The Finder Premiere: did it find a fan in you?

The Finder premiered on Fox a few days ago, getting a total viewership of 5.9 million viewers and a 1.7 rating. Bones on the other hand did pretty good that night, leaving Hart Hanson to tweet: “A week of mixed results: on one hand I wish The Finder had opened bigger, on the other Bones did great, I’m still alive. What’s that? A tie?”.

THE CHARACTERS: Each character here has a specific job, but then they have this personality or that overall look that sort of opposes it. It gives off an awesome sense of quirky coming from the show. I like Leo, he’s just this big guy who can bodyslam a person to unconscienceness but also loves poetry. Then we have Isobel, the US Marshall/love interest. Lastly, Willa, the thief with the second chance.

THE THEME SONG: I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t really dig it. I liked the font though, was a really nice font. It’s a tad bit too long for me, and I didn’t particularly enjoy the music except the last note.

THE STORY: Basically, every week, Walter is hired to find something. Just like every other show of this sort (CSI, Numbers, Criminal Minds). I’m not really used to it because I kind of just stopped watching all of those shows i just mentioned. I’m personally more of a character developement and major plotlines kind of person – like Grey’s, or The Vampire Diaries. Not saying that The Finder isn’t interesting, it’s just less interesting compared to other tv shows I watch. But this show has a lot of things that others don’t – like Florida.

THE FINDER GIFT: Everybody seems to believe that Walter is screwed when he has nothing else to find. I’m getting tired of hearing this and i’m totally on team Walter: there’s always something to find!! Yes, the fact that he refuses to fix his brain will come up eventually, it’s like the ‘Will Bones & Booth get together or not’ of this show. His methods for reaching his conclusion is great to watch, reminds of Sherlock Holmes, just recreating the whole thing.

WHAT I LOVE: Walter’s glasses/sunglasses. The Ends of the Earth Bar. Walt’s vault.

So that’s my quick 360 degrees opinion, I am of course still going to continue watching. The Finder is going somewhere, put your trust in Hart Hanson. Crossovers between The Finder and Bones are foreseeable in the future, cheers to the Florida-Smithsonian connection! Plus, I like seeing Geoff Stults on my computer screen.


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