Site Ported!

Hey guys, so some of you may know that I started blogging under the name TechnoCastle 4 years ago! Yeah it’s been a long time. It started off at blogspot and after about a year I moved it here to wordpress. I’ve loved the experience here but wanted a bit more control over the site and that is why for the past few months I had considered hosting it individually. Now the obvious thing to do would be to host it on but alas, the domain had been taken. It was inactive for quite a while and I tried to purchase it off the owner but in the end we could not reach an agreement.

By this time I had already been so excited about my self hosted wordpress site that I decided to do it anyway, since I already had my personal domain, I decided to just put it on a subdomain to that. I know it doesn’t seem like the wisest decision but I wrestled with the idea for a while and finally came to the conclusion that although it would be better to host it on it’s own domain, I didn’t want to change the name “TechnoCastle” as its one that I’ve grown accustomed to. Therefore the blog is now hosted on The site is not fully ready, I’m still working on the featured images for some of the older posts but all new posts will be on that, this shall be the last post on this website.

And that is not all, I’ve got huge plans for TechnoCastle, and will be looking to write articles more frequently and am also looking to add more and more writers to the site. So stay tuned folks, and I wanted to thank you, my readers for the past 4 years and hope that we can all continue to share our love for technology and all things internet related, together.

Introduction to the world

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, if anyone is reading this. As you all might already know, i have been made the editor of this amazeballs blog started by your very own @SnazzyHam. I do not have a specific topic to what i will be writing about but just be aware that its gonna be pretty unique and hopefully interesting and maybe informative. So let me introduce myself first, my name is Prithvi Vasandani and im 16 years old which makes me the youngest blogger in the world. Maybe not actually, but i think the youngest in this blog. I think that’s all you need to know about me, and if you want to know more..  you cant.  I look forward to write a few posts and share things with all of you. Peace out dudes and dudettes.

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10 Android apps I cant live without

10. IMDb
May be a shocker, but the Apps way better Than the mobile website. And what would I do without all my movie info, unless sidereel came out with an android app.

9. ESPN scorecenter.
With cuztomisable menus and highlights of your favorite teams, this app can quickly give live scores, whether football or golf, its on scorecenter.

8. Google search
Yes I know, it’s just search, what’s the diff? Well the native google app provides much more welcomed functionality.

7. GMail.
Well can’t argue with this can you? All my notifications coming via mail, one of my most used apps.

6. YouTube
To get my daily dose of video watching

5. Revision3
Some of you may know this, nut for those who don’t, rev3 is an internet TV’ channel that brings you all your tech needs.

4. WordPress
The app I’m using at the moment and the main reason I migrated away from Blogger, WordPress’s native app lets me blog and edit my blog right from my smartphone, and they have apps for all the other phones as well, major and non major.

3. Skype
Phonecalls and not getting credit cut? Awesome!!!

2. Whatsapp

The only app that could replace the messaging shortcut on my dock, whatsapp is IM without having to set up an account. Just use your phone number And it syncs with your contacts. Sad part, its free for a one year trial only. But you can always re-install.

1. Google Reader

Definitely my most used application, Google reader syncs with my google account to bring all my news to my phone in a very readable format.

>Google+ Walkthru and review

>Many of you may be aware of Google+, Google’s all new social networking site competing with the ever so popular facebook. Many have mentioned how confused they get and how hard it seems, well its not that hard, so heres a brief description of what you can expect to find.

1. Google Homepage

as you can see, the homepage of Google’s main website has been altered to provide the all new + bar, which will give you quick acess to a new post or notifications even if you’re away Googling 🙂 Besides the Web tab now is the +You tab, which will bring you to your Google+ homepage, or you can just type
2.Google+ Homepage

Here you can see the homepage, which consists of basically everything a social network’s homepage should have. In the middle you have the Stream, which is similar to your news feed on facebook, except for the fact that its clean and not full of junk and spam. on the left you have the choice to filter your stream from your different cirlces(groups of friends) which we will get to later. below that you have sparks, which is a kind of RSS feed of topics of your interest, similar to liking pages on facebook, but less obtrusive, meaning you can choose if you want them to appear in your stream of just under sparks. On the right hand side of the page you will find a thumbnailed list of people in your circles and suggestions for people you might want to add or invite.
below that you have the option to start a “hangout” which is a video chat for up to 15 people. you can choose to start a private hangout with your individual circles or make it public for anyone to join.

3. Profile Page

moving on to the profile page. its all the same except for a few minor tweaks. you can choose to view the persons posts, information about that person, or view their photos/videos and things they’ve +1’ed (liked). below the profile pic, you can view you theyre following and who’s following them. similar to twitter, i think (i don’t really use twitter much :p)

4.Photo Viewer

what i would like to consider a much drastic improvement over facebook’s photo viewer, you can view and scroll through the pictures from the larger part of the scree, and comment on the right comment pane.


and last but definitely not the least we have the circles page. this is probably the most stand out feature of google+, you can search for people and group them to different circles, such as friends and family, etc. the best part? you can add 1 person to more than one circle, such as if you want to group them as friend and coworker, you can. you can then choose to share things specifically with just one circle, various circles or publicly, for anyone to see. and for you extremely social peoples, you can have an unlimited number of circles.

well, i hope this has made you understand Google+ more, any questions? need invite? sound off in the comments.

C ya! 😉

>Soham’s Top5 Upcoming phones


1. MyTouch 4G Slide


as the successor to the MyTouch 4G, the Slide has the same design as its predecessor with the exception of a landscape slide out keyboard with customized android keys. under the hood this device is an exact replica of the htc sensation, powered by a dual core 1.2GHz snapdragon processor running android 2.3 underneath htc’s sense 3.0, which most people love, but i really don’t.

2. Nokia N9


you gotta admit it, nokia makes the best hardware, software? eh, but at least they dropped symbian. Many wonder why as a phone coming out in the summer of 2011, why does it have a single core processor? well, does MeeGo need a dual core processor? I don’t think so.

3.Blackberry Bold 9900

Yes, it’s shocking to find a blackberry on my list, given my constant disappointment with research in motion, but that dosent cover for the fact that this is a beast of a phone. with a 1.2GHz processor and a 2.6” touch screen with a full QWERTY keyboard, this phone deserves the numero 3 position.

4. HP Pre3

I’ve said it before and I wont mind saying it again, I love webOS, the overall awesomeness of the UI and integration of facebook,google,etc. makes this phone the No.1 Business device. and with a 3.7” display and 1.4GHz processor, it gets an A* from me Smile

5. Asus Padfone

Just the fact that this phone docks into a tab makes this phone mega epic awesome, asus designed this with their n+1 theory in mind. the same theory that brought us the transformer.. Smile