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So in about 2 weeks it’s going to be my Galaxy Nexus’ 1 year anniversary. Yes I am aware that the GNex released 2 years ago and I bought the phone 2 weeks before the launch of the Nexus 4 (I was impatient, needed a new phone). For the past couple of months I’ve been having major issues, the phone was fine, installed a custom rom and after a while it got too buggy and laggy. So I went back to stock, it was fine for about a week or two and started getting major lag issues once more. I’ve repeated this process a lot of times and I get the same results.

People (well my parents mostly) say I tinker with my phone to much. Well that’s the reason I bought an Android phone, to play with it! I’ve heard of people doing majorly insane shit to their phones and it always works fine for them, no matter what ROM I run, what kernel I use, my phone always seems to lag.

So now it’s time for a new phone, I thought I had decided what I wanted but I still am not too sure. I’m pretty much set on the Sony Xperia Z1. Why? The three things that matter in a phone to me personally have been fulfilled. Excellent Build Quality? Check. Good camera? 20.7 megapixels of Check. Performance? in the name of the Snapdragon 800 I pronounce you Checked. A major plus is that it’s wwaterproof So I don’t have to spend cash on that GoPro I’ve been hankering for. The only issue I feel I might have with this phone is Sony’s software. Which actually doesn’t really seem that bad anymore, once you throw in a nice launcher and 3rd party apps, you can replicate the stock experience. I could also root it and run a custom ROM but something tells me that ROM’s are not going to be able to take full advantage of that camera.

The other option I had was to go with the Xiaomi Mi3. You probably don’t know what that is. Well Xiaomi is a chinese phone manufacturer much like Oppo, and they sell high end phones at lower prices than the likes of the bigger name brands. The Mi3 has all the latest specs; 1080p, 13MP, great build quality and even gives you the choice between a Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4 chip. Which is nice. And with the Mi3 I wouldn’t mind running a custom ROM if it’s gonna be as supported as the Oppo Find 5 (you can run custom rom’s without having to root the phone). But in order to avoid making the purchase and there not being support for the device, I’m currently installing MIUI v5 (the Xiaomi OS) on my GNex to see if it’s bareable. I’ve tried it before but didn’t like it.

Now you’re going to say “Goddamit man you’re messing up your phone” well hey, it’s already messed up and I needed to refresh it anyway.


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Paranoid Android 3.60 (Hello HALO) Review

Some of you may have read my recent post about the time I’ve spent with my Galaxy Nexus. Ironically the day after I wrote that post (which was a couple of weeks before I had posted it) My phone stopped working. I mean completely, it refused to open the app drawer then when I tried rebooting it went into bootloop and ultimately crashed. That was the tipping point for me, I took it as a sign. My phone was screaming at me to go back to the old ways of root apps, sick customizations and custom rom’s. So what other choice did I have?

The first decision was, which ROM do I use? This was a relative no-brainer, Although I wanted to go with AOKP as I had used it briefly and loved it, all the hype right now seemed to be surrounding paranoid android and it’s “Hello HALO” feature. For those of you who are unaware of what HALO is, and no it’s not the game, it’s a sort of unified chathead, where all your notifiaction appears in a chathead like format. Before I give you my review, I would like to point out that I’ve been using Paranoid android for 26 days right now and my opinion stems from that time spent with it.

To be honest I was underwhelmed. I was expecting something that would blow my mind away, like AOKP and CM10.1 did. Cause they felt like stock android on steroids. Paranoid Android however felt like that one schizophrenic part of the android 4.2 system that was out of place from the rest. The whole time I used it the concept of the ugly duckling came to my mind. It’s pretty much the same as stock android on the inside, it has the same features, but it’s not pretty. I also ended up comparing Paranoid Android to your typical highschool douchebag. It’s trying to be something that it’s not. You get the feeling like you know he’s a good guy but he’s trying too hard to be something he’s not.


In all actuality, my experience with PA wasn’t all that bad. I was just expecting something over the top and my expectations were set too high for it. That’s not to say there weren’t some parts of it that didn’t completely blow me away. For instance, the standby battery life was brilliant, simply outstanding. I have those days where I just don’t use my phone all that much, like when I’m really busy at work and have tons of meetings and deadlines. Usually by the time I reach my office (at 8:00am)  it’s at 84% and by 5:00pm it’s below 15%. Imagine my surprise when I pulled my phone out of my pocket at 5:30pm one day and see my battery at 78%? Even on the days that I use it moderately I end up leaving the office with 30-40% which isn’t really that great compared to other phones but compared to stock android it’s brilliant. As you can see from the screenshot of my battery information on the right (that small bump on the graph was when I was transferring music onto my phone) The kernel does a great job of managing power.

There are a few other things I liked about paranoid android. For example, I liked the fact that I can change the status bar colour and icon colour to match the app that I’m in, this actually helps in space perspective. For example, I made the colour of the status bar green in whatsapp and faded blue in instagram so that it made it seem like my screen was actually bigger, it’s a nifty trick. But you must also keep in mind that it took me ages to get the right colour combination. I also liked that the lag was noticeably less compared to stock android and that my battery didn’t heat up as much, but then again that’s the case on every other ROM.

Screenshot_2013-06-29-15-49-26  The main reason I wanted to try out PA was HALO, I love chatheads and I dreamed of the day where I would get whatsapp functionality for Whatsapp. It’s safe to say I was hugely disappointed. I understand that it’s in beta, that’s why I’m not going to say anything about the errors and the bugs. What annoyed me was the way it worked in general. When you click on the bubble your app opens, that’s obvious, what annoyed me was that when I clicked on it again, instead of closing the app back into the bubble, it just opens another window. That irked me more than you’d think. I hated having to open an app and hit the back button to close it, if I wanted to do that I would stick to android’s built in multitasking as it offers the same functionality. After a while what I realised was that HALO is basically offering me what I already have, but giving me less than 50% the screen real estate. This for me made the whole concept of HALO utterly redundant.

PIE control is another feature that PA touts around. In my experience with it it definitely looks cool but is really just a gimmick. It takes to long for it to pop out, just so we can go back or home. It looks really nice and makes you feel like you’re using a gadget out of minority report but at the end of the day for a power user like me it’s really more of a hassle then it is a feature to talk about. The extended desktop functionality is useful when I need extra real estate and know that I’ll be within that one app for a long Screenshot_2013-07-12-09-41-54time but otherwise is just problematic. One would think after reading what I just wrote that the simple solution would be to use PIE in conjunction with HALO but trust me, once you try it you’d see for yourself why it really does not work.

There are a couple of other gripes that I have with this ROM, such as the over exaggeration of colours, which makes you feel like you’ve dived into the deepest realm of the matrix and the fact that my cell reception has dropped intensely ever since I flashed PA but these are small things that I can live with. All in all Paranoid Android is fine if you’re on a device where you want the stock android experience but in my opinion the entire ROM itself is a gimmick and just doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with the better ROM’s available out there.

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Until next time folks.