Why You Should Read The Hunger Games

Remember the time before the Twilight movies came out, and the books were a big hit and your two best friends were fighthing over Team Edward and Team Jacob? (I bet they stopped after the movies came out –  i know mine did). Do you remember being very lost and confused because you had no idea what on earth they were talking about?

Basically, you should read The Hunger Games to avoid feeling like that again. Know which side you’re on. Be prepared. This thing is going to hit a homerun, and everybody knows the people who read the books before it got famous are the sane ones (compared to the over obsessed movie fans).

I personally have read the books and love it. What I do really hate is the fact that this is going to turn into a Team Gale vs. Team Peeta kind of thing. I greatly despise that fact, but I have well accepted it. For the record, I am on Team Peeta (I have yet to read the 3rd and final book, so my opinion may change. Why I haven’t read the 3rd book yet? In short: IGCSE’s, and the 3rd book their selling don’t match my version of the 1rst and 2nd book). Jennifer Lawrence has clearly stated that this “Is Not Twilight”. The buzz may be Twilight-adjacent, but I really do believe that this story will gain a wider fan base because it reaches out to people beyond vampire-loving, Taylour Lautner’s abs fan base, and romantics.

This next statement is half a fact because I forgot where I read this (oops): The fate of a second movie will be based on the results of the first movie though many other sites are already saying that Catching Fire (2nd book) will come to life on the big screen and Mockingjay (3rd book) will be split into two movies.

Go out, buy the trilogy because their selling all 3 in a pack, and you will probably finish it in 10 days because it is that good.