90210 recap 4×11 Project Runaway

Imma break this into parts, feel free to read up on your favourite storylines and ignore the rest! Or ya know, just read all so you actually understand what the whole episode is about.

Naomi & Holly (& Liam)

The episode starts off with Liam getting paid to be a vampire at a birthday party because the birthday girl’s father claims that “she loves your ad and she loves vampires so I decided to get creative”! Liam still has to pay off the damage he did last episode, so he basically has to do everything his contract says now. Naomi & Holly are going head to head as designers in a CU fashion contest this week. Naomi, being rich and all, plans the event to make it more classy than the CU budget will allow. With Naomi being so busy, Holly steals Naomi’s designs as passes it off as her own. Naomi also asked Liam to be her model, but turns out Holly hired Liam and has an officially contract and everything so Liam has no choice but to walk the runway as Holly’s model. He purposely screws this up though because he’s a good friend. Naomi, also just cuts up tons of material to change the look of her designs to differ them from Holly’s. Turns out, Naomi’s official designs suck so Holly loses and Naomi’s new design is just way to scary to belong in the fashion world. At the end though, a famous party planning company offers Naomi an internship with them because she’s amazing at party planning. Naomi & Holly decide to call a truce, but this won’t stick because Holly’s mom is the person who offered Naomi the internship when she’s the one who wanted it (Holly has yet to find out Naomi got the internship and Naomi has yet to find out that that’s Holly’s mom). Back to Liam, he notices something fishy with Annie which will be revisited in next week’s episode.


Last week, Annie told Silver that she got the inheritance money even though she didn’t. That totally came to bite her back in the ass this week. Naomi demands rent now that she’s rich so Annie has to quickly find a way to actually get the money. She heads on over to the gym to talk to Jeremy, and offers to split the inheritance money. All is fine till she mentions that the only way she won’t get the money is if they call her a fraud with evidence to back it up. This doesn’t bother her because she isn’t a fraud, but Jeremy gets an idea. After talking to her lawyer, Annie has one more obstacle before the money comes rolling in. Remember that Marla Templeton’s necklace she sold? She needs to get that back to prove that she was close to Marla instead of looking like a gold-digger. Bad news is that the jewelry store already sold it to Jeremy. Annie totally has more obstacles to overcome…


Dixon’s out from rehab and is happy to get a good nights’ sleep with Adrianna in his arms. Everything’s peaceful until his roommate from rehab, a drummer that likes get high and go to rehab all over again, crashes the party. This guy has access to the music industry and he’s exactly what Dixon needs to get back to where he was before rehab. Adrianna does not approve, and she tries to remind Dixon how he was with the drugs because she’s scared drummer boy will bring him back to the dark side. Dixon goes anyway, saying that he needs to learn how to be around the music industry and all the temptations. So at the VIP backstage party thing, Dixon has the opportunity to play some of his new stuff. He’s all tense so drummer boy gives him some drugs to make it easy peasy. Moment of truth: Dixon doesn’t do it, he gets inspired by Adrianna, goes out there and makes some pretty cool music. Aahh, peace restored.

Silver & Teddy

Teddy finally calls Silver and she begins to apologize before he stops her and tells her that this meeting is about closure. Because he’s leaving, going to London to become a tennis coach. Silver is sad. And still not forgiven for what she did. Ivy, Teddy, Dixon, and Liam have a good ol’ volleyball match on the beach and after that Ivy basically slams Teddy and tells him to stop complaining. They also all agree to go to Naomi’s fashion show. There, Teddy talks to Silver and all is right with them again. Before Teddy leaves, the whole gang is there to say bye to him as One Republic’s Good Life is playing in the background. Silver drives Teddy to the airport where they pass through many peaceful palm trees (like the one in the theme song) and Teddy makes a call to his uncle to him that he doesn’t need his family and he’s finally happy. DETOUR! Silver dries Teddy to Shane’s house, where they have fun goodbye, and Shane & Teddy drive off to D.C. to support gay rights. Bye bye Teddy!


Navid wants this whole cop business to be over with so impatience sets in. There’s this deal going down with Uncle Amal and some stolen car buyer people. He brings this up with Kat and she completely rules out the fact that he wants to accompany Uncle Amal on the deal because its way too dangerous. Silver tells Navid straight up that she’s found someone, he gets jealous when he sees her with another guy (who’s gay but he doesn’t know till later) and approaches the guy and practically tells him to get lost. Silver can’t believe he did that so he confronts him with that chick he was totally making out with in Vegas. Navid puts his foot down and tells Kat that he wants his life and Silver back so this deal has to happen with him as a witness.


I know this happened on last week’s episode of 90210 but i really need to talk about it because they barely brought it up in this week’s episode. I understand that this is not a drama like House where ex-husbands/wives actually remain in the storyline for more than one episode, but what happened to Ivy & Raj last week was big!

It was so sad. Raj got the call that he’s cancer free so they start talking about their futures and quickly figure out that it’s completely different because none of them ever thought about the future when they were busy focusing on Raj’s cancer. Like they just got married only because Raj has cancer. They still love each other, but they want to do different things now. Anyway, Raj realizes that Ivy has been there with him through everything and he’s selfish to not let her chase her dreams now. Then Raj gets a call that he still has cancer, and that’s when he decides to leave Ivy because he doesn’t want to be selfish anymore. He tells her that it’s over and leaves as both of them are crying. THIS IS SO SAD!! She’s going to eventually move on with her life, and not even know that Raj is going to die from cancer. IT’S HORRIBLE. I understand what Raj is trying to do, it’s pretty selfless of him, but they still love each other so much. All Ivy wanted to do was safe their wedding album when a potential fire could hit! stupid cancer.


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