TechnoCastle re-design and new Author!

Wassup geek’s?

Snazzyham here with another random update. So I’ve decided to completely re-design the technocastle youtube to make it more proffesional. This includes adding an Intro/Outro and a watermark to all the video’s as well as adding a new better looking logo and channel design, look out for this in the coming weeks.

Another thing technocastle related to look forward for is a new podcast that A friend and I are starting that will be distributed under the snazzyham industries name. I’ll tell you more soon.

The final bit of news we have today is the awesomest bit of news. As you know the TechnoCastle family is ever expanding and we have a new Editor! So please welcome aboard Prithvi Vasandani, he has potential to become a great writer and achieve his dream for getting a proficiency award in english ;). You can also check out his personal blog and follow him on the twitterverse @p_vasandani.



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