Yaha saṅgīta mujhē nāca milā hai – them DESI beats got me grooving!

I don’t know if many of you do this, but i listen to music while showering and i sing to it too. so, one day i got home from footy training at school and after all of that sweating,i decided to grab my phone, which was already on shuffle, and hit the showers. song after song played and suddenly after all the slow and sad songs, “Madhubala” a  song from the Bollywood movie “Mere brother ki dulhan” ( My brothers bride) played. And then i was like OMG! (i  know this sounds girly, but i cant help it)  it hit me! so hard! I could feel the desi vibes and this wave of energy flowing through my body and then  i started laughing because i was so happy all of a sudden, i  just wanted to dance!

“Madhubala” is a song about love, like most of the Bollywood songs…BUT, what stands out about this song, is the fact that most of it sounds like traditional Indian music, actually all of it sounds like traditional Indian music. nowadays, most of the Bollywood songs that are a hit are produced by a fusion of Indian traditional instruments like the Dhol ( traditional percussion instrument ) and modern day instruments. now I’m not saying that the other songs suck, they don’t. in fact, another Bollywood  song i love listening to that doesn’t sound like Indian music at all besides the lyrics, is ” Subha hone na de” , a song from the movie titled “Desi Boyz'”. I’m just saying that “Madhubala” sounds awesomer and its my favorite at the moment AND all of you reading this should Uchoob  it right away! im talking about “Subha hone na de” as well!!!

what else can i say?  i have never liked it before until i found out how even in the modern world, they stayed loyal to traditional music methods and combined it with modern day music to create a significant sound and evoke significant vibes to all its listeners. Bollywood music is brilliant! I love it!

Reggae Rocks Me Soul!

One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley

Marley created music from his heart and shared it to the world. Music that is in zero ways similar to music nowadays. Reggae was loved before, is loved now and will be loved forever. This I’m sure of. Why? because of its originality and uniqueness. In my opinion Reggae music is one of the most beautiful forms of music ever introduced to us.

I was introduced to reggae by my brother a few years ago and i fell in love with it. Marley writes and plays the best Reggae music of all but there are others that are good as well such as Toots and the Maytals, Ziggi, and Indonesia’s very own, Souljah! There is something about reggae that hits me. It’s a total mood booster. It lights up my world and cheers me up when I’m down. Skanking makes me sing and dance…even while i just lay in bed. Unlike much of the music nowadays… almost all the Reggae music I’ve listened to, especially those written by Bob Marley himself, contains a special rhythm, melody and moreover a message that encourages.

So to those of you who are strangers to Reggae. Trust me, it is so much fun to listen to and will get you through your days with a huge smile on your faces like this one right here —-> 😀 !