OTH Final Season Premiere: All the devils are here

I went into this episode so scared; so unprepared. To the point where I actually preferred to do my business homework first. And now, after watching, I feel so zen. Like, nothing else could have been more perfect than watching that episode. It’s a big day today, the final season premiere of One Tree Hill. The beginning of an ending.

The start of the episode was hardcore. Chris Keller and Dan together (that’s two devils in one car you guys), with guns and a burning house. Chase in a police car with blood splatter on his face and a stunned facial expression. Clay & Quinn fighthing. Julian getting punched like crazy. Brooke tearing apart Karen’s Cafe. And Haley, presumably at the morgue, overlooking a dead body.

I was expecting a “one week ago” to pop up after that but it never did. They cut to the one tree hill opening title and then a fresh start. Followed by a lot of calm creepy background music that made me so nervous because we all knew of the impending doom to come. I was on high alert for anything and everything at that point. But then things got pretty humorous along the way. In one scene, everything was green fields and rainbows; and in another, signs of catatrosphe peeked its ugly head. There was a fair balance of both which was peaceful.

Other things I felt about “Know This, We Noticed”:

  • Chris Keller (a.k.a Harry Johnson) is back!! I didn’t even know I missed him so much! His character is just so bewildering, i love it! He refers to himself in the third person, his charm and looks are so :evil:; and he was the highlight of the episode for me.
  • The best way to distract the audience: Chase’s hot bod!!! 😛 One shirtless scene, I understand. But there were like 3! (things are going to be really bad huh…its like their buttering us up).
  • Nathan’s scenes in the airport were not really enjoyable. It was so nice to see him again, but something was so off. It felt so forced, and I didn’t really see any emotion coming from him.
  • That whole scene where Dan begged Haley in a church to take him in was so fishy. Sure that line where he said ‘do you know what it’s like to have a beautiful granddaughter and have no expectations to hold her’ really felt genuine, and it probably was. But everything else was bad. just bad.
  • open doors are a bad omen
  • Why didn’t we see more of Jamie?
  • Did Alex’s song sound a bit too country for you?
  • Brooke driving around at night with Jude & Davis felt soooo Tree Hill.
  • Her Baker Man idea is genius. I would love to buy that for my nephew!!
  • Victoria likes babies now…..it’s weird. And I don’t quite understand why Robert is godfather.
  • An episode’s not perfect without a shot of the rivercourt!

There are a lot of mysteries and this final season is going to be perplexing. I love Tree Hill, and I know we just started but I already don’t want it to end.


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