Trailer Review: The Vow

Directed by Michael Sucsy, this movie is the mother of all romantic drama films. You got Channing Tatum from Dear John and Rachel McAdams from The Time Traveler’s Wife & The Notebook. It’s like they specifically came together to make us all cry.

The movie is about a couple who fall in love and get married in the happiest way possible. More mushy stuff happens, blahblahblah. THEN, their making out in their car and some idiot driving a truck crashes straight into them. Nothing major happens to him, but SHE LOSES HER MEMORY. SHE DOES NOT REMEMBER HER HUSBAND. HE HAS TO MAKE HER FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ALL OVER AGAIN. THIS IS ALREADY SO SAD. And after the happy montage in the trailer of how much their made for each other, IT’S HEARTBREAKING!!.

Now the good news is that this movie is not based on a book so there’s no way they can butcher this (yes i’m looking at you Dear John). Although there is a book about the actual people this happened to because this story is based on true events *sadface*.

Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams as mentioned before have experience in playing these types of roles so I don’t doubt them for one second. But obviously, Rachel McAdams will be better than Channing Tatum. Also in this movie, Channing Tatum with a slicked-back hairstyle which to me is actually pretty new and significant. The director of the movie directed Grey Gardens (2009) which received multiple awards so that’s always a good thing to know about the director of the film right.

Their releasing this movie Valentine’s Day next year. I find that particularly interesting, because this is not a romantic-comedy and isn’t that what usually comes out on V-Day? This brings me to believe that the story has a happy ending. Or else the theatre will be filled with heartbroken people or couples who thought the movie was happy.

OKAY, this movie will definitely have a happy ending. It’s called THE VOW for a reason…….vows can’t be broken (at least not in this movie)….


Most Useful Application for Students (High School)

Students have a hard time keeping track of what’s going on, especially if you’re like me, and if you’re like me, then you most likely don’t have your phone with you at all times, sometimes you have maybe a tablet or media device, or sometimes just your computer.
Not only that, but most probably you’re always distracted by your tech? Am I right?
Well for me, I always seem to forget my homework, or what I was supposed to do at home, that’s when I started writing notes on my phone’s memo app, like I’m sure many of you do.
But how many times has it happened that you’re sitting at home, away from your phone, or maybe its dead, and you’re just chilling with your comp, tablet, ipod, etc. Then you realise that you need to do something on that day, and saved your notes on that other device, then you’re at school again and have only your phone with you, check the notes and that’s not there, then you forget your work and might just end up in a crapload of poo. (haha, poo)
So what’s the answer to that? Evernote. Evernote is not just your basic note taking application, it allows you to keep text notes, audio notes, snapshots/pictures, etc. And it even let’s you upload PDF and .doc files. What’s unique about evernote compared to all the other notetaking apps? Well it let’s you keep all those notes in sync!! Now you must be thinking wha?? What the hell is wrong with this guy??? All other applications let me do that too? Well yes, while this statement may be true, not all note taking apps are available everywhere!! yes well literally everywhere, its got a native app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, and even that dinosaur:- symbiosaurus ( only nerds will get that)
Well what’s appealing to me about this app, the logo is an elephant on freakin green background!! Even though blue is my favorite colour, this logo is KEWL!!!

Trailer Review – The Hunger Games

THE HUNGER GAMES. Directed by Gary Ross.  Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, and Elizabeth Banks. Gary Ross has directed two movies in his career so far, Seabiscuit (2003) and Pleasantville (1998). While I have not seen those movies, he seems extremely capable and it is no surprise that he is already set to return as director for the sequel. I love the cast for the movie, Woody Harrelson is awesome as you all know and I had the biggest crush on Josh Hutcherson when I was younger. Jennifer Lawrence will make her mark after this movie, definitely. When I first heard she was cast as Katniss, I honestly had to Wikipedia her to figure out where else I’d seen her from (X-Men: First Class). The only note I have is that it will take some time to get used to seeing her as a brunette. One of the best parts of the story is that these actors and actresses really have to be transformed to become their characters so the end result is something extremely new and unknown and it’ll be a treat for everybody to watch.

What you see on the official movie poster is a Mockingjay (a new species that emerged by the Capitol breeding a Mockingbird and a Jabberjay – you’ll understand this next year) and the tagline “MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR”, made famous as it is always said in the reapings.

The trailer depicts the 3 key parts of the movie and the first book. We start off with the reaping, then the opening ceremonies and the training, and finally the games! What the trailer also does is giveaway many little hints that only readers of the book will catch which is very enjoyable.

Unlike many other trailers (you know those movies where they practically only show the best parts of the movie then when you go and watch it, it just sucks), this trailer left me with the same feeling I had when I was reading the book: “When are the games going to begin?!”. When you’re reading the book, you want to get as fast as possible to Part III, you turn each and every page knowing you are getting closer and closer to the games. And the trailer very smartly does the same thing.

For me, personally, I paid very close attention to the scenery of it all and it’s one of the things that excite me the most. The Hunger Games is set in the future, and while reading I found it difficult to imagine because it’s not something in the future I’m used to seeing (probably because it looks nothing The Jetsons and Archie3000). With a budget of $100 million, I am truly ecstatic to see more of Panem when the movie releases on March 23, 2012.

Trailer Review – Snow White & the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman is a spin off or retake on the original story by the Brothers Grimm. not much is known about this movie aside from the cast list and what we can see from the trailer. It is directed by Rupert Sanders who’s previous works only include commercials and stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

when I heard about this I wasn’t that interested because I thought it was gonna be like Alice In Wonderland all over again but after watching the trailer I must say I am extremely intrigued. Not only do I love Kirsten Stewart, I mean like her acting is okay, she always seems so nervous but she brings out that tense atmosphere to the audience that I think would really suit this kind of movie.

and another thing, the Visual Effects blew my mind! I haven’t seen such classy yet awesome effects like these since Inception. The trailer is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, it doesn’t give too much away about the movie, and at the same time gives us enough to understand it, unlike the trailer of “Mirror, Mirror” another Snow White movie set to release at the same time, but that’s another story.

All in all I’m super excited to see this movie and can’t wait to see how things pan out…

Why You Should Read The Hunger Games

Remember the time before the Twilight movies came out, and the books were a big hit and your two best friends were fighthing over Team Edward and Team Jacob? (I bet they stopped after the movies came out –  i know mine did). Do you remember being very lost and confused because you had no idea what on earth they were talking about?

Basically, you should read The Hunger Games to avoid feeling like that again. Know which side you’re on. Be prepared. This thing is going to hit a homerun, and everybody knows the people who read the books before it got famous are the sane ones (compared to the over obsessed movie fans).

I personally have read the books and love it. What I do really hate is the fact that this is going to turn into a Team Gale vs. Team Peeta kind of thing. I greatly despise that fact, but I have well accepted it. For the record, I am on Team Peeta (I have yet to read the 3rd and final book, so my opinion may change. Why I haven’t read the 3rd book yet? In short: IGCSE’s, and the 3rd book their selling don’t match my version of the 1rst and 2nd book). Jennifer Lawrence has clearly stated that this “Is Not Twilight”. The buzz may be Twilight-adjacent, but I really do believe that this story will gain a wider fan base because it reaches out to people beyond vampire-loving, Taylour Lautner’s abs fan base, and romantics.

This next statement is half a fact because I forgot where I read this (oops): The fate of a second movie will be based on the results of the first movie though many other sites are already saying that Catching Fire (2nd book) will come to life on the big screen and Mockingjay (3rd book) will be split into two movies.

Go out, buy the trilogy because their selling all 3 in a pack, and you will probably finish it in 10 days because it is that good.

Comparison of Media Streamers

Many of you may or may not have a large library of movies and tv shows on your computer, whether downloaded of sites like itunes, RIP’ed of dvd’s or maybe your just a pirate. whichever you classify yourself as, your always looking for a decent way to watch it on a big screen like your tv, but there are way too many options, so I’ve decided to make a comparison, and in the process help myself decide wich one I should get. (I’ll be going alphabetically, not sorted by preference.)

1. Apple TV

Apple TV

Probably the most popular of the bunch, the Apple TV is an iOS based apple device that let’s you download apps, watch youtube, rent content straight from iTunes and use your iPad or iPhone with it.

Pro’s: It’s small, looks sexy, tiny carbon footprint, high quality HD, iPad mirroring.

Con’s: Have to jailbreak to be able to play non iTunes content, no hard drive space, no browser, no A/V composite support.


2. Boxee Box

Made by D-Link, this sweet looking box based on the awesome open source software boxee, lets you stream content from online, your pc and anywhere, you can control it with your phone, download apps like college humor and best of all, its powered by IMDb, which downloads info and album art for all your content

Pro’s: HD, USB, Composite, Great Software, Supports all media formats, integrates with Facebook and twitter.

Con’s: $250 😦


Powered by Google TV, this media streamer has more capabilities then the competition, but still lacks a solid platform, which might change with the addition of android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and the ever so good Android Market

Pro’s: Integrates with your set top box(US Only), lets you stream online content, Google Chrome  web browser with flash, use your smartphone as a remote and share content, social network integration. only $99, stream from pc.

Con’s: lack of a solid consumer base, less apps compared to some ohers.

4. Roku 2

This super sexy media streamer comes in 3 editions suited to your needs, starting at only $59

Pro’s:Great collection of online apps and channels

Con’s: Only online apps and channels.


okay, so I’ve made it a simple as possible, now its up to you, which one do you prefer? for more info check out their websites.

Best Mid Range Android Phones

1. LG Optimus Black

featuring a gorgeous 4″ Nova display, a 1GHz processor and a 5 megapixel camera, and not to forget that its slimmer than the iphone 4, this phone is a crossover between a mid-range and high-end smartphone

2. Motorola Triumph

featuring a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 4.1″ display and stock android (FroYo), the only drawback this phone has is its plastic like feel and bulky design, oh and of course its tiny battery(1390 M) :p

3. HTC Cha Cha

Also known as the Facebook phone due to its dedicated facebook sharing key at the bottom, the ChaCha is the perfect phone for a business person wanting to make the switch from a blackberry. it features a 2.6″ touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 320, an 800MHz processor and android 2.2 with HTC Sense 2.1. plus it has a beautiful design.

4. Samsung Galaxy Ace

As the succesor t0 the Galaxy 3, the galaxy ace rocks an amazing and lightweight body, an 800MHz processor, a 3.5″ AMOLED display and android 2.2 with touchwiz 3.0, and an upgrade coming in the future.

5. HTC Desire S

Yea yea I know the phone has a 1GHz processor and android 2.3 also know as those wicked robots made out of gingerbread. When I saw it I was like whoa, that’s some wicked pic right there, then I saw ice cream sandwhich’s robot and I was like double whoa! Cuz the honeycomb logo was just bleh. But that’s besides the point. Right so as I was saying, it has all the great specs, but if you have used it, you what I’m talking aboot. Yes I said it that way. No typo.