Why I think Facebook messenger has the potential to be a whatsapp killer.

If you haven’t heard, facebook recently launched a new feature within their messenger app for android that allows users to communicate with others by using just their mobile numbers, without the need of a facebook account, similar to other services such as whatsapp and viber. There are many other services similar to this that have tried to “kill” whatsapp but none of them have really succeeded. However, I believe there’s a couple of things that facebook has that can prove to be extremely useful.

1. Wide User Base

Let’s be honest? Who doesn’t have facebook? granted I only have 30% of my real life friends on my facebook friends list, but that’s because I’m very selective of the people I accept requests from. But think about it, with the amount of people already using facebook, you wouldn’t have to keep forcing people to download whatsapp and stuff, they would already have am account, thus making it hassle free. And not to mention it’ll make your contacts look more organized with their facebook display pictures and contact info, or maybe that’s just for those with digital OCD such as myself.

2. Desktop Chat

don’t you just hate it when you’re in a conversation with someone and your battery dies? how about if you need to message someone and your phone is not with you? With whatsapp there wasn’t anything you could do about it, but with facebook messenger you can continue that conversation from your desktop, tablet or anything else, since basically every device is a facebook device now days, even some shitty feature phones!

Well we’ve gone through the good, now on to the bad. It isn’t a secret that people aren’t really big fans of anything that has the name “facebook” in them now days, and that’s what I believe will cause less people to adapt the service. They could go ahead and just drop the facebook, making it just messenger, it’s a relatively small change but a psychological one at that. There are many other things they could do to get people onboard, I personally have been one to criticize facebook and what they do, but there’s something about this app that seems to be promising, guess we’ll just have to wait and watch.

Awesomely Awesome Geek Stuff!

Well I was browsing the interwebs today looking to see what kind of geeky stuff was sold on there. Not to my dismay, I found some awesomely wacky and useful stuff. Here’s a few of my favorite ranging from the relatively inexpensive to the majorly expensive. For prices and where to buy it, click on the name of the product and it will take you to the site!

Utility 6 – in – 1 tool

maybe this isn’t really that interesting, but it did catch my eye. Why you ask? well because exams are ending and I’m going to be focusing on my youtube videos which means, I need an unboxing knife! Also this has a bottle opener, which means I’ll never have to try (and fail at) opening a beer bottle on the table!

Polluted Toxic Waste Glasses

Doesn’t this look beastly? Imagine drinking absinthe in that! okay maybe not absinthe, but anything is bound to look cool in that, plus it’ll suit the theme awesomely when you watch Breaking Bad

DrinkLip Portable cupholder

I can’t stress how badly I need one of these, they would be so awesome! However they would make my coaster collection irrelevant.. (It’s coming out quite well actually, thanks for asking!)

Plug Hub

yet another something that I really need, all my cables are in a mess! I could probably do with 5 of these, yes parents that’s a hint.

Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella 

Okay this may not be that useful, but it’s darn cool! Actually come to think of it it’s rainy season in Jakarta, so it is quite useful after all!


My favourite out of all the items on this list, doesn’t it look beastly??? And it moves around in sync with any music you’re playing and with your voice!

Batman Money Clip

this just looks gorgeous does it not? does it not? yes it does!

Star Wars Lightsaber Desk Lamp

I first saw this on iJustine’s instagram and must admit it caught my eye, it brings quite an orgasmic ambiance to the table *ba dum tiss*

USB Super 16 Port Hub

Is there anything more to say besides yes? okay, yes yes yes yes yes yes  yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. That’s 16 yes’s, one for each port. If only it looked sexier, matte black anyone?

Game of Thrones LIFESIZED Throne

Is your mouth still open? jaw still dropped? yeah, don’t plan on trying to pick it up anytime soon. What you see is true, and no today is not the 1st of april, this is it. yeah, I know right? wow.

Fresh off my brain: House Finale

I am not a critic, I do not remember things that happened years ago to a character, and I what I say isn’t necessarily important. This post will not make you believe my views, which may or may not even be correct. All I know is that I just watched the final episode of a beautiful show – an intelligent show, and I have a few thoughts about it which are probably really obvious already. But that doesn’t matter. I am going to go ahead and be ‘Captain Obvious’ because I just feel like it, people.

David Shore and Katie Jacobs, creators and showrunners of House, are never bored with House. 8 seasons of him and their still not done learning about him. And isn’t that how you feel after watching the ending? That even though they practically spread out what makes House House on the floor of a burning building, we have no idea. That’s what makes Gregory House great. I never knew how Chase, Wilson, Foreman, and Cameron could just go “because that’s what House wants us to think” in ever episode. I never got that, maybe because I was naive but honestly not knowing just made watching House so much more better of an experience.

[SPOILER ALERT] When he “died” in that building, I knew that wasn’t it. There was no way that could just be it. Then he lived, because he “went out from that the back”, like it was so simple. He picked friendship over escaping the pain even though Wilson is going to die – which by the way, I am so glad they didn’t show us; that would not be a fun ending. We know that Wilson has five months to live, but isn’t it nice remembering House as best friends riding off in their sick motorcycles? I’m feeling pretty grateful about that.

The finale, like every other series finale, brought back the old and the dead for one last hurrah. They hit through every check point of bringing the show back full circle by talking about House’s care for the puzzle only and mentioning time and time again that ‘Everybody lies’. They tied up all the loose ends and showed us how life went on for everybody else. David Shore, Hugh Laure, and Katie Jacobs gave us closure AND endless possibilities to do whatever we want with House and Wilson.

The part where he faked died and then lived his life as a dead man to be there for Wilson was genius and made Wilson so happy. In a way though, I feel like we could take that and make it bigger. Imagine you, the audience, as Wilson and House representing the show in general – and that’s basically what I think about the ending.

My emotions/thoughts throughout the course of the finale went from denial, to scared, to sad, to bewildered, and then to happy (but still slightly bewildered – you need a lot of time to process something like this). The important part is that I ended happy. That’s how I know that I enjoyed this ending, no matter what other people are saying, I am happy that House ended this way.

All of that was just feeling all zen from the finale and en ending to an 8 year long show that has received so much praise over the years. In a few days, I will probably be mad that the show’s gone and will continuously wonder: Where else am I going to see Hugh Laurie’s blue eyes? Who will teach the people everybody lies?? How will we know that it’s never lupus??!

Oh House, I will miss you. P.S: Wilson, your black leather jacket was slick!

TechnoCastle re-design and new Author!

Wassup geek’s?

Snazzyham here with another random update. So I’ve decided to completely re-design the technocastle youtube to make it more proffesional. This includes adding an Intro/Outro and a watermark to all the video’s as well as adding a new better looking logo and channel design, look out for this in the coming weeks.

Another thing technocastle related to look forward for is a new podcast that A friend and I are starting that will be distributed under the snazzyham industries name. I’ll tell you more soon.

The final bit of news we have today is the awesomest bit of news. As you know the TechnoCastle family is ever expanding and we have a new Editor! So please welcome aboard Prithvi Vasandani, he has potential to become a great writer and achieve his dream for getting a proficiency award in english ;). You can also check out his personal blog and follow him on the twitterverse @p_vasandani.



Blackberry 10 and RANDOM UPDATES!!!

Wassup G brothaass??

lame new introduction line? yeah I know. Well it feels like it’s been forever since I posted on this blog, and to that I apologize. I’m sorry. I’ve been so caught up with life, I’ve got my finals in two weeks and I haven’t even started revising. I have a test tomorrow, math test. I’ve studied for that already but I’m still skeptical about it. Well anyhoo, on to the tech!

I feel like I’ve been less involved with tech recently, maybe it’s because I’ve been into way too many things. I recently developed 3 new hobbies (DJing, Audiophilia and Graphic Design) and also picked up some old hobbies (Guitar, Golf, Gaming) and I’ve been really involved in them. But alas, it’s time I prioritized don’t you think? Well tentatively I’ve chosen to keep filmmaking and Technology as my main hobbies, and audiophilia/guitar/photography/golf/gaming as the side hobbies. The rest will just have to wait till I find some time in my life. So what’s new in the technology department you ask?

Probably the biggest bit of news we have today,RIM (yes that company that was doomed to die) recently, at BlackBerry World 2012, unveiled their latest operating system and successor to the current OS7 line of blackberries; BlackBerry 1o. Among other features, blackberry 10 will feature a revamped user interface, a much improved on-screen keyboard and some other well needed changes. On a hardware standpoint BB10 will feature displays going up to 1280×768, that is one beautiful screen, along with this will come multiprocessors of course. Nothing else is confirmed and neither is an Alpha build of BB10 ready. Check out this link for the sneak peek at bb10.

In other news, Treyarch just confirmed rumors about Call Of Duty: Black Ops II with the special launch trailer. From the trailer we can see that it will be set in a modern day los angeles and there are some awesome new features coming to the cod franchise. I must say that the trailer had stellar graphics and I will be pleased if the graphics can remain that astounding throughout the game. You can see for yourself here.

In other more personal news, I have finally decided on a name for my film company, wait for it, On The Rocks Entertainment! To stay in touch with my filmmaking goodness you can check out my filmmaking blog (it’s hyperlinked dude). Aside from that, I have a question for you guys, how would you feel if I were to start making podcasts? Is that something you might be interested in? I think it would be awesome. Just me being my random self, doing all sorts of dumbassery. Lemme know in the comments below!

Peace out, SnazzyHam.

100th post!

<p>I would like to start of this post by saying thank you! Thank you to all the technocastle supporters who have been following us since we started this blog, almost a year back, I think. </p>

<p>so the point of this entire blog post is to keep you informed on what we have in store for us in the future. First of all, please welcome our newest writer for the blog, Paras Punjabi! Paras will be working on music related posts and anything else that tickles his fancy. Nisha is now Administrator of the blog and will continue to post awesome stuff about movies and tv as per usual. And as for me? well you’ll be seeing less posts from me, but way way more video’s so stay tuned to our youtube channel for those video’s (technocastle69). Also I’ve been paying more attention to photography so check out snazzyham on flickr for those. Once again, thanks for all your support folks. 😀 </p>