Why Facebook could prove to be the most important company on the internet

Facebook has been undergoing major changes and has been announcing numerous new features over the past year or so. Starting with Graph Search down to a redesigned News Feed and Facebook Home, it’s easy to see facebook is trying to increase its presence on the web as well as on your mobile phone. Why though? Many reasons. The main reason of course is because facebook wants to be your go to tool for everything related to interaction. From finding people to communicating with people, facebook wants to be omnipresent in your life. There are many people who argue that with this strategy facebook is becoming a “SkyNet” like company. What they don’t seem to understand is that they’re not paying for the service, therefore they probably are the service. Some claim that there are privacy issues, while no doubt you do have less privacy but that’s the way the internet works now days. If you want total privacy get off the internet. Facebook has been trying its best to keep the privacy concerns at bay.

Another great thing about having everything facebook related is that it just becomes easier. You don’t have to keep switching from different platforms and different servers, everything you need will be pulling data from a single place. Besides the ease of use, facebook products have been getting better and better. I’m a huge fan of chat heads on android. Chat heads alone are the reason I use whatsapp less and facebook messenger more, I just wish that the android app gets stickers like the iOS counterpart did. I may not have tried facebook home but I know a few people who have it and love it! (p.s. facebook, I’m still waiting for home on my nexus. thanks.) Couple that with their new minimalistic approach and you have a strategy for success.

Don’t get me wrong though, I still sometimes wonder how people can spend their whole lives on facebook. They’re constantly logged in and posting status updates. And what annoys me the most is the constant clatter from the pages I liked as a stupid little kid in 2009 and the annoying game requests. Hopefully that gets fixed with the new newsfeed but I’ll never know until I try it. The new timeline on the other hand, is fantastic! Continuing from my previous statement, I use facebook roughly 1o minutes a week, a little more now that I’m on holiday and it’s not just me, facebook has been seeing a decline in users especially teenagers. In my opinion, this is why facebook has been hard at work to try and play a more important background role, not necessarily a direct role. Such as with messenger and instagram, where you’re not technically on facebook but you are still ON facebook.

I guess what I’m just trying to say is that if facebook continues in this direction and they succeed, they might prove to be the most important company on the internet.


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