9 episodes of Revenge later….



I watched all 9 episodes in a row today, this show is that good. It’s new, and it’s fresh, and it’s the kind of drama that doesn’t get stale over time. The storylines are amazing, and Emily VanCamp is extraordinary.

After watching the first few episodes, you can see the how the episodes work. Just like an episode of Psych or House, there’s always that one constant in each episode: the case. Revenge has this one constant, but they’re able to add an extra element to it. In some episodes, it’s hard to notice the constant, making this show more interesting to watch every episode. New twists and turns popping out from everywhere, but that’s already expected of course, because this show is a serial drama after all.


For those of you who are already watching it:

OMG the plot is just, like I have no words. Maybe i’m too excited, but i’m just glad I didn’t pass on this new show. To plot a revenge on such magnitude, I don’t know how she does it. It’s like a giant chess board, where it’s one piece (Emily) against every one else. How do you control so many different variables? It’s beyond belief! Everytime she gets out her phone to call someone who the viewers are not introduced to yet, I’m like “who else does she have in her back pocket? holy wow much”.

In the first episode, Daniel gets shot. He has a very nice smile, I like his smile. Anyway….we know her revenge was never really on Daniel. But damn, why did he have to die? As in, she must be suffering from that loss too. I want her revenge to be directed to Conrad Grayson (am I the only one who thinks that would be a sweet name for a hotel?). She should know that Victoria Grayson is hurting from losing David Clarke too, sure yes she did choose her family over him. But, that’s only cause Conrad got into her head? I know Victoria is the evil queen on the show, but I don’t completely agree with that. Ya wanna know who I despise? Tyler. Man, that guy needs to get lost.

P.S: I didn’t get the poster for the tv show till like 4 episodes in, which is actually really stupid of me.

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