Leftovers from Last Week + Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 Premiere & Psych Season Finale!

Hey there! I did not publish a ‘TV Thoughts of the Week’ for last weeks shows, because I didn’t really have any strong opinions on anything that happened – just little tidbits here and there but not enough for something concrete. Also, not that many shows last week either. One Tree Hill ended and Scandal premiered, those were the two big moments of last week which I’ve already talked about.

This post is essentially an extra. Just little things put into one to form something. Besides One Tree Hill & Scandal, one of the things that really stood out and has been replaying in my head over and again is this scene from Grey’s Anatomy:

It was just the best. Ever. This GIF doesn’t even begin to capture how awesome it is. It kind of just makes me notice that besides getting cereal thrown at his face, Owen also got a bowl to the face – that must have hurt, right? My point being, this left me speechless and the sound of the milk splashing was one of my favorite parts. When they cut to Christina’s face again, you could still hear the milk dripping, the whole thing was brilliant.

Little comments from other shows:

We finally learned why Regina hates Snow so much, and it was so weird to see Regina happy before things went dark –Once Upon A Time

I cannot believe America didn’t vote for Charlotte Sometimes –The Voice

Frank is no longer a boring Chemistry teacher! He totally rocked his scenes, plus he’s so smart to figure out everything AND punch Michael –Smash

Wasn’t it so refreshing to see Dorota out of her uniform? Did Serena look super tan to you as well? Can’t Rufus take a hint? –Gossip Girl

Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apt 23

The synopsis: Chloe (the bitch in apartment 23) is a con-artist who gets roommates to move in, and then once she gets the rent money, she does crazy things to force them to move out. Enter June. She moves to New York City for her dream job, but that didn’t really go so well. She found Chloe, Chloe did weird things, June fired back and then voila! Unlikely friendship formed! Also, James Van Der Beek is in this!

Super Duper Main Cast: Krysten Ritter as Chloe. She has previously worked on Gravity, and Breaking Bad. Then there is Dreama Walker, who plays June. She’s had multiple-episode arcs on The Good Wife and Gossip Girl.

Quick Opinion: It’s funny, has good acting, and outrageous storylines. I can never tell if Chloe is telling the truth or not, this is just the first episode, but so far this show is the good kind of crazy. Definitely going to continue watching.

Psych Season Finale (spoilers ahead)

Woah. That was a big risk finale, and as you all know big risk brings big reward. Wow, what a gunshot to remember. Did you see Henry just fall down? It looked like a shot straight to the heart, there’s no way he can survive that!

Besides the giant cliffhanger, the murder mystery of the week was one of the best yet. Gus is actually more crazy than Shawn now, and we got some good Juliet & Shawn scenes which I was very happy with.

Thank god Psych got picked up for its seventh season.

The Impact Music Adds to our Television Experience

We can all agree that the background music used on TV shows play a major role in creating more impact and effect on the scene or story being told. With that said, there are obviously a few songs here and there that affect some people more than others. It’s all a matter of perception and which songs attract your ears or which scene speaks to you. Here are a few songs (not the theme songs) that never fail to create memories of shows whenever I listen to them:

  • ‘If I Had A Gun’ by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds from Season 9 of One Tree Hill
  • ‘When the Stars Go Blue’ by Bethany Joy Lenz & Tyler Hilton because really this is a part of One Tree Hill history. Whenever this song comes up, it brings me back to the early days of Karen’s Cafe.
  • ‘How To Save a Life’ by The Fray for Grey’s Anatomy. People can argue that the GA song is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol because it was a big part of the musical episode. But nope, How to Save a Life is my GA song because they used it in commercial breaks to depict the ever so legendary episode where Izzie pulls out Denny’s L-VAD wire.
  • ‘You Got What I Need’ by Joshua Radin for Grey’s Anatomy. Does everybody remember that episode with the boy who did ballet? And then he showed the doctors his skill to convince them to try harder to save his leg. I love that scene, it was so beautiful.
  • ‘Twice’ by Little Dragon for Revenge
  • ‘We Are Young’ by fun. for Chuck. They played in the last few episodes of the season before the show ended. And the song is already such a great song, but with the memory of Chuck attached to it, it’s better.
  • ‘Cobrastyle’ by Teddybears because this song was like the anthem for every Chuck fighthing scene
  • ‘Ghost in the Machine’ by B.o.B remind me of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl
  • ‘Young Folks’ by The Kooks which is iconic in the Gossip Girl universe
  • ‘Slow’ by Grouplove brings me back to the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, the moment where Blair is about to marry Loui but she looks at Chuck to see if he’s going to oppose

Not a lot, but it’s different for everybody. Take a listen to any of those songs and see if it brings up any memories for you. Do share songs that spoke out to you while watching TV in the comments below as I would really love to hear them.

TV Thoughts of the Week: Gossip Girl, White Collar, One Tree Hill & More!

Hey there! Sorry it’s been a while, just a lack of inspiration lately and a lot of schoolwork. Thank god this week of TV broke that spell. It’s been a good week, not as many shows as usual, but all really good quality content episodes. Let’s get started shall we:

Gossip Girl

When did Gossip Girl get so entertaining? This has got to be my favorite season of GG so far, ever since the 100th episode, the show has definitely moved up on my list and it’s now a priority to watch. I enjoy all the Blair plotlines, she’s really shined this season and Serena is sort of put on the back burner (and not really happy about it); but it’s fair if you take into account all of Serena’s major plotlines which have a giant range where as in Blair’s life it’s mostly about the men and the power. I FINALLY like Charlie/Ivy now that she has all the money. She talks about how the Rhodes are the nicest for taking her in, and it was mean to blatantly kick them out. I get it though, they have accused her of so many things, and it’s time to play dirty. Serena’s dad is Lola’s dad?! That’s weird…that’s a weird family.


Park on LSD. Nuff’ said. Plus, anytime we get to see Dominika is always fun.

The Voice

The blind auditions have officially completed, and next week the battle rounds start. It’s going to be great, but so many tough decisions. The judges have been picky this season, and it’s resulted in a lot of amazing talent. When they showed the recap of all the contestants on each team, I remembered almost all. So yeah…go unique people!

How I Met Your Mother

Aren’t Barney’s storylines always the best? I loved all the quips he made at the last scene in the coffee shop. Overall, the whole episode was good. Any episode that moves towards the main storyline is just nice to watch. Extra information: they are going to be revealing Barney’s future wife at the end of the season (or sooner) if I’m not mistaken.


Adele. Done. (I really wish I didn’t have anything else to say right now…) Anyway, Ivy is only sleeping with Derek to get some feeling of being “safe” right? And the whole Michael and Julia major eye contact in every scene….you think they’re going to pursue that? Both of them have families and they’ve gone down that road before….i guess at the end of the day, passion is passion. Do you guys like Ellis? I hate Ellis, and bare with me on this mini rant I’m going to go on now. He’s so frustrating, like I see why the show needs him – he’s a catalyst so other things can happen. I totally understand Julia’s point of view. You’re Tom assistant’s, maybe you should assist more instead of eavesdropping and stealing!! Do me a favor and go away, Ellis.

White Collar

ohhh myyy gawdd! WHAT AN AMAZING SEASON FINALE! Can you believe it’s been four seasons? I feel like it was just yesterday that we all saw Neal breaking out of prison. Neal’s family storyline has been opened up, and their probably going to slowly uncover his roots in the next season. Peter signalling Neal at the end was perfection. Kramer can suck it!! Alas, things have ramifications in the FBI so we’ll see what happens next season. Another thing i specifically enjoyed about this episode was this:

He looked so good at his commutation hearings! I love his eyes.

Modern Family

Fun of them to issue the “women on their mensies” problem haha. Phil, as usual, was stellar. He really is the star of the show i tell ya.


Back with season 6.5! My favorite episode of Despereux so far. Was interesting to see Shawn crumble when death strikes. Lassiter was mean, as usual. I would’ve enjoyed more Jules-Shawn time though.

One Tree Hill

I have an issue. We are seeing Haley going through the worst time of her life, and everybody else is just pitying her. Yes, obviously she’s affected the most but come on! All of y’all are Nathan’s best friends, where’s your remorse? Also, anyone else get teary eyed during Haley’s voiceover before checking the body? Nathan is such a great guy!!!

This Xavier guy needs to get gone folks, what if he attacks Brooke again :[ this week, they also brought back a slew of characters, which just translates into “farewell! we’re leaving your tv screens real soon” for me.

Last week, I tweeted:

Boy did that come back to haunt me this week (And yes I know ‘mental hospital’ is not accurate). When they showed that flashback, and Logan’s name written on the wall in the form of clouds….my heart sank into stomach. Thinking about it now as I’m writing it, my stomach just feels sick. Clay forgot he had a son. I really don’t know what else to say. And I’m not dissing this storyline, I’m in awe in the face of it.

Chuck watching Chase beat his father to death….yea….I see why they couldn’t show us Nathan in this episode, there were just too many other things going on.

Update: 5 out of 6 mysteries solved. We have seen: Haley at the morgue, Chase in the police car, Quinn & Clay fighting, Brooke trashing a place, and Julian getting beat up. Only thing left is the Dan & Chris Keller connection.

5 more episodes till the series finale, start saying your goodbyes/obtaining all previous seasons of One Tree Hill to re watch.

That’s all for this week, quite a bit of shows are on a short hiatus so next week won’t be packed as well. Thanks everybody!

G.G. 100!

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you’ve seen this highly anticipated episode of gossip girl.

100 episodes of Gossip Girl, and this was the best one. Brava! I’ve never seen the 100th episode of a show so celebrated like this before. That sort of content could have been used as a season finale, that’s how big this is. Sure, weddings are common for the 100th episode, but no one does weddings like Gossip Girl does. (I’ve never enjoyed Gossip Girl this much – Joshua Safran, producer&writer, is absolutely amazing).

Let’s start from the end: they revealed who gossip girl is!! (not completely trusting it’s her though, some twist is bound to come up) Georgina, apparently, has been living in Brooklyn all along. I’m not that taken aback after finding out it’s her. I’m mostly fixated on the point that they (supposedly) revealed gossip girl’s identity. It’s beyond anyone’s wildest speculation. I really don’t know what else to say, I’m in awe, I just want to clap for the geniuses behind this. While we’re on the subject of Georgina, her brilliance really stood out when she called out Nate, Serena, and Dan. Now I can’t wait to see her at the next shindig!

Next, Loui’s evil side: I did not think Loui was the kind who could ever do that to Blair. That was some major cold-blooded behavior. What do they drink in Monaco? First the mom, then beatrice, and now loui! Yes, a man can only take so much, but he’s not exactly innocent in all of this. When he told Blair that Dan was the one who wrote his vows after everything else; that was the equivalent of someone literally getting their heart ripped out of their chest on The Vampire Diaries. Loui’s dark side was something I didn’t see coming, and that’s probably because gossip girl blindsided all of us with the wedding. It was surprise enough that the wedding would go on, and then it was just so perfect, I didn’t have time to question Loui taking Blair back! When Blair thanked him for giving her a second chance, that’s when I started to smell the baloney. This couple has over exhausted the use of second chances.

Speaking of the wedding: IT WAS SO PRETTY RIGHT?! Everyone looked so good when they are all smiling! I, personally, loved seeing Dorota being as happy as can be and out of her uniform. Her smile was my favorite, because she didn’t know about all the drama and everything else. She just knew that her Blair was getting married, and that was enough to make me smile. Cyrus also walking Blair down the aisle was another sign of genuinity. It was very sweet how they highlighted the less important characters. But then the sweetness ends, and the show holds everyone at gunpoint when the background music slows down and everyone glances as Chuck to see what he’s going to do next. Then, in true gossip girl fashion, everyone’s phone beeps and the church is abuzz with the new “scandal”.

The Little Things:

  • Did you see Chuck turn into a little boy when Eleanor walked in? It was better than Chuck putting the priest in his place by poisoning him.
  • Music used in the episode was all spot on.
  • The beginning of the episode translates into the end of the episode. Very cool.

Where could Dan & Blair possibly go where Monaco or Chuck won’t find them? Is there any way to get out of this imposter marriage? And are we going to see Georgina again in next week’s episode?

This week’s Fall Finales & more!

90210 (Returning Jan 17)

After a “pep talk” from Liam, Annie finally got the courage to solve her own problems and now the inheritance money is so totally hers! Navid got bashed up by mob people and he’s in the hospital with Kat right next to him. Silver sees this and decides to commit to Professor Guy With A Kid. I guess once Navid finds out, his bones won’t be the only thing that’s broken. Let’s just see if Kat is still sticking around to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Naomi can’t have it all and she finds out the hard way – by walking in on Holly & Austin after getting praised by her boss. And for the kicker: LIAM’S FACE IS TOTALLY BASHED!

He’s not going to die or anything, probably just sued for all his model money. Annie’s probably going to get a heart attack from this news. And I don’t think we’re going to see the last of “the chick who hit Liam but didn’t own up to it because she doesn’t wanna get sued”.

Gossip Girl (Returning Jan 16)

CAR CRASH ALERT! Everybody rushes to the hospital (am I the only one who thinks we see this too often on gossip girl?). The good news is that Blair is fine (although no word on the baby). Bad news: Mr. Bass might not be in such good condition as Blair. Charlie stresses out, because it’s all her fault, tells Rufus who she is and flees the hospital! Serena & Nate (best friends of the victims) vows to take down Gossip Girl once and for all using The Spectator.

Charlie running away? GOOD, bye bye Charlie. I’ve been wanting off my tv screen ever since she got into the picture.
Nate & Serena taking down gossip girl? This is going to be so good. And probably unsuccessful? I don’t see gossip girl going down because nobody is ready to rename the show “the spectator”
And as for Chuck? He’s not going to die, but he has been a lot of accidents now don’t you think? The guy has like nine lives or something. But seriously gossip girl, stop making cliffhangers where we think we’re going to lose Chuck. ENDANGER SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE OKAY.
It has been confirmed that Chuck will be attending the Royal Wedding. Blair goes back to Loui….why and how?

Nikita (Returning Jan 6)

Michael & Owen (under Nikita’s orders) plan to go after the guardians while she secures the black box from Yuri. Yuri & the black box just reached The Udinov Mansion, where Alex has just stumbled upon HER MOTHER. WHO’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD.

Great twist and all, but why do you want to mess up Alex’s head more than it already is? It saddens me. And everyone else takes advantage of it. They pity her, but they get what they want. I want her to be stronger, to just take control of her past and be wise about her future. Anyway, now we’ll get Yuri, Nikita, Alex, Mommy, and Evil Guy who took over Zetrov all under one roof ya’ll. I will not ever think that Mommy is the one who actually ordered the division strike team to kill her husband and daughter so I’m ruling that out because I’m sane. Maybe the only reason she’s alive is because Evil Guy likes her? Who knows. Once Nikita finds out that Alex is there, I’m hoping she trusts Alex enough and actually goes after the bad guys.

Revenge (Returning Jan 4)

This episode really showcased a more vulnerable side to Emily Thorne, caught looking like she wants to cry numerous times. Who would blame her? Nolan & Takeda practically abandoned her. Her feelings for Daniel are all mixed up. AND, the same lawyer who chose not to defend her father is now working on Victoria’s divorce.

I guess we know who’s getting the red marker of death next….
Also look out for Daniel proposing soon *squeal*!

** Previous Fall Finales **

Grey’s Anatomy (Returning Jan 5)

This one’s really heartwrenching….Henry’s dead 😦 Teddy doesn’t know 😦 Chrstina’s the one who couldn’t save him 😦 and Owen…well Owen has to keep it all together and be The Chief. Also, Meredith and Alex walk out to a road full of dead bodies, which is totally a doctor’s nightmare.

WAY TO GIVE EVERYONE PTSD GREY’S ANATOMY. Talk about some serious emotional trauma. And on top of all the pain, there’s going be a huge strain on Teddy & Christina’s relationship + Owen’s relationship with both. My guess is that Owen’s going to focus on being The Chief and The Chief ONLY when Grey’s returns.

House (Returning Jan 23)

House dwells on his father’s belonging. Park asks Chase out on a date…which is really weird. For everybody. Especially Adams. And finally, Foreman chooses to embark on a relationship with a married woman.

Someone’s going to find out about Foreman’s relationship, and depending on who I can’t wait to see what their going to say about it. It’s probably going to be someone unlikely finding out….or they just cut to the chase and House has dirt on Foreman which will be a fun ride.

The Vampire Diaries (Returning Jan 5)

STEFAN’S THE BIG BADDIE NOW (the good kind – the kind that’s not under Klaus’ orders)! YES! BEST THING EVER! Rest of the season will just be a game between Stefan and Klaus for the title of Big Baddie. SO FUN. They’ve already cast Klaus’ other brothers, and ooohhhh they are so pist at Klaus! No idea what’s going to happen with the whole Elena-Stefan-Damon thing, but Caroline’s bday is coming up soon and there’ll probably be some Tyler drama after their breakup.

Private Practice (Returning Jan 5)

The 2 hour finale ends with Amelia back and happy from rehab. The only cliffhanger we have to hold on to is if Addison is going to have a baby or not. And after turning in to those 2 hours, I honestly don’t really need such a big cliffhanger. It was a brutal, eye-opening, game changer of an episode for Amelia Sheperd and the viewers. The episode also opens up to the many troubles of all the couples (Violet & Pete, Sam & Addi, Cooper & Charlotte – so basically EVERYONE), and we learn that Jake lost his wife to addiction problems.

Next Week’s Finales: Glee, New Girl, Once Upon a Time, & Psych

TechnoCastle’s Top Duo Showrunners!

“A showrunner is the person responsible for the day-to-day operation of a television series, having both producing and writing responsibilities.”

1. Carter Bays & Craig Thomas (How I Met Your Mother) 

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas met at Wesleyan University and have been friends since. Writing partners for 15 years now, their first job was writing for The Late Show with David Letterman just three months out of college. They have been nominated for six primetime Emmy awards for their work on How I Met Your Mother which started in 2005. Basically, these guys are the best. Great writing philosophy, funny men, inspired minds, and caring hearts. They can’t imagine running the show without one another, and they are intent to stick with HIMYM till the end.

2. Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl)

At 26, Josh Schwartz became the youngest person in network history to create and run a show (The O.C. in 2003), and I don’t know about you but this guy is a BAMF in my book (and I haven’t even started on how good The O.C. is). Stephanie Savage served as a producer and later on a writer on the show and it is from here that they started their partnership. Hart of Dixie, a new show starring Rachel Bilson, is not created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage but they serve as executive producers on the show and have had a close relationship with Rachel Bilson ever since The O.C.. I love this creative collaboration because these guys have worked on so many shows together ranging from one side of the spectrum to the other, it’s really just freaking amazing.

Side note: Josh Schwartz runs Chuck with Chris Fedak.

3. Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries)

Based on the book series by L.J. Smith, The Vampire Diaries has given The CW network seriously fantastic ratings (some of the best in network history). You know if that’s happening, it means that these guys can BRING IT. The show even has their own Wikipedia page for “List of awards and nominations received by The Vampire Diaries”. Apart from the success of the show, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are great on twitter, they’re great at comic-con, and they have dubbed each other their unofficial “life partners”.

4. Steve Levitan & Christopher Lloyd (Modern Family)

Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd individually have achieved so many things in their career already, I think Modern Family is just the awkward but funny cherry on top of the Emmy cake (they too have their own Wikipedia page for awards and nominations – it’s longer). Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd have very different approaches and personalities, it’s when their different paths meet and sync up where the genius is created. They officially joined up as partners in 2006 and together they too also have their own production compnay.

5. David Shore & Katie Jacobs (House)

David Shore controls the writers room, and Katie Jacobs runs everything else. They never really know what’s coming up next on the show, they have this set formula of how the episode usually goes and then somewhere along the season there’s this complete change and they try something new and extreme. 8 seasons in, and these guys aren’t bored of House, they’re still looking to learn more about him and it really shows commitment. Their proud and happy of their work, and the medical cases in each episode have an extra bonus of bringing awareness to people.

6. Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk (Glee, American Horror Story)

In 2003, Ryan Murphy created Nip/Tuck (and got his first ever Emmy nomination from it). Brad Falchuk was hired to write for the show, and formed a close bond and partnership with Ryan Murphy. They are the closest of friends and Ryan Murphy is a P O W E R H O U S E!

Follow a few of these talented people and more by following my list of showrunners on twitter.