The long-awaited premiere of season 3 is finally here! It was so anticipated, they even released the first 10 minutes of the episode days before it aired. People are going cray-cray over these liars!

Overall, the episode was basically a catch-up and a semi-new starting point for the girls. There wasn’t as much thrill as a normal episode of PLL would have, but the ending definitely set up the rest of the season. They’ve introduced a new A, or another member of Team A that’s way more crazy than Mona. Even though, it sort of puts us back right where we started, it feels different, and I don’t completely dislike it. Where else were they going to go? As ex-Officer Garrett said, there’s way more to this than we know. Not to mention, we still don’t know who killed Alison and/or Maya.

I can’t imagine what the rest of the season is going to entail (my vote is on more dead bodies), but the first episode of the season honestly could have been more fresher.

It started off with Rihanna’s “S&M”, which made me chuckle:

The girls were catching up on what each of them did during the summer. Hannah managed to successfully take a cooking class with Caleb, while Emily went to Haiti to help out. Due to Maya’s death of course, she may or may not have a drinking problem – something Spencer didn’t take kindly to after Emily practically ripped a drink from her hands.

2 minutes into the episode, their phones started buzzing. Not to worry though – it was totally a false alarm. Apparently some people like to pretend to be A and send messages like “show me your boobs”. Yup, it’s totally normal to mock a group of people after they go through some major traumatic events.

Right off the bat, the episode quickly addressed the Maya issue:

After getting their buzz on and falling asleep, they awoke to creepy noises and found Emily to be missing. Meanwhile, Emily found herself in a graveyard looking over Alison’s EMPTY GRAVE. Who does that?!

After the rest of the liars reached the graveyard, they found Emily super drunk – and she thought she could control her liquor, HA!

Detective Spencer got right into the case:


After burying the shovel in the ground, we had to watch this scene which truly had no connection to anything whatsoever. As far as we know, Lucas knows something but all their doing for now is just showing creepy scenes with him in it:

Back at the Hastings house, Spencer – the only one thinking about what to do next – quickly burned Emily’s clothes to erase all traces of evidence and packed up shop and left for the Lake House. Claiming that they’d been there all night was the perfect alibi. At the same time, she also deduced that there’s someone they don’t know about yet – thus introducing a new tormentor.

The next morning, in the Lake House:

Jump to Ezra’s apartment, we are happy to find that they are still intact as a couple – except to the “little” lies here and there of course:

Ezra decided to change the topic from “Alison’s body stolen?!!” to “omg did u remember that our anniversary of the first time we met/made out is coming up soon”. They decided to celebrate by recreating the moment:

Meanwhile, Spencer’s phone will not stop ringing:

Hannah, the carefree smiley fun time one, also has a secret to hide. Turns out, she’s been visiting Mona at the loony bin under a fake name (Miss Rivers) to get some answers from her about why she caused 2 seasons of suspense. That doesn’t work out so well because Mona has gone wayyyy off the deep end.

Emily is busy unpacking her stuff from her trip when her mom decides to have a ‘real’ heart-to-heart with her about Maya’s death:

When Hannah decides to finally give up for the day, she runs into Wren, who just so happens to be helping out at this specific loony bin. Ohh, okay then. They just tend to bring him back EVERYTIME there’s a scene in a hospital.

Following in Ezra & Aria’s lead, Toby and Spencer are doing perfect as well. Toby has got a loft, and he occasionally drops by for a shower in Spencer’s house so she can stare at his abs until she forgets that she wants to wait to lose her V-card. Toby, being the nice caring guy, quickly put his shirt on to remind her that waiting is a good thing.

Since summer is officially over, the girls were back at school – except Emily. She’s still really messed up, and went to talk to Toby about things at his new place. He totally fixed her, something her BFF’s sure couldn’t do right. Anyway, Caleb and Hannah are doing great as well. She used her charms to get him to buy the ingredients for their funny sounding dish their going to cook later. Aria quickly made a mistake though, after all the things that happened in the toilet over the past 2 seasons, shouldn’t she know by now that it’s better to just hold it? Creepy things happen in the toilet ya’ll:

AND THE SCENE STOPPED THERE. Screen faded to black and we have no clue what happened.

One of my favorite moments from this episode was in this scene though. While they were busy convincing Aria that “A” (Mona) was all locked up and there’s no way she could hurt her from there, Spencer went badass and said the best thing ever in regards to Mona:

Then totally not thaaaatttt out of the blue but still pretty ‘in your face’ is Ella and Bryon officially splitting up. All of the other reasons Ella mentioned about the separation made a lot of sense, but it’s pretty obvious Bryon is just never going to be on Team Ezra and Ella is a bit more understanding than that:

Leaving the family moment behind, PLL went all creepy music again as we watched Spencer walk through the woods and into the motel where A’s lair previously was. Ya know, the one she was brought to in the season finale? Yeh, that one. Very creepy. It was all empty, and Spencer came to get some work done. Laptop and everything.

Bringing back British boy, Wren decided to interrupt Hannah and Caleb’s cooking time to inform her that her visits may be helping Mona:

The inevitable came just in time, the liars were called into the police station for some ‘routine questioning’ as a part of their investigation:

Afterwards, Aria, Ezra, and Ella went to have dinner together. Sure, before that there was the usual “what are you doing in a police station, do you want me to put you in jail by telling the police about your teacher-student relationship” – what parent doesn’t threaten their daughter’s boyfriend right? Point is, dinner is PROGRESS. Hannah went back to see Mona for round 2 after Wren’s call, I think he may have exaggerated how well Mona was feeling:

Remember the unknown caller? Spencer finally decided to pick up – it was Garrett. He called her down to jail to plead his innocence and convince her to get her super lawyer of a mom to help him. Obvious answer was no, but then it became a question mark after he said this:

Now that the episode was coming to an end, all the girls regrouped again. Emily remembered some blurry images from the night before – and it had something to do with this weird old car. Hannah came clean about visiting Mona, and Spencer showed everyone what she was working on by bringing them back to the A’s lair. Spencer’s had some mad skills, she recreated the whole room on her laptop with what she had seen before because turns out – Team A or New A took all the stuff in that motel room before they could get to it. Dangerous stuff. But that’s not how the episode ended, the girls ran out of the room only to find the car COVERED from head to toe of photos of them at the graveyard. They are screwed!

Nothing like marking a new A with a new text message: “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on bitches.” -A

The season is shaping out to be more dangerous than the first two. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!


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