HP’s being a butt

So have you heard? HP has decided to cancel and scrap all their webOS hardware, what does this mean? For the pre3, this means no pre3 anymore, how sad. For the Touchpad, well it’s time to jump in the grave. Last month Hp cut $100 off of the price of the touchpad and now best buy and future shop in Canada are selling the 16GB version of the touchpad for $99 and 32GB for $149, yeah it’s so cheap I’m buying one, if I knew some one in canada that is. But it’s not over for the touchpad just yet, many have been trying and there are rumors of a few who succeeded in porting Android honeycomb to the touchpad, isn’t that awesome!! What does this mean for webOS, well HP hasn’t given up on webOS just yet, they say there is still hope for the platform but HPs only going to license it to other manufacturers. Hp claimed that before launching the touchpad, they tested webOS on the iPad 2 and it ran exceptionally awesomely, if awesomely was a word. Now finally what does this mean for HP, since HP have expressed their feelings to not wanting to make hardware anymore an that includes for the PC as well, there ain’t gonna be a new HP laptop anymore, guess they just lost their white collar sponsorship. I personally feel they’re screwed. Their stocks are already at a 6 year low.

What does this mean for me? Well I MAY have just gained a tab at a cheap price, but I am definitely loosing support for my laptop 😦