BBX no go on OS7?

A Message From RIM

A Message From RIM

As you can see in the image above, I asked RIM whether the current line of OS7 devices would be upgradeable to BBX, which is blackberry’s new OS for smarpthones and tablets, and it tuns out it won’t. šŸ˜¦

what does this mean? well since the current OS7 handsets (torch2, 9900, etc.) all run on single core processors, they won’t be able to handle the processing power needed for BBX, so right now the only confirmed BBX device is the playbook… šŸ˜¦

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2 thoughts on “BBX no go on OS7?

  1. pranavgargme says:

    Blackberry is only making ground to bring new phones in the market. Blackberry users once have a large catalog to choose from will be less likely to shift to other smartphone brands and OSes. Right now, the task for RIM is to sustain the users it has. Attracting new buyers is something that RIM doesn’t even have time to think about.

    Pranav Garg,

    • Soham Adwani says:

      yes well even if that is the case, the fact that they are losing out on their customer base in markets such as the US already has people losing their trust in blackberry, especially now since users in the enterprise market are flocking off to iOS

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