Why I Prefer The Lying Game Over Pretty Little Liars

Yes I know I’m VERY LATE to the party, but I just finished catching up with 20 episodes of The Lying Game. And just like Revenge, I am grateful that someone has introduced me to this show. The Lying Game is essentially about long-lost twin sisters (Emma & Sutton) trying to find out who their birth mother is. And they start off by getting Emma to replace Sutton in her life (because barely anyone notices the difference) while Sutton goes off to find clues that will lead them to their birth mother.

Just like Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game is based on a book series written by none other than Sara Shepard herself; thus the comparison. Leslie Morgenstein is one of the exec producers on both shows BECAUSE (and I just found out this totally awesome fact) Leslie is actually known for “facilitating the adaptation of a number of book titles into television series” like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. So do go ahead and thank this brilliant man for contributing to a lot of top-rated shows. The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars also share another similarity…they both have semi-creepy theme songs that WILL BURROW INTO YOUR BRAIN and never leave.

My main reason for preferring TLG over PLL are the characters. On PLL, I do not find the characters the smartest of people. Yes, their mistakes are the things that move the plotline forward and create the thrill the show is so greatly known for, but come on, 30% of the decisions they make are questionable okay. For instance, getting into a plane with a total stranger, that’s not the greatest idea Aria. Little things like this bug me and again, I do understand why they are there, but a quarter of the time I find myself screaming at the screen for bad reasons instead of good. I like watching smart characters; I like it when characters make the decision we would’ve made if we were in that situation; and I like it when a character does something because that is who the character is not because the character chooses to do so; and The Lying Game offers this more than Pretty Little Liars does.

Both of these shows come under the same categories: thriller, mystery, and teen drama. While PLL is heavy on all fronts, The Lying Game is more subtle. Facts and information are not revealed in the form of creepy dolls and videos, they are brought to light by the characters and their environment. Basically, it’s a whole different perspective that I appreciate.

PLL is more thriller than drama, but TLG is the other way around. And because it’s less fast paced, TLG has time to showcase some really endearing moments between family members, close friends, and lovers. PLL does showcase endearing moments of course, but TLG has more and does it better. In PLL, family members are constantly in trouble so it’s understandable that they have less time for good ol’ moments that warm your heart.

I prefer the major plotline of TLG over PLL too. In PLL, 2 major questions dominate the whole show. Who is A? Who killed Allison? The show is full of unanswered questions. But in TLG, they give you answers. And here’s the best part: they deceive the heck out of you. Those of you reading this that have already watched episode 20 know what I’m getting at here. This show will give you all the answers, make you feel like you know everything, and then turn the whole thing around. AND IT’S GOOD ENTERTAINMENT. Like, I am happy to be deceived. That’s a good difference between the shows, PLL withholds information, while TLG relies on deception. Although, no one does cliffhangers like PLL does. They are the queens of cliffhangers. While TLG will still make you want to watch more, they’re a bit weak on that front.

TLG is also full of love triangles which makes sense given the storyline. The whole thing reminds me of a Katherine-Damon-Elena love triangle. Sutton and Emma remind me of Katherine and Elena…because, how could it not? It’s too quick to judge whether the love plotlines on TLG are better than the ones in PLL because I remember loving Aria & Ezra in season 1. But in season 2, it’s gotten so messed up, i agree with Mike. Love can’t be that hard. In fact, PLL was just better the first season than the second. I’m hoping TLG doesn’t go down the same route. PLL also has WAY MORE things going on at a time than TLG. And PLL boarders on an insane amount of emotional trauma for the characters which scares me more than the dead bodies popping up everywhere. TLG is a bit laid back, so it all depends on what you prefer.

For those of you that have watched, did you prefer the first ten episodes over the next 10? Because I did. The first ten were new and original, then the next 10 episodes, hints of PLL and Revenge started entering. Btw, I do think that The Lying Game is a bit of a cross between Revenge and Pretty Little Liars. Also, is anybody else annoyed by the fact that they keep on using Sutton and Emma’s “twin sisterly relationship” to just automatically fix the biggest fights between them? Yes, they are entitled to use it, but don’t overuse it.

At the end of the day, this is just my opinion. It heavily relies on your own personal choice and both shows are really great. If you are going to start watching The Lying Game, whatever you do, do not check Wikipedia.


One thought on “Why I Prefer The Lying Game Over Pretty Little Liars

  1. texmac12 says:

    The Lying Game was played on the viewer, all season long, and that is why TLG had a wonderful season one! With the twin set of final reveals, the entire 20 episodes have changed, in a manor similar to the movie The Sixth Sense, when the Bruce Willis’s character learns that he’s been dead since scene one. The list of relationships that TLG destroyed is double digit, a quantity that not even J.R. Ewing, or Abby, or Alexis ever achieved on those 1980-90 prime time soaps. And someone is a murder, maybe not revealed yet, it could still be THE primary lead character. Now that IS a first!

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