glee: I actually think this is a good idea

glee has actually got me to believe that this whole Puck-Shelby-Beth thing is a good idea. It makes sense. Puckerman is right. Beth needs a daddy, and if it’s her real daddy won’t that just make it better? Quinn’s crazy, and is nowhere near stable to actually raise a child. Puck don’t mind dating a cougar, he practically loves them! plus doesn’t he just always seem a bit bored with people who are actually his age?. I don’t know how, but this could seriously work. Puck is great with Beth, he’s “in love” with Shelby. Shelby just has to believe it to, and also move past the whole teacher-student dating thing (ew). They would be the ultimate mashup family, and Quinn would go all berserker but really wouldn’t that just make for more good tv, people?

On the subject of glee, the Adele mashup the Troubletones did was really phenomenal (yes I’m know I’m late on this discovery). This mashup was probably the driving force that made me sit through five episodes of glee and all those West Side Story/Broadway songs (which I skipped, i’m sorry I don’t know anything about that sort of thing).

I’m also loving all the Santana drama, she’s one of the most interesting characters in McKinley High. Santana and Brittany (and Lord Tubbington) could have their on web series or something.

P.S: Vote Brittany for Senior Class President! Woo! – sure, her promises are full of lies but the whole ‘girls need to run this world’ thing was cool.

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