Geoff Stults is: The Finder

Walter Sherman a.k.a The Finder is coming to our tv screens on January 12, 2012. For those of you who regularly watch Bones, then you guys already know who this unique fellow is. The Finder is a spin-off tv series from Bones, also created by Hart Hanson. Season 6 Episode 19 of Bones appropriately titled “The Finder” introduces us to Walter and his “gift”. An inside preview to how this guy works and who his friends are. Even if you don’t watch Bones, and you think you could be interested in this, check the episode out.

Honest to God, before I watched the episode, I was imagining this guy who could psychically just find stuff. Sort of a cross between Psych & Bones. But how he actually works is way more interesting. Geoff Stults who portrays Walter Sherman (kind of an old man name don’t you think? Reminds me of Finding Nemo & Fringe) has been on How I Met Your Mother before as MAX. This one was a shock to me, he’s so different now. Got his own tv show, a whole new appeal, and the best glasses/sunglasses ever.

We learn from the episode of Bones that Walt has served two tours in Iraq and has suffered brain damage. This is where his “gift” supposedly enters, and paranoia as well. He just…finds stuff. And he’s super amazing at it, so amazing that he’s got all sorts of people who owe him for finding something of their (he makes great money out of it too).

The backdoor pilot introduced us to the scenes of Florida and showed us straight up that Walt doesn’t want to fix his brain because he’s afraid he’ll lose The Finder Power. His friend thinks that once there’s nothing else to find he’s majorly screwed, but he’s confident that there’s always something to find. The paranoia, the confidence, the charm, the “gift”. Makes for a good character to watch.

Supporting characters Leo & Ike are portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan and Saffron Burrows. Leo is Walt’s legal advisor/poet/bodyguard and Ike is his bartender/pilot. They sort of act as his “handlers”. I find it really interesting that both of his friends have 3-letter names. Makes it much easier to remember, which is not something you usually do when you watch the first episode of a new show. Unfortunately though, Burrows has left the show and 2 other new female leads have been cast for the premiere. That’s definitely something new to look forward to right.

I enjoyed the episode of Bones, and I’m behind The Finder 100%. It also very much doesn’t hurt that Aaron Ginsburg (producer of Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe) is one of the writers of The Finder, he’s a cool guy.

Other new shows I plan on watching:


Created by Shonda Rhimes and that’s definitely one of the key points of why I’m going to check this out even though I’m not at all into politics. She’s one of my idols, it’s part loyalty and part this is the first show she’s created that is not medical and I wanna see how it goes.

Kerry Washington portrays Olivia Pope (partially based on Judy Smith), and it’s story of how she quits working at the White House to start her own firm. I watched the promo for it, there’s a little of hilarity in it, the lead character is strong and straight forward (Adele as background music, what more do you need to know). She’s the lady you come to if you don’t want a story to get out. She has a team with her, and their all a bunch of lawyers…who don’t really do lawyer-esque work. I’m sure controlling a crisis in front of the media or whatever needs a lawyer, but these guys go way beyond their job description.


If you’re like me and you didn’t watch Lost, here’s a chance to redeem yourself. Executive producer JJ Abrams is back with Jorge Garcia in tow! So about 100 years ago, all the inmates in Alcatraz just disappeared without a trace. Now in the present day, these badass criminals have resurfaced. And boy oh boy do they still clearly remember how to use a gun and kill people and stuff. Dr. Diego (Jorge Garcia) is an expert on the prison so he teams up with Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) the detective. Together, they try to figure out why dead people are coming back. It’s like some giant conspiracy, and just like Lost, we’re never going to know what’s really happening. I’m looking forward to seeing the infamous prison.


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