Leftovers from Last Week + Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 Premiere & Psych Season Finale!

Hey there! I did not publish a ‘TV Thoughts of the Week’ for last weeks shows, because I didn’t really have any strong opinions on anything that happened – just little tidbits here and there but not enough for something concrete. Also, not that many shows last week either. One Tree Hill ended and Scandal premiered, those were the two big moments of last week which I’ve already talked about.

This post is essentially an extra. Just little things put into one to form something. Besides One Tree Hill & Scandal, one of the things that really stood out and has been replaying in my head over and again is this scene from Grey’s Anatomy:

It was just the best. Ever. This GIF doesn’t even begin to capture how awesome it is. It kind of just makes me notice that besides getting cereal thrown at his face, Owen also got a bowl to the face – that must have hurt, right? My point being, this left me speechless and the sound of the milk splashing was one of my favorite parts. When they cut to Christina’s face again, you could still hear the milk dripping, the whole thing was brilliant.

Little comments from other shows:

We finally learned why Regina hates Snow so much, and it was so weird to see Regina happy before things went dark –Once Upon A Time

I cannot believe America didn’t vote for Charlotte Sometimes –The Voice

Frank is no longer a boring Chemistry teacher! He totally rocked his scenes, plus he’s so smart to figure out everything AND punch Michael –Smash

Wasn’t it so refreshing to see Dorota out of her uniform? Did Serena look super tan to you as well? Can’t Rufus take a hint? –Gossip Girl

Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apt 23

The synopsis: Chloe (the bitch in apartment 23) is a con-artist who gets roommates to move in, and then once she gets the rent money, she does crazy things to force them to move out. Enter June. She moves to New York City for her dream job, but that didn’t really go so well. She found Chloe, Chloe did weird things, June fired back and then voila! Unlikely friendship formed! Also, James Van Der Beek is in this!

Super Duper Main Cast: Krysten Ritter as Chloe. She has previously worked on Gravity, and Breaking Bad. Then there is Dreama Walker, who plays June. She’s had multiple-episode arcs on The Good Wife and Gossip Girl.

Quick Opinion: It’s funny, has good acting, and outrageous storylines. I can never tell if Chloe is telling the truth or not, this is just the first episode, but so far this show is the good kind of crazy. Definitely going to continue watching.

Psych Season Finale (spoilers ahead)

Woah. That was a big risk finale, and as you all know big risk brings big reward. Wow, what a gunshot to remember. Did you see Henry just fall down? It looked like a shot straight to the heart, there’s no way he can survive that!

Besides the giant cliffhanger, the murder mystery of the week was one of the best yet. Gus is actually more crazy than Shawn now, and we got some good Juliet & Shawn scenes which I was very happy with.

Thank god Psych got picked up for its seventh season.