Would I really need Android?

I’ve always wondered why people say they don’t want to move away from android or iOS because of the lack of apps, but do you really use that many apps? Really? I mean most people don’t only have smartphones, some have tablets (which I don’t think are necessary but that will be in a whole different post) and some people have replacements, the way I have my iPod touch, so is there really a need for a super smart phone or do you just need a normal smartphone or even a dumb phone just to stay in contact with people.

I myself hardly use the apps on my phone now days, besides the occasional doodle jump/cut the rope, Evernote for all my notes, imdb for my movie stuff, pulse for my news and and tweetdeck for my twitter/Facebook needs. And if I want to use the other apps, there’s always my iPod. So whats keeping me from switching to windows phone or even a blackberry?

Well it’s not that simple, of course budget plays an important role. Then there’s the fact that windows phone is not at all supported in Indonesia, no acess to the marketplace, no bing local scout and no other goodies that makes windows phone so awesome. Ive expressed many times how bored I am of android, yes shocking coming from a guy like me, but there’s no denying its true. If you have used android, you’ll know that it dosent feel as refined as something like iOS or Wp7.5, because it feels all laggy and stuff, like were using beta software. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in love with android every step of the way but it’s possible for a person to get bored of something, especially since my phone got outdated 3 weeks before I bought it (yes I was stupider back then)(stupider cause I still do stupid things at time) and it’s been really laggy and slow lately, not to mention what a terror it is to type on that drastically small 3.2″ screen. So why haven’t I moved to another phone?
Especially since I can get all the apps I need on my iPod, well the reason is, Internet. In case you don’t know, wifi availability is shit in Jakarta, and even when they say “we have wifi hotspots at every corner” barely any of them actually work, so what’s the point?

So I guess I’ll end this post now, leaving you as confused as you were when you saw the ending of inception.

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