>Ubuntu 10.10


hey guys, just yesterday i installed ubuntu 10.10 on virtual machine and i must say i’m very happy with it. it has an overall awesomeness and is much more fun to use compared to windows and mac. people say its tougher to use but its comparitavely easy and hassle free. using it as a virtual machine causes some serious lagging which is why im considering installing it full time on my old laptop. now that i finally got my new one. just so you know what it looks like here are a few snapshots. i’ll have an indepth review after my exams.


>Linux Mint 10 "Julia"


Hey guys, I just spent the entire day cleaning out my laptop to try out new shit. now as you can see in the above picture, I have installed Linux Mint 10 on my laptop. I just wanted to try it out and considering i already had windows on my house pc i wanted to try this out. i haven’t got the chance to use it much and all I can tell you now is that the UI seems quite good although the usability will take some time to get used to. i will be dualbooting this with Mac OS X so if you have any questions email me at soham.adwani69@gmail.com.

>LG P500 (Optimus One) Review

>hey guys, i just got the LG Optimus one and i decided to make a review. lets start with the basics, it has a 600MHz processor, comes with android 2.2, it has a built in wi-fi hotspot and voice input is one of the main features of 2.2. the 3.2 inch diagonal display is alright for watching movies, it feels nice to hold in the hand. the 3.0 megapixel camera is great for pictures but the VGA video recording could be better, the lack of an LED flash can get frustrating in low light positions. The design of the phone is very sleek and elegant, the volume rocker and lock/power button is sort of blended in with the chrome rim which can get pissing off at times. the battery life isnt so great for constant users such as myself, it lasted me around 9 hours with constant browsing, game playing, downloading and the usual 3G features although i have realised the application google goggles takes up 22% of power usage on the phone. now coming to the software. the 600MHz processor seems flawless, no lagging what so ever, the video playback is exquisite with no lagging(720p blu ray) but requires registration to support DivX. the applications load extremely quickly and have no problems running. installing applications is very quick and flawless. i have had a chance to install metro ui (wp7 user interface) and have been running both UI’s without any lag. the widgets have proved extremely usefull and so has the notification bar qith quick access to GPS, WiFi, 3.5G network switch, bluetooth, silent/general profile switcher but the lack of the LED indicatoris one way in which the BlackBerry gains an upper hand. more updates in time.
hope this has helped.
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