Best Looking phones (end of 2011 issue)

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for buying phones that don’t have the right specs, but look freakin awesome! So heres my list of the top 8 best looking phones, in ascending order.

8. Blackberry Curve 9360

7. HTC Sensation XE

6. Apple iPhone 4/4S

5. LG Optimus 3D

4. Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus

3. Motorola Droid Razr

2.  Motorola Droid X2

1. Nokia Lumia 800 (The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Especially)

Cable Television- Another Conspiracy Theory

What is the definition of the free world? Being free to live our lives the way we want to, right? Then why are we all blind to this life of semi slavery we’ve been sucked into? what slavery? television!

What is slavery? Someone telling someone else what to do and when to do it right? just like TV! Don’t get me wrong, I love television, everything from “The Big Bang Theory” to “Nikita” from networks like TNT, CBS, ABC, The CW, etc. But what I don’t like is that they have a schedule, they tell you when to watch which show, how long you can watch it for and the only times you can watch it, so it’s not convenient to you, but convenient to them! Yup, you know it, I know it, Dora the explorer knows it! I love the shows that cable television puts out and I know I would be a completely different person without tv in my life, but I truly hate the system!

When you come to think about it, it’s a bunch of corporate fools puppeting us around for their entertainment, making us think it’s for our entertainment, making us the true fools. Which is why I have opened my eyes to the truth and have decided to cut the cord! Not physically of course because my family still needs the tv, but I have decided to be no part of this cable tv thing. Now there are a couple of options to go with here, theres the subscription based tv streaming thing like amazon instant video, netflix, BBC iPlayer etc. then there’s the pay for downloading thing like buying tv shows on iTunes (yuck, I know), there’s illegally downloading pirated shows, which is the only option for people living in a country such as mine considering they don’t show most shows on tv and theres no subscription based television, you could buy DVD’s (original ofcourse) or you could watch just web based shows like Film Riot or TechnoBuffalo 0n Revision3 or similar online networks.

What I like about these options is that you can watch whenever you want, it suits your schedule and you’re free to play and pause whenever you want!

9 episodes of Revenge later….



I watched all 9 episodes in a row today, this show is that good. It’s new, and it’s fresh, and it’s the kind of drama that doesn’t get stale over time. The storylines are amazing, and Emily VanCamp is extraordinary.

After watching the first few episodes, you can see the how the episodes work. Just like an episode of Psych or House, there’s always that one constant in each episode: the case. Revenge has this one constant, but they’re able to add an extra element to it. In some episodes, it’s hard to notice the constant, making this show more interesting to watch every episode. New twists and turns popping out from everywhere, but that’s already expected of course, because this show is a serial drama after all.


For those of you who are already watching it:

OMG the plot is just, like I have no words. Maybe i’m too excited, but i’m just glad I didn’t pass on this new show. To plot a revenge on such magnitude, I don’t know how she does it. It’s like a giant chess board, where it’s one piece (Emily) against every one else. How do you control so many different variables? It’s beyond belief! Everytime she gets out her phone to call someone who the viewers are not introduced to yet, I’m like “who else does she have in her back pocket? holy wow much”.

In the first episode, Daniel gets shot. He has a very nice smile, I like his smile. Anyway….we know her revenge was never really on Daniel. But damn, why did he have to die? As in, she must be suffering from that loss too. I want her revenge to be directed to Conrad Grayson (am I the only one who thinks that would be a sweet name for a hotel?). She should know that Victoria Grayson is hurting from losing David Clarke too, sure yes she did choose her family over him. But, that’s only cause Conrad got into her head? I know Victoria is the evil queen on the show, but I don’t completely agree with that. Ya wanna know who I despise? Tyler. Man, that guy needs to get lost.

P.S: I didn’t get the poster for the tv show till like 4 episodes in, which is actually really stupid of me.

BBX no go on OS7?

A Message From RIM

A Message From RIM

As you can see in the image above, I asked RIM whether the current line of OS7 devices would be upgradeable to BBX, which is blackberry’s new OS for smarpthones and tablets, and it tuns out it won’t. 😦

what does this mean? well since the current OS7 handsets (torch2, 9900, etc.) all run on single core processors, they won’t be able to handle the processing power needed for BBX, so right now the only confirmed BBX device is the playbook… 😦