Phantom Vibrations


Nokia Lumia 520 Review

It’s been a while since I last uploaded a video, finally got the time so here it is! My review of the Nokia Lumia 520 and Windows Phone 8!

The look is a little muddy and flat, I’m not sure about it, what do you guys think, is it a look I should stick with or go back to colour grading it?

by Soham Adwani

A Boy and His Remote

The actual video on YouTube My Submission for the Monday Challenge: The Emotion.

Yes it does show that it was uploaded late but that was because I had uploaded it on dropbox first and sent in that link. This video was uploaded onto youtube after the deadline for submission.

The story of a sad remote that feels unappreciated an decides to run away from home.

Music By Kevin MacLeod bySoham Adwani


What Happens if the objects around us understood us?

The actual video on YouTube Just some nonsense that we decided to whip up when we were bored and I wanted to test some new filmmaking equipment.


Saharsh Negi (@SahaSahi69)
Aaakash Joshua Keswani (@Aakash_josh777)
Arnav Kulkarni
(@Arnav2803 on instagram)
Suraj Mirvani
Sharan Visagan M…

Music By Kevin MacLeod bySoham Adwani


A Halloween Horror/Comedy Short

The actual video on YouTube This happens to be a Re-upload of my entry for film riot’s Halloween challenge!

Directed/Edited/Written/Shot/Produced By:- Soham Adwani

Starring:- Sonank Kashyap
Arnav Kulkarni
Joshua Keswani
Ashel Noah
Anil Kukreja
Suraj Mirvani bySoham Adwani


Harlem Shake Senior Edition

The actual video on YouTube Yeah, this is our response to the Harlem Shake

p.s. you n00b’s who think you have IB stress, that’s cute, very cute. Sit down and let the big kids handle this will ya?

an honourable mention to Saahil Khemlani (@gigaahil) and Shidush Contractor (@SidRonCon) who helped made this video possible but due to certain reasons were not able to join in bySoham Adwani


Monday Challenge: Movie Scene

The actual video on YouTube My submission for the monday challenge, yes I know I’m past the deadline. In fact I started this on the 26th, one day after the deadline… Oh well, just wanted to try it out 🙂

This is one of the first scene’s from the social network, where mark is blogging about Erica.. bySoham Adwani