Site Ported!

Hey guys, so some of you may know that I started blogging under the name TechnoCastle 4 years ago! Yeah it’s been a long time. It started off at blogspot and after about a year I moved it here to wordpress. I’ve loved the experience here but wanted a bit more control over the site and that is why for the past few months I had considered hosting it individually. Now the obvious thing to do would be to host it on but alas, the domain had been taken. It was inactive for quite a while and I tried to purchase it off the owner but in the end we could not reach an agreement.

By this time I had already been so excited about my self hosted wordpress site that I decided to do it anyway, since I already had my personal domain, I decided to just put it on a subdomain to that. I know it doesn’t seem like the wisest decision but I wrestled with the idea for a while and finally came to the conclusion that although it would be better to host it on it’s own domain, I didn’t want to change the name “TechnoCastle” as its one that I’ve grown accustomed to. Therefore the blog is now hosted on The site is not fully ready, I’m still working on the featured images for some of the older posts but all new posts will be on that, this shall be the last post on this website.

And that is not all, I’ve got huge plans for TechnoCastle, and will be looking to write articles more frequently and am also looking to add more and more writers to the site. So stay tuned folks, and I wanted to thank you, my readers for the past 4 years and hope that we can all continue to share our love for technology and all things internet related, together.

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Technology Enthusiast, Film and TV Lover, Photographer and Professional Beard Grower More on Google+ Google

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