+Soham Adwani) or on youtube (technocastle69)


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Technology Enthusiast, Film and TV Lover, Photographer and Professional Beard Grower More on Google+ Google

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