iPhone/iPod FilmMaking


well, some of you may know that I’m a big fan of the movie and film industry, and I love directing and editing. So far I haven’t ever really directed a video and the only thing I’ve edited is a music video, which you can find here My YouTube)

So now I’ve decided to venture into the realm of mobile film making, I actually have a few pending projects but they will remain pending until I get a camera :p Right, back to the topic, I’ve decided to shoot, color correct and edit a few short movies right from my iPod touch, so stay tuned to my youtube for that, the first one will be up by the 6th of december, so follow me on my twitter (@nerdherd69) to stay in the realm of all things me-ishh

About Soham Adwani

Technology Enthusiast, Film and TV Lover, Photographer and Professional Beard Grower More on Google+ Google

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