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Warning: Do not continue reading unless you have seen the Chuck series finale

So….uhm…CHUCK is over… 😥 (sits in silence and stares at screen for a good amount of time)

Subway takes over BuyMore; Jeffster gets famous; Morgan & Alex move in together; Casey sets off to find Gertrude; Devon, Ellie, and Clara move to Chicago; and Chuck and Sarah start over?

Before all of that can happen though, we got to saw EVILSARAH!!!! Holy wow! Did you guys see Sarah beat the crap out of Chuck in “their house”?! THAT is good TV people!! Yes, it was horribly sad, and Chuck pouring his heart out was beautiful; but everything worked out well in the end of that scene so it’s okay, no harm no foul right.

My favorite person in the whole finale has got to be Morgan, hands down. He knows when to be cute, and then he knows when to be tough. And his idea about just kissing Sarah was not crazy, Ellie! It’s what you’re supposed to do, believe in magic kisses people (blame Disney). He gave John that whole speech, takes a big step with Alex, and the best part: plays around with a giant invisibility cloak. Grimes has totally redeemed himself for being a giant intersect ass.

Chuck’s mission to get Sarah back…..did anyone else recall The Vow at that point? Sarah loses her memory, then Chuck has to make her fall in love with him all over again. Which he’s kind of successful with in the end (I guess we’ve basically seen the ending to The Vow) so kudos to you!

Honestly, halfway through the final episode I’m like “they’re not going to be together in the end are they?”. I kind of became okay with that idea once Chuck got the intersect back *sheepish smile*. Until now, I have been on Team ‘Nothing Good Comes From The Intersect’, but that was only because they gave it to so many other people. Now that Chuck has it, everything is where it should be. I LOVE that he has the intersect back. Even if they’ve all given up the spy towel, and the intersect is kind of just sitting in his brain not doing anything. It’s how the show came to be, and i’m glad they ended it this way.

Initially, my favorite scene was in episode 12 when Casey dropped off the data log and we watched as Sarah practically watched herself fall in love with Chuck; BUT, NOTHING can beat “Chuck, tell me our story”. Nothing. And then he did, and all those flashbacks *cue everyone crying* :’) awwwhhhh, go chuck!

Extra Notes: I’m pretty sure the porn virus can kill anything. SAVE THE WORLD invite from Genral Beckman!! ;).

Reflection time:

One of the main themes brought out from the finale is that, and I quote, “5 years of Burbank can turn a man into butter”. Everyone’s gone soft! Except the people who weren’t soft before. In 5 seasons, I have watched Sarah turn into Chuck and Chuck turn into Sarah. Devon & Ellie have also switched roles a bit. Ellie has proven she can be more awesome than Captain Awesome himself; and Devon has kind of got the whole mommy thing down haha. The centre of this show is family. And over the years, we have all watched Chuck and Ellie expand their family.

Chuck, for whatever reason, has always needed saving. I can’t remember a time where us fans didn’t have to campaign for Chuck to get picked up for the next season. It royally sucked when they announced the final season, but it’s the right time you guys. We’re lucky the show didn’t just get axed mercilessly (mostly because the network will probably get burned down by angered fans if they did), I feel at peace and it’s time to celebrate Chuck; not curl up in a hole and cry forever.

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P.S: I spy a Chuck marathon coming up soon (yes I have prepared for this moment by downloading all seasons of Chuck when they announced it was going to end).