Fresh off my brain: House Finale

I am not a critic, I do not remember things that happened years ago to a character, and I what I say isn’t necessarily important. This post will not make you believe my views, which may or may not even be correct. All I know is that I just watched the final episode of a beautiful show – an intelligent show, and I have a few thoughts about it which are probably really obvious already. But that doesn’t matter. I am going to go ahead and be ‘Captain Obvious’ because I just feel like it, people.

David Shore and Katie Jacobs, creators and showrunners of House, are never bored with House. 8 seasons of him and their still not done learning about him. And isn’t that how you feel after watching the ending? That even though they practically spread out what makes House House on the floor of a burning building, we have no idea. That’s what makes Gregory House great. I never knew how Chase, Wilson, Foreman, and Cameron could just go “because that’s what House wants us to think” in ever episode. I never got that, maybe because I was naive but honestly not knowing just made watching House so much more better of an experience.

[SPOILER ALERT] When he “died” in that building, I knew that wasn’t it. There was no way that could just be it. Then he lived, because he “went out from that the back”, like it was so simple. He picked friendship over escaping the pain even though Wilson is going to die – which by the way, I am so glad they didn’t show us; that would not be a fun ending. We know that Wilson has five months to live, but isn’t it nice remembering House as best friends riding off in their sick motorcycles? I’m feeling pretty grateful about that.

The finale, like every other series finale, brought back the old and the dead for one last hurrah. They hit through every check point of bringing the show back full circle by talking about House’s care for the puzzle only and mentioning time and time again that ‘Everybody lies’. They tied up all the loose ends and showed us how life went on for everybody else. David Shore, Hugh Laure, and Katie Jacobs gave us closure AND endless possibilities to do whatever we want with House and Wilson.

The part where he faked died and then lived his life as a dead man to be there for Wilson was genius and made Wilson so happy. In a way though, I feel like we could take that and make it bigger. Imagine you, the audience, as Wilson and House representing the show in general – and that’s basically what I think about the ending.

My emotions/thoughts throughout the course of the finale went from denial, to scared, to sad, to bewildered, and then to happy (but still slightly bewildered – you need a lot of time to process something like this). The important part is that I ended happy. That’s how I know that I enjoyed this ending, no matter what other people are saying, I am happy that House ended this way.

All of that was just feeling all zen from the finale and en ending to an 8 year long show that has received so much praise over the years. In a few days, I will probably be mad that the show’s gone and will continuously wonder: Where else am I going to see Hugh Laurie’s blue eyes? Who will teach the people everybody lies?? How will we know that it’s never lupus??!

Oh House, I will miss you. P.S: Wilson, your black leather jacket was slick!

TechnoCastle’s Top Duo Showrunners!

“A showrunner is the person responsible for the day-to-day operation of a television series, having both producing and writing responsibilities.”

1. Carter Bays & Craig Thomas (How I Met Your Mother) 

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas met at Wesleyan University and have been friends since. Writing partners for 15 years now, their first job was writing for The Late Show with David Letterman just three months out of college. They have been nominated for six primetime Emmy awards for their work on How I Met Your Mother which started in 2005. Basically, these guys are the best. Great writing philosophy, funny men, inspired minds, and caring hearts. They can’t imagine running the show without one another, and they are intent to stick with HIMYM till the end.

2. Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl)

At 26, Josh Schwartz became the youngest person in network history to create and run a show (The O.C. in 2003), and I don’t know about you but this guy is a BAMF in my book (and I haven’t even started on how good The O.C. is). Stephanie Savage served as a producer and later on a writer on the show and it is from here that they started their partnership. Hart of Dixie, a new show starring Rachel Bilson, is not created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage but they serve as executive producers on the show and have had a close relationship with Rachel Bilson ever since The O.C.. I love this creative collaboration because these guys have worked on so many shows together ranging from one side of the spectrum to the other, it’s really just freaking amazing.

Side note: Josh Schwartz runs Chuck with Chris Fedak.

3. Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries)

Based on the book series by L.J. Smith, The Vampire Diaries has given The CW network seriously fantastic ratings (some of the best in network history). You know if that’s happening, it means that these guys can BRING IT. The show even has their own Wikipedia page for “List of awards and nominations received by The Vampire Diaries”. Apart from the success of the show, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are great on twitter, they’re great at comic-con, and they have dubbed each other their unofficial “life partners”.

4. Steve Levitan & Christopher Lloyd (Modern Family)

Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd individually have achieved so many things in their career already, I think Modern Family is just the awkward but funny cherry on top of the Emmy cake (they too have their own Wikipedia page for awards and nominations – it’s longer). Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd have very different approaches and personalities, it’s when their different paths meet and sync up where the genius is created. They officially joined up as partners in 2006 and together they too also have their own production compnay.

5. David Shore & Katie Jacobs (House)

David Shore controls the writers room, and Katie Jacobs runs everything else. They never really know what’s coming up next on the show, they have this set formula of how the episode usually goes and then somewhere along the season there’s this complete change and they try something new and extreme. 8 seasons in, and these guys aren’t bored of House, they’re still looking to learn more about him and it really shows commitment. Their proud and happy of their work, and the medical cases in each episode have an extra bonus of bringing awareness to people.

6. Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk (Glee, American Horror Story)

In 2003, Ryan Murphy created Nip/Tuck (and got his first ever Emmy nomination from it). Brad Falchuk was hired to write for the show, and formed a close bond and partnership with Ryan Murphy. They are the closest of friends and Ryan Murphy is a P O W E R H O U S E!

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