Random TV Thoughts & What Not

Hola amigos! How’s everybody doing today? I am currently in the IT lab in school, last period; and my teacher’s not here. Since I was dying of boredom, just thought I’d blog.

Lots of random little thoughts about what’s been going on in the TVuniverse, and sharing isn’t a crime so here it is (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS):

  • Did everyone catch this week’s episode of House? If you didn’t, RUN, AND WATCH. Another game changing episode. Good directing, writing, and acting. Greg Yaitanes, who’s been directing on House since 2008, left his mark with this episode as he has left to work on another show.
  • Hugh Laurie, David Shore & Katie Jacobs made an executive decision to end House in May. I respect that, but who’s going to teach the population that Everybody Lies?
  • Next week is The Fire & Ice Ball on Revenge!!!! YEAH! Besides that, the big shocking moment on this week’s episode is that someone stole Emily’s box 😮 I wasn’t really jumping out of my seat about this. It is extremely scary and disturbing to think about who ELSE could put the Revenge in Revenge like Emily Thorne can. I’m hoping it’s someone from the past we haven’t met before. That might not be the case since everyone seems to have a psycho alter ego on this show. P.S: i loved daniel more when he was drunk in college talking poetry
  • The Voice! It’s back! And it’s lengthy; and the only reason I watch is because the concept is entertaining and the judges make me laugh so much
  • This week’s HIMYM episode was just alright for me. I expected more probably. In true HIMYM fashon, it was still damn interesting 🙂
  • Did you guys watch Smash? GIANT HYPE. but deserving of it. I was confused because they actually premiered it earlier 1/2 weeks before the Superbowl and that’s when I watched the first episode. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the second episode next week!
  • Modern Family came back this week better than ever, I enjoyed the episode so much. Especially the whole shenanigan with Manny’s friend “Danielle” haha. And of course, the Phil & Claire storyline. One of their bests for me.
  • ONE TREE HILL!!!! Their depriving us of Nathan on the last season. They are either EVIL or have a REALLY GOOD plot line!! It’s exciting and sad at the same time la. The scenes we saw in the first episode are revealing themselves. According to my count, that’s 3 out 6 mysteries solved. I have this creepy feeling that Chuck’s dad has something to do with Nathan’s disappearance.
  • I actually have this idea for a new segment I wanna do on TechnoCastle. Been busy with homework lately, and I need a title for it, but yeh…hoping it’ll come out eventually (hint: it’s about spoilers).

2012 has so far been associated with the ending of Chuck and the soon to be ending Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, and now House. Pretty sad, but my what an amazing run all these shows have had! Makes me kind of think though…it feels like all the shows that are on their 8th or 9th seasons are coming to an end real soon (dear god, please let Grey’s Anatomy continue). It also feels like not many shows can actually get to their 8th or 9th season. Chuck ended after 5 seasons. Psych announced that they’ve been renewed for its 7th season, which is awesome. They also said that Psych is officially the longest running show on USA Network. Some shows just know when to leave, but what about the all the others we wishec could stay longer? Whenever a show is conceived no one can ever predict where it’ll go. How long it’ll stay. And I understand that completely, it’s truly amazing how everything works out, but tell me at a show (not comedy shows) that’s say currently in it’s 3rd/4th season right now; do you believe that this show will reach 8 or 9 seasons?

That’s just my point of view (and fears) at this time, hopefully it’ll pass. Anyway, school is over so I’m going to head on home to start downloading today’s shows. Hugs to all!