Blackberry 10 and RANDOM UPDATES!!!

Wassup G brothaass??

lame new introduction line? yeah I know. Well it feels like it’s been forever since I posted on this blog, and to that I apologize. I’m sorry. I’ve been so caught up with life, I’ve got my finals in two weeks and I haven’t even started revising. I have a test tomorrow, math test. I’ve studied for that already but I’m still skeptical about it. Well anyhoo, on to the tech!

I feel like I’ve been less involved with tech recently, maybe it’s because I’ve been into way too many things. I recently developed 3 new hobbies (DJing, Audiophilia and Graphic Design) and also picked up some old hobbies (Guitar, Golf, Gaming) and I’ve been really involved in them. But alas, it’s time I prioritized don’t you think? Well tentatively I’ve chosen to keep filmmaking and Technology as my main hobbies, and audiophilia/guitar/photography/golf/gaming as the side hobbies. The rest will just have to wait till I find some time in my life. So what’s new in the technology department you ask?

Probably the biggest bit of news we have today,RIM (yes that company that was doomed to die) recently, at BlackBerry World 2012, unveiled their latest operating system and successor to the current OS7 line of blackberries; BlackBerry 1o. Among other features, blackberry 10 will feature a revamped user interface, a much improved on-screen keyboard and some other well needed changes. On a hardware standpoint BB10 will feature displays going up to 1280×768, that is one beautiful screen, along with this will come multiprocessors of course. Nothing else is confirmed and neither is an Alpha build of BB10 ready. Check out this link for the sneak peek at bb10.

In other news, Treyarch just confirmed rumors about Call Of Duty: Black Ops II with the special launch trailer. From the trailer we can see that it will be set in a modern day los angeles and there are some awesome new features coming to the cod franchise. I must say that the trailer had stellar graphics and I will be pleased if the graphics can remain that astounding throughout the game. You can see for yourself here.

In other more personal news, I have finally decided on a name for my film company, wait for it, On The Rocks Entertainment! To stay in touch with my filmmaking goodness you can check out my filmmaking blog (it’s hyperlinked dude). Aside from that, I have a question for you guys, how would you feel if I were to start making podcasts? Is that something you might be interested in? I think it would be awesome. Just me being my random self, doing all sorts of dumbassery. Lemme know in the comments below!

Peace out, SnazzyHam.

The New iPad

As you’ve probably already heard, there’s a new iPad, big whoop! 

Last night at Apple’s Media event, they announced the 3rd generation of the Apple TV and the 3rd iPad, dubbed just the new iPad. The only difference in the apple tv was 1080p, which doesn’t really make it a worthwhile upgrade. A new User Interface was also shown, but updates to the current generation of apple tv’s has already begun rolling out. If you were following my twitter, then you would know that I didn’t really give a shit. It launches march 16th at $99. 

On to the iPad, nothing that great besides the resolution. Yup, that’s right, 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi), that’s more than HD, imagine watching ‘The Social Network’ on that. Other upgrades include a 5 megapixel iSight camera, similar to that of the iphone 4S, Quad Core Graphics on a Dual Core chip, Siri dictation(android ripoff) and 4GLTE, which has speeds of up to 74mbps, USA and Canada only. Also, it’s thicker and heavier than the iPad2, and its just called the iPad, no 3 or HD.  Launches March 16th starting at $499. Pre order from now. 

Probably the most important part of the entire keynote, Tim Cook ended with “We’re only just beginning” and stated there was much more to come in 2012, so here’s what I think. 

1. iPhone 5

yes, the smallest part of the revolution, it’s definitely what they start off with, and its surely coming

2.New iPod’s hopefully

Have I mentioned how much I hate the current gen Nano? well it’s shit. Super shit. The 4th gen was still the best, ever. 

3. iTV

No, not the apple TV, an actual TV with apple tv features in it, and hopefully, retina display!

4. Complete Re-vamp of the Mac line up.

Yes, newly redesigned Macbook Airs, Pros and iMacs. And my dream? Touch Screen with retina display and Siri. 

5. Mac OS 11

Probably what they are gonna end this year with, the new iteration of the Mac Operating System, it’s time to say goodbye to the MAC OS X name, it’s  had a long and full life, adn if windows is revamping, it’s time they try to keep up. 

Will I be buying the new iPad? No. Will I be buying the iPad 2 now that it’s $400? maybe. But I most probably will be buying a tablet this year for movies and youtube. I most probably will be getting the BB PlayBook though, cause it’s cheap 😀