Why I Love Skeuomorphism


Skeuomorphism is defined as

 “a design feature that is carried forth from the original version of a product in order to make people feel comfortable with the new device..”

Apple uses skeuomorphism throughout their products, Scott Forstall (Before he left Apple) strictly enforced the use of skeuomorphism when designing iOS. What this basically means is that he designed iOS to make it feel realistic. Such as the Wooden pattern in iBooks, the leather pattern in Reminders, the game table background in game center, the design of the calendar application and in many other instances throughout iOS. If many of you read my blog regularly you’d know that I love Android, a lot. Everything about it feels amazing, but if there’s one thing I preferred about iOS it was skeuomorphism. The design feature was brilliantly elegant and classy, and in my opinion really blended in with the name Apple has set up for themselves. The sexy-leather business people type of thing. That was subtly brought out in their products via skeuomorphism. It just gave users a sort of comfort when using that product, and assured them that it did feel like a classy, expensive device. It started of only on iOS but soon was implemented throughout Apple’s products such as in OSX Lion’s log in screen and even their online iCloud control panel.



Rumors suggest that with Scott Forstall’s departure, skeuomorphism is out the door. This deeply saddens me as it basically deletes everything that I wrote about in the previous paragraph. What’s worse than that is that rumors suggest iOS is going towards the more cartoony and toyish design, similar to that of the MIUI android ROM. That’s just majorly disappointing.  To me it’s clear that Skeuomorphism played a major part in Apple’s branding, but obviously many geeks don’t agree with me. All I’m saying is that people should think about it, won’t Apple lose its credibility as a high end company if they implement a cartoony OS?

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