In Which We Say Goodbye – the Private Practice Series Finale

Private Practice is not a big show like Grey’s Anatomy. It started out five years ago with a 9 episode order for its first season and not many people gave it a chance. It stemmed from Grey’s Anatomy, from this character called Addison Montgomery and the show, for all purposes, was always going to be less than Grey’s Anatomy. And I will admit, along the years, somewhere in the middle, I started to waver. But with its final season looming down, and with any final season really, you start to look forward to it and think about the little things that make you love the show very much. So this is where I am: okay with the fact that the show has ended, happy that it ran for the optimum length of time – that it did not overstay its welcome nor drag it out, and that it is now a show I will never forget.

The Episode itself: 2 weddings and 40 minutes filled with love

For six seasons, we have watched episode after episode of Addison complaining and her quest to finally be happy and I was so stoked to see that it was not all about her in this finale. They settled her right in the beginning, she got married to the man of her dreams and has a beautiful baby. What I loved about the episode was that 10 minutes in, they were throwing in curve balls that would usually take 3-4 episodes to be resolved but by the end of it, everything was good. Everything was right. Everyone was exactly where they were supposed to be. And it’s funny to me because with every finale, a show always goes full circle but the only thing they truly went full circle with was Sam and Naomi. All the other characters had something new to end with and there’s a sort of fresh feel to that where it doesn’t make me sad about the ending but it makes me happy that these characters still have new roads to walk on. Sheldon and his dying girlfriend, Amelia marrying her boyfriend, Cooper and Charlotte raising a family, and Violet with her new book.

The Show itself: they dared to do things that put them on the map

I would say the main reason I love Private Practice so much is because of its PSA-style episodes. If I were to look back at the show, I can definitely remember some key moments that other people would call insane (i.e. Violet’s baby getting removed from her stomach and then stolen). But besides that obviously big finale, I look back and I see: addiction, cancer, adoption, teen pregnancy, rape, surrogacy, euthanasia and so on. The show has tackled all of these big issues successfully and has made me more aware of these issues that surround all of us. By far, the best thing about this show that I can’t exactly find in Grey’s Anatomy is that they don’t forget what their characters have been through. It is something that always comes up, just like the real thing because things like that don’t just go away. And that’s what Shonda Rhimes was able to do with this beautiful show and compact cast – she stayed true to the story and to the characters.

Exams Tips for the TV Addict

Last year, for my IGCSE’s, I promised myself I wouldn’t watch TV regularly in order to focus on my studies. Everything worked out well in the end, but I didn’t exactly keep my promise. I ended up watching 3 full seasons of ‘2 and a half men’ – a show I don’t even watch by the way.

With exam season right around the corner, i’d thought i’d offer some suggestions that could help you during your dreaded exam months. If you’re like me, you have to watch TV no matter what. Quitting is not an option because, let’s face it, it doesn’t work. What you need is self-control. This is generally proportionate to how much you care about your exams. The more unprepared you feel, the more control you will have (this will be extremely evident the day right before the exam, procrastination is a b*tch).

There are two ways you can go about this, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

1. The Top 5 Method – pick five of your favorite shows out of the lot and focus on those only, nothing else.

If you can manage to figure out which 5 you care about the most, the rest are simply irrelevant.You won’t be itching and going crazy reading tweets on other shows because you’re in the loop with those closest to your heart.

2. The Quick Escape Method – cut out all drama shows and watch only comedies. It’s quick, easy, and very rewarding in a stressful atmosphere.

Comedies last  on average 20 minutes and that is the perfect time for a study break or to grab a meal. The fact that you can watch while performing other tasks makes you less guilty about not studying. When your brain has turned into mush after a few hours of studying, doesn’t Modern Family sound like the perfect glass of lemonade on a hot day?

The Quick Escape method will probably let you log in more TV time (depending on the number of comedies you watch), while the Top 5 is much more concentrated. What’s important is that you do not stray. If you need to watch more, whatever you do, do not watch any of the shows you usually watch. Stick to old episodes/reruns or just starting a random new show you will not care about (i.e 2 and a half men). Once you start a show already on your schedule, you will have to tune back in every week which can be disruptive. I never used to watch 2 and a half men, and I just started on a random episode. It had no hold over me, and I was able to just watch it whenever. You need that because the TV shouldn’t control you, instead it should be vice versa.

It is fall, so a truckload of new tv shows are being dumped on our laps. Do not start any of the new shows. They are very unimportant in the scheme of it all and an added advantage is by the time your exams are done, you’ll know which are really worth watching from the reviews. Another tip is to be prepared for spoilers. Whether you like it or not, it’s going to happen, just don’t let it affect you that much. Accept it and move on. Whatever you read, it’s nothing like actually watching it happen. So when you do catch up after exams are over, I promise it’ll be okay.

That’s all the tips I have for now. I hope they are helpful, and most importantly, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS!

P.S: how great does Adam Scott look this season on Parks&Rec??! I know right!

Summer TV Edition: What I’m Watching

Nothing like a few shows a week to really make you appreciate every minute of TV you’re watching and crave them when their not on. Yeap, those are the joys of summer TV. Instead of getting a whole load of shows each week, June brings the opposite. Although, it makes up by being jam-packed with amazing storylines. It’s been so exciting!

There are still a lot of shows going on, but I don’t watch everything and out of the little I do watch, here are my picks to fill up your holidays:

The Bachelorette

Yes, I know it’s stupid – but millions of people out there are watching it as well. This season we have Emily Maynard – who was on The Bachelor before – and now she’s back to find love. I admire her quest, but the statistics don’t lie. 7 seasons of The Bachelorette and 15 seasons of The Bachelor later, only two couples have successfully managed to stay together. Don’t let that ruin it for you though, the hunky men make it so much more better.

The group dates are very odd this season, but as Chris Harrison says “there are no rules” – so yeah, go crazy Emily! She could tell them to wear skirts and ride on donkeys and they’d do it – because that actually happened. Besides that, there’s the usual drama, the awkward moments, the oh so swoon-worthy kisses, the beautiful cities, the guy who’s “not there for the right reasons”, and the man we all love to hate! Yup, package deal folks!

My top contenders this season are Sean and Arie. Sean because he’s really good-looking, his arms are ripped! He sounds like a really good guy, and Emily could not stop talking about how good his kisses were. Arie because the cameras are just showing us every single moment with them. Their so sweet and comfortable with each other. I possibly want Arie to win, but drama lies ahead in next week’s episode when Emily finds out they he used to date a producer on the show. (I don’t know anything other than what the previews have told me, but so what? He has a past, deal with it and pick him already!) Oh, and there’s Jef (with one F). People seem to like him, but I really don’t think he’s the right guy. We’ll see..


Brand new show from ABC Family and Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator of Gilmore Girls). Slight similarities between Bunheads and Gilmore Girls can of course be found, which is not a bad thing. Gilmore Girls was pretty successful.

Bunheads starts off with Michelle Simms, ballerina turns Las Vegas showgirl. Enter Hubbell Flowers (yes, that is his name), the guy who does not know when to quit. On a whim (and a lot of alcohol), he finally got the girl and brought her home to his mother – Fanny Flowers, a ballet teacher.

While Fanny and Michelle were trying to bond, Hubbell died (nice hook for a pilot, huh?). The show forgets where it started and throws us (and Michelle) into this seemingly boring town where she is left with a mother-in-law and her four star ballet students (a.k.a Bunheads).

I don’t know what the big picture is in this, and as I’m watching the show I am constantly wondering where they’re taking us and how we’re going to get there. 40 mins of the episode is all nice, but then at the last second it’s just a complete curveball and that’s how the story is progressing. I enjoy how our perspective is Michelle’s perspective. She is new to everything and so are we.

Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 is going great for me. New A, new ‘pretty little liars’. Yup, our favorite liars are finally sick and tired of this sh*t and their kicking ass and taking names to finally get down to the bottom of everything! That’s a show I can get on board with, I’ve been wanting this attitude all along. This way, we’re rewarded with lines like “bitch can see!” and “bitch crazy”, it’s fun.

For me, this season is more amusing than thrilling. The girls aren’t receiving that many text messages from ‘A’, and their all about confrontation now. Facing Jenna, Lucas, and Garrett head on now to help uncover ‘Team A’. New characters will surface and something bigger than grave digging/robbing is just over the horizon.


I save the best for last. This show makes Fridays so much better for me. Since White Collar hasn’t started yet (tune in July 10 for the season premiere), Suits is my guilty pleasure.

This season is more serious, higher stakes, and relationships are definitely being put to the test as Jessica “IS GOING TO WAR”. Daniel, as in DANIEL HARDMAN, the second name in the firms title is back. While Mike being a fraud still remains the core of this show, things are getting bigger and bigger each episode. Personal relationships are studied more and new alliances are being made everywhere. The show is epic.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and do sound off in the comments below!


The long-awaited premiere of season 3 is finally here! It was so anticipated, they even released the first 10 minutes of the episode days before it aired. People are going cray-cray over these liars!

Overall, the episode was basically a catch-up and a semi-new starting point for the girls. There wasn’t as much thrill as a normal episode of PLL would have, but the ending definitely set up the rest of the season. They’ve introduced a new A, or another member of Team A that’s way more crazy than Mona. Even though, it sort of puts us back right where we started, it feels different, and I don’t completely dislike it. Where else were they going to go? As ex-Officer Garrett said, there’s way more to this than we know. Not to mention, we still don’t know who killed Alison and/or Maya.

I can’t imagine what the rest of the season is going to entail (my vote is on more dead bodies), but the first episode of the season honestly could have been more fresher.

It started off with Rihanna’s “S&M”, which made me chuckle:

The girls were catching up on what each of them did during the summer. Hannah managed to successfully take a cooking class with Caleb, while Emily went to Haiti to help out. Due to Maya’s death of course, she may or may not have a drinking problem – something Spencer didn’t take kindly to after Emily practically ripped a drink from her hands.

2 minutes into the episode, their phones started buzzing. Not to worry though – it was totally a false alarm. Apparently some people like to pretend to be A and send messages like “show me your boobs”. Yup, it’s totally normal to mock a group of people after they go through some major traumatic events.

Right off the bat, the episode quickly addressed the Maya issue:

After getting their buzz on and falling asleep, they awoke to creepy noises and found Emily to be missing. Meanwhile, Emily found herself in a graveyard looking over Alison’s EMPTY GRAVE. Who does that?!

After the rest of the liars reached the graveyard, they found Emily super drunk – and she thought she could control her liquor, HA!

Detective Spencer got right into the case:


After burying the shovel in the ground, we had to watch this scene which truly had no connection to anything whatsoever. As far as we know, Lucas knows something but all their doing for now is just showing creepy scenes with him in it:

Back at the Hastings house, Spencer – the only one thinking about what to do next – quickly burned Emily’s clothes to erase all traces of evidence and packed up shop and left for the Lake House. Claiming that they’d been there all night was the perfect alibi. At the same time, she also deduced that there’s someone they don’t know about yet – thus introducing a new tormentor.

The next morning, in the Lake House:

Jump to Ezra’s apartment, we are happy to find that they are still intact as a couple – except to the “little” lies here and there of course:

Ezra decided to change the topic from “Alison’s body stolen?!!” to “omg did u remember that our anniversary of the first time we met/made out is coming up soon”. They decided to celebrate by recreating the moment:

Meanwhile, Spencer’s phone will not stop ringing:

Hannah, the carefree smiley fun time one, also has a secret to hide. Turns out, she’s been visiting Mona at the loony bin under a fake name (Miss Rivers) to get some answers from her about why she caused 2 seasons of suspense. That doesn’t work out so well because Mona has gone wayyyy off the deep end.

Emily is busy unpacking her stuff from her trip when her mom decides to have a ‘real’ heart-to-heart with her about Maya’s death:

When Hannah decides to finally give up for the day, she runs into Wren, who just so happens to be helping out at this specific loony bin. Ohh, okay then. They just tend to bring him back EVERYTIME there’s a scene in a hospital.

Following in Ezra & Aria’s lead, Toby and Spencer are doing perfect as well. Toby has got a loft, and he occasionally drops by for a shower in Spencer’s house so she can stare at his abs until she forgets that she wants to wait to lose her V-card. Toby, being the nice caring guy, quickly put his shirt on to remind her that waiting is a good thing.

Since summer is officially over, the girls were back at school – except Emily. She’s still really messed up, and went to talk to Toby about things at his new place. He totally fixed her, something her BFF’s sure couldn’t do right. Anyway, Caleb and Hannah are doing great as well. She used her charms to get him to buy the ingredients for their funny sounding dish their going to cook later. Aria quickly made a mistake though, after all the things that happened in the toilet over the past 2 seasons, shouldn’t she know by now that it’s better to just hold it? Creepy things happen in the toilet ya’ll:

AND THE SCENE STOPPED THERE. Screen faded to black and we have no clue what happened.

One of my favorite moments from this episode was in this scene though. While they were busy convincing Aria that “A” (Mona) was all locked up and there’s no way she could hurt her from there, Spencer went badass and said the best thing ever in regards to Mona:

Then totally not thaaaatttt out of the blue but still pretty ‘in your face’ is Ella and Bryon officially splitting up. All of the other reasons Ella mentioned about the separation made a lot of sense, but it’s pretty obvious Bryon is just never going to be on Team Ezra and Ella is a bit more understanding than that:

Leaving the family moment behind, PLL went all creepy music again as we watched Spencer walk through the woods and into the motel where A’s lair previously was. Ya know, the one she was brought to in the season finale? Yeh, that one. Very creepy. It was all empty, and Spencer came to get some work done. Laptop and everything.

Bringing back British boy, Wren decided to interrupt Hannah and Caleb’s cooking time to inform her that her visits may be helping Mona:

The inevitable came just in time, the liars were called into the police station for some ‘routine questioning’ as a part of their investigation:

Afterwards, Aria, Ezra, and Ella went to have dinner together. Sure, before that there was the usual “what are you doing in a police station, do you want me to put you in jail by telling the police about your teacher-student relationship” – what parent doesn’t threaten their daughter’s boyfriend right? Point is, dinner is PROGRESS. Hannah went back to see Mona for round 2 after Wren’s call, I think he may have exaggerated how well Mona was feeling:

Remember the unknown caller? Spencer finally decided to pick up – it was Garrett. He called her down to jail to plead his innocence and convince her to get her super lawyer of a mom to help him. Obvious answer was no, but then it became a question mark after he said this:

Now that the episode was coming to an end, all the girls regrouped again. Emily remembered some blurry images from the night before – and it had something to do with this weird old car. Hannah came clean about visiting Mona, and Spencer showed everyone what she was working on by bringing them back to the A’s lair. Spencer’s had some mad skills, she recreated the whole room on her laptop with what she had seen before because turns out – Team A or New A took all the stuff in that motel room before they could get to it. Dangerous stuff. But that’s not how the episode ended, the girls ran out of the room only to find the car COVERED from head to toe of photos of them at the graveyard. They are screwed!

Nothing like marking a new A with a new text message: “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on bitches.” -A

The season is shaping out to be more dangerous than the first two. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Fall TV Pickups: What I’ll Be Watching

When Fall is here, new tv shows are thankfully here as well. A lot of new shows have been picked-up and from that lot, I’ve taken the ones which I’ll most likely be watching and split them into 3 categories: For Sure, On the Fence, and Let’s see how the first episode goes. The first category includes the shows I’ll definitely be watching. The second category for shows which look very promising but I’m not too sure it’s my cup of tea but it might be for you. The last and final category for shows that look okay, sort of like a wildcard – the trailers don’t stand out that much but maybe a full episode would make me come on board, who knows. I’ve included links to trailers/previews for the shows that have been released them so check em’ out.

For Sure

Arrow (The CW) (Extended Preview)

Based on DC comics superhero Green Arrow, Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen –  the billionaire playboy that was presumed dead until now. Katie Cassidy plays his love interest, and Paul Blackthorne plays her father the detective that wants to arrest the new vigilante in Starling City.

Stephen Amell’s abs and kick ass fighting scenes with arrows being shot perfectly make this very entertaining. He’s rich by day, and helpful by night. Add some drama into that and what you get is an awesome new show.

666 Park Avenue (ABC)

Cast:  Dave Annable (Brother & Sisters), Rachael Taylor (Grey’s Anatomy), Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill), Mercedes Masohn (The Finder), Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), Terry O’Quinn (Lost)

Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor become managers of the apartment building owned byTerry O’Quinn (main antagonist) and Vanessa Williams. The show focuses on the tenants and how the new managers uncover the mysteries of this building, including its demonic forces.

I can’t really ignore a stellar cast like that, it was the first thing that drew me to this show. I will be thoroughly freaked out because supernatural drama and horror is not exactly my genre, but I’m pretty intrigued about this apartment building.

Partners (CBS)

Cast: Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), David Krumholtz (Numbers), Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill), and Brandon Routh (Chuck)

FROM THE CREATORS OF WILL & GRACE, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan brings you something that will totally remind you of Will & Grace – and I say that as a good thing. I loved Will & Grace, and this is Verion 2.0 for me.

Louis (Michael Uri) and Joe (David Krumholtz) are BFF’s and partners in their architecture business. Sophia Bush plays Joe’s fiance, and Brandon Routh plays Louis’ boyfriend.

The Goodwin Games (Fox)

Cast: Becki Newton (Ugly Betty), Scott Foley (Felicity), and Jake Lacy (Better With You)

FROM THE CREATORS OF HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas alongside Chris Harris bring you The Goodwin Games – a show about 3 estranged siblings who come together when their rich father dies. Who’s going to get the inheritance? Whoever wins the games, of course. But that’s not entirely the point, the games are supposed to bring them closer together, duh.

It’s such a cute little family show intertwined with flashbacks of their childhood memories and hilarious personalities.

The Mindy Project (Fox)

This comedy centres around Mindy played by Mindy Kaling (The Office), the OB/GYN trying to get her personal life on track. Trailer is hilarious, I can’t wait!

Go On (NBC) (Extra clip) – reminds me of community a bit

Matthew Perry (Friends) plays Ryan King, the sportscaster who joins a support group to help deal with the loss of his wife.

Reminds me of Community a bit in the sense that he and his support group will become a family soon. Besides that, I am a bit worried that Go On will suffer the same fate Mr. Sunshine did.

On the Fence

The Carrie Diaries (The CW)

Sex & The City Fans, this is for you! AnnaSophia Robb plays the young Carrie Bradshaw as we follow her life and learn how she turned into…adult Carrie Bradshaw. Sounds fun, and people are pretty interested to see 1980’s fashion.

Elementary (CBS)

Modern day take on Sherlock Holmes. Jonny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) plays Holmes while Lucy Liu (Southland) portrays Watson.

Revolution (NBC)

J.J. Abrams serves as one of the executive producers on Revolution. It focuses a future without electricity. With power-hungry warlords everywhere, the show centres on the Matheson family who may hold the key to reverse the effects that happened 15 years ago.

The Following (Fox)

The Following revolves around blue-eyed man Kevin Bacon, an FBI agent forced out of retirement to catch a psycho serial killer (James Purefoy).

The Mob Doctor (Fox)

Due to a family debt to the mob, Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) has no choice but to be their doctor. It’s dangerous and wrong, but they’ll probably kill her brother if she doesn’t follow through, thus major conflict arises.

Last Resort (ABC)

A navy team forced to survive on their own when their country turns on them. Definitely check this trailer out, this show is really something.

Let’s see how the first episode goes

Chicago Fire (NBC)

Jesse Spencer (House) and Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries) play the two macho firefighters at odds with each other after their fellow firefighter dies. Other than that, the show follows the Chicago fire department as they fight fires.

Do No Harm (NBC)

Following the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde complex, Steven Pasquale is a neurosurgeon who struggles to fight his dangerous alter ego.

Guys with Kids (NBC)

A story about 30-year old “kids” with kids of their own.

Emily Owens M.D. (The CW)

Mammie Gummer comes to grips with the fact that her new adult life is just like high school all over again. Justin Hartley stars as her crush.

With a slew of new entertainment heading our way, it’s no wonder why Fall is my favorite season. Post your thoughts in the comments below on which show you’re more excited for.

Fresh off my brain: House Finale

I am not a critic, I do not remember things that happened years ago to a character, and I what I say isn’t necessarily important. This post will not make you believe my views, which may or may not even be correct. All I know is that I just watched the final episode of a beautiful show – an intelligent show, and I have a few thoughts about it which are probably really obvious already. But that doesn’t matter. I am going to go ahead and be ‘Captain Obvious’ because I just feel like it, people.

David Shore and Katie Jacobs, creators and showrunners of House, are never bored with House. 8 seasons of him and their still not done learning about him. And isn’t that how you feel after watching the ending? That even though they practically spread out what makes House House on the floor of a burning building, we have no idea. That’s what makes Gregory House great. I never knew how Chase, Wilson, Foreman, and Cameron could just go “because that’s what House wants us to think” in ever episode. I never got that, maybe because I was naive but honestly not knowing just made watching House so much more better of an experience.

[SPOILER ALERT] When he “died” in that building, I knew that wasn’t it. There was no way that could just be it. Then he lived, because he “went out from that the back”, like it was so simple. He picked friendship over escaping the pain even though Wilson is going to die – which by the way, I am so glad they didn’t show us; that would not be a fun ending. We know that Wilson has five months to live, but isn’t it nice remembering House as best friends riding off in their sick motorcycles? I’m feeling pretty grateful about that.

The finale, like every other series finale, brought back the old and the dead for one last hurrah. They hit through every check point of bringing the show back full circle by talking about House’s care for the puzzle only and mentioning time and time again that ‘Everybody lies’. They tied up all the loose ends and showed us how life went on for everybody else. David Shore, Hugh Laure, and Katie Jacobs gave us closure AND endless possibilities to do whatever we want with House and Wilson.

The part where he faked died and then lived his life as a dead man to be there for Wilson was genius and made Wilson so happy. In a way though, I feel like we could take that and make it bigger. Imagine you, the audience, as Wilson and House representing the show in general – and that’s basically what I think about the ending.

My emotions/thoughts throughout the course of the finale went from denial, to scared, to sad, to bewildered, and then to happy (but still slightly bewildered – you need a lot of time to process something like this). The important part is that I ended happy. That’s how I know that I enjoyed this ending, no matter what other people are saying, I am happy that House ended this way.

All of that was just feeling all zen from the finale and en ending to an 8 year long show that has received so much praise over the years. In a few days, I will probably be mad that the show’s gone and will continuously wonder: Where else am I going to see Hugh Laurie’s blue eyes? Who will teach the people everybody lies?? How will we know that it’s never lupus??!

Oh House, I will miss you. P.S: Wilson, your black leather jacket was slick!

Remember that time when…..#I<3OTH

Hey Internetz! I miss talking to ya, it’s been so long – so soorryyy. May brings season finales, but it also drags intense (because I procrastinate a lot – what do you think i’m doing now?) exam weeks along with it.

Anyway, this random post exists because I cannot spam my twitter followers with what I’m going to proceed to type – they might think I’m crazy. I love One Tree Hill like so many fans out there. A day doesn’t go by where we don’t think about Tree Hill. Lots of things have ended this year, and we’re only 5 MONTHS in – it’s crazy.

Besides OTH, Chuck and Desperate Housewives have ended, and House is ending in a few days :'(. If you go beyond series finales, there’s also a slew of cancellations to the point where I even felt sad for shows I didn’t even watch before. All in all though, I am not going to apologize for feeling smug that Hart of Dixie & Nikita LIVE ON – sacrifices needed to be made (R.I.P. The Secret Circle and Ringer). Shows I did watch that unfortunately got the ‘falling axe of doom’ were The Finder and Alcatraz. Not really affected by the Alcatraz news to be honest. The plot was definitely thrilling, and the season finale had a good cliffhanger, but somewhere along the way I just lost interest. The show wasn’t bad, maybe it’s just not my genre. Regarding The Finder – that sucked. It was just your regular everyday show, nothing that great, but it was relaxing and there was every element of quirky attached to it.

Conclusion: just like humans, tv shows die – it’s the circle of life. One thing I refuse to get over is the cancellation of FlashForward – why network executives?? WHY?!

I’m ranting…and have lost track of the main point of the post. Without further a do, do you Remember that time…..:

  • when Nathan and Lucas take a road trip to Charlotte and the cassette gets stuck in the stereo. Then at the end they start singing “Holiday. Holiday, it’s the best day, it’s an ice cream day. I’m only happy, when I have, Holiday holiday holiday holiday”
  • when Brooke, pregnant Haley, and Quinn dress up as “superheroes”
  • when Quinn makes POT BROWNIES!
  • when Logan calls Quinn “mom” *singletear*
  • when Quentin and Jamie dance to “In the Ayer”
  • when Lucas sits in the airport and imagines his life with either Brooke, Peyton, or Lindsay
  • when all the girls get trapped in the library while the game is going on
  • when the Tree Hill Ravens win the championships and throughout all the chaos Lucas and Peyton kiss
  • when Keith gets shot *alotoftears*
  • when Chris Keller was there (every moment of him is awesome, duh)
  • when Brooke and Julian got married :’)
  • when Julian saved Brooke and Jamie from drowning
  • when the car crashed off the bridge in the season 3 finale
  • when Whitey and Keith would share a drink in his office (basically every moment when they were together in his office then)
  • when Dan and Rachel were married! (ew)
  • when Nathan stripped at the boytoy auction
  • when Peyton and Brooke teamed up to take down PsychoDerek (girl power all the waaayyyy)
  • when Millie debuts as a model with “ZERO IS NOT A SIZE”
  • when Chase makes a bad drink (every time – love him!)
  • when Brooke was a CLEAN TEEN!
  • when Jamie competes in a race car competition
  • when Mia asked the girls to pick her new album cover at Peyton’s baby shower
  • when Brooke adopts a sick baby (isn’t she the best?)
  • when Lucas and Peyton rode off into the sunset with their new baby (Y U NO STAY TILL SEASON 9?!!)
  • when Nathan starts playing slamball (like…wuuttt?)
  • when Lucas and Peyton divide the house into their own respective sides
  • when all the girls dance to “Wannabe”
  • when Mouth would be a commentator of the games at the Rivercourt
  • when Jamie was the smartass kid with the best one-liners and the advice to solve all the adult problems
  • when the gang takes a trip to that place which snows (thus resulting in a “snow day” montage)
  • when Nathan and Haley first kissed
  • when Clay proposed to Quinn with a Green Lantern ring

And that’s just off the top of my head! I have YET to complete my One Tree Hill marathon (currently at season 2), so stay tuned for more ‘why i love one tree hill’ memories 🙂

Tell me your favorite moments in the comments below!

Leftovers from Last Week + Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 Premiere & Psych Season Finale!

Hey there! I did not publish a ‘TV Thoughts of the Week’ for last weeks shows, because I didn’t really have any strong opinions on anything that happened – just little tidbits here and there but not enough for something concrete. Also, not that many shows last week either. One Tree Hill ended and Scandal premiered, those were the two big moments of last week which I’ve already talked about.

This post is essentially an extra. Just little things put into one to form something. Besides One Tree Hill & Scandal, one of the things that really stood out and has been replaying in my head over and again is this scene from Grey’s Anatomy:

It was just the best. Ever. This GIF doesn’t even begin to capture how awesome it is. It kind of just makes me notice that besides getting cereal thrown at his face, Owen also got a bowl to the face – that must have hurt, right? My point being, this left me speechless and the sound of the milk splashing was one of my favorite parts. When they cut to Christina’s face again, you could still hear the milk dripping, the whole thing was brilliant.

Little comments from other shows:

We finally learned why Regina hates Snow so much, and it was so weird to see Regina happy before things went dark –Once Upon A Time

I cannot believe America didn’t vote for Charlotte Sometimes –The Voice

Frank is no longer a boring Chemistry teacher! He totally rocked his scenes, plus he’s so smart to figure out everything AND punch Michael –Smash

Wasn’t it so refreshing to see Dorota out of her uniform? Did Serena look super tan to you as well? Can’t Rufus take a hint? –Gossip Girl

Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apt 23

The synopsis: Chloe (the bitch in apartment 23) is a con-artist who gets roommates to move in, and then once she gets the rent money, she does crazy things to force them to move out. Enter June. She moves to New York City for her dream job, but that didn’t really go so well. She found Chloe, Chloe did weird things, June fired back and then voila! Unlikely friendship formed! Also, James Van Der Beek is in this!

Super Duper Main Cast: Krysten Ritter as Chloe. She has previously worked on Gravity, and Breaking Bad. Then there is Dreama Walker, who plays June. She’s had multiple-episode arcs on The Good Wife and Gossip Girl.

Quick Opinion: It’s funny, has good acting, and outrageous storylines. I can never tell if Chloe is telling the truth or not, this is just the first episode, but so far this show is the good kind of crazy. Definitely going to continue watching.

Psych Season Finale (spoilers ahead)

Woah. That was a big risk finale, and as you all know big risk brings big reward. Wow, what a gunshot to remember. Did you see Henry just fall down? It looked like a shot straight to the heart, there’s no way he can survive that!

Besides the giant cliffhanger, the murder mystery of the week was one of the best yet. Gus is actually more crazy than Shawn now, and we got some good Juliet & Shawn scenes which I was very happy with.

Thank god Psych got picked up for its seventh season.

Scandal Premiere: Politics is not my genre, but…


What a great new show brought to you by the genius that is Shonda Rhimes. Credit is given where credit is due because it’s important to note that this is Shonda Rhimes’ first go at a drama that is not medical related.

Politics is the name of the game in this show, and it doesn’t seem boring over here (re: the title of the show). The show follows Olivia Pope and her team of “gladiators in suits”. They are litigators, lawyers, and a tech guy – basically a super team for the law. Olivia left her job working for Mr. President to start-up her own thing where their aim to serve the client. They don’t work for the government, they are a private company and that comes with some pretty awesome advantages. They don’t work on search warrants and things like that…oh no, they go “let me into the crime scene or I’m going to tell your wife about that stripper”. Ya know what that is? that is BAD-ASS.

It’s probably why I enjoyed it so much. It’s fast-paced, has a cool transition noise between scenes, and knows how become personal under all the mess that is solving something. As the pilot has taught us, they are a crisis management team – that means sleep is not an option and time is of the essence.

It’s an exciting new show, and right on the first episode you’ll see familiar faces from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Politics aside, the drama is already so juicy – I’m talking Mr. President loving someone who is not his wife juicy. It’s good, you guys (I’m not spoiling anything, just go watch it okay).

Olivia Pope is a fixer. She’s like superman, and with that comparison, I’m going to go on to say that this group of people are like the real and law version of the Justice League of America. And the word REAL applies because Olivia Pope is “partially based on former George H.W. Bush administration press aide Judy Smith.”

I can’t wait till the next episode, because Shonda Rhimes promises so much more.

Goodnight One Tree Hill

The tears on my face have dried up,and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ is on repeat for the rest of the night. That was the fastest 50 minutes of my life. Just like that, One Tree Hill is over.


How do you know where to begin when we’re at the end? The answer to that is to simply start over. [That’s right! ONE TREE HILL MARATHON WOOOO] I am not saying goodbye (mostly cause I refuse to), I am saying hello because I’ve already started rewatching from the beginning. And that gives me so much comfort because I know that what I just saw is not the last One Tree Hill episode I’ll ever see. There are 187 episodes of One Tree Hill. Even if that number will never increase, my point remains the same: There are 187 episodes of One Tree Hill. Spanned across 9 years, we have been blessed with 9 seasons full of basketball, time jumps, death, and even life. It’s for that reason, I will remain eternally grateful to everyone that made One Tree Hill possible, starting with Mark Schwahn. Words cannot describe how great this man is because of what he contributed to the world. He deserves the biggest plaque there is.

Thank you to Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy, and James Lafferty for sticking with us for nearly a decade and if anybody is listening: TURN AN UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS & THE COMET INTO REAL BOOKS (final wish)


Haley takes the stage, Chase still can’t make drinks, and Logan gets cuter (if that’s even possible)….THIS IS: THE END OF ONE TREE HILL (this is also: so sad)

Mark Schwahn’s style is to repay the loyalty of a fan, and it’s no secret he loves to make references to earlier seasons, here were my favorite from the final episode:

  1. ‘Make a wish and place it in your heart’ voiceover. First heard in season 5, he brought it back and used it as the ending of all ends. 9 seasons of One Tree Hill, and honest to god this specific voiceover was always the one I remembered the most, and obviously I’m not the only one. It was pure magic hearing this again, and this time I could actually say it along with them.
  2. Nathan surprising Haley with mac’n’cheese for dinner and that whole scene. It was a shoutout to their first date AND their first tutoring session way back in season 1.
  3. I don’t know if this officially counts as one, but it meant to something to me: the red traffic lights outside Karen’s Cafe/Baker man, it was Peyton all the way. OH! And if that’s not counted, I say the kids (and Skillz) throwing down water balloons from the rooftop.

I don’t know about you but I can definitely pick out my top 5 moments from the series finale. The whole thing was BEAUTIFUL, but come on, there was totally a few winners for me:

  1. Gavin DeGraw. When he sang his first song, I was like “oh shit!”, and then when he sang WHEN HE SANG “I Don’t Wanna Be” I went all “OH SHIT!”. They brought Gavin for the finale *clapclapclapclapclap* that is the best present ever. I have no doubts in the mind that I wasn’t the only one singing along and crying at the same time.
  2. The scene in Karen’s Cafe with everybody.
  3. Logan calling Quinn “mom”. That is the best boy in the whole world ladies and gentlemen.
  4. All the shots of Tree Hill and its respective places.
  5. Chris Keller performing “Loaded Gun”! Like, how do you not love him/it?

The show ended full circle, with JAMIE SCOTT NO 12 (!!!) running into the court after they had shown us that he beat Nathan’s record (and all the kids semi-grown up as well as Millie expecting: awwwhhhhh).


I thought I would start crying again as I wrote this post, but the truth is, after all that, I’m smiling. I am just so happy to celebrate One Tree Hill, just like they celebrated Tric’s 10th anniversary. You can’t deny that was the best journey you had the joy of taking.


In all seriousness, One Tree Hill was a real show. It was the most real show I watched because it was more than just about life. If you put all these storylines into a show like Gossip Girl, it would come off so ridiculous, we would all be rolling our eyes. And that’s why One Tree Hill is special. A dog running off with a heart goes down as being one of the most memorable moments in the history of the show.

You hear it everywhere, and you say it as well, ‘life’s unfair’. And that’s the main thing I learned from watching this show since I was 9/10 years old: good things happen to bad people. We watched our favorite characters suffer episode after episode, and then we watched them come out of it, only to be faced by another one. Just sit down and count all the hardships Nathan & Haley have faced and then take a look at them at them now. It’s a show about strength, about growing up, and about family.


We used to watch One Tree Hill with the lights off in bed. My dad would be asleep, and me and my brother would be on either ends of the bed as we watched with our mom. If i’m not mistaken, I think my mom stopped watching suddenly, so me and my brother took to watching out in the hall. Then he stopped watching after season 4, and I took to watching on my computer screen. Whenever my mom would come in when I was watching, 75% of those occurences, she would ask me what I was watching. After I told her, she would go “that’s still on?”. Well, not anymore, mom.


Goodnight One Tree Hill