Summer TV Edition: What I’m Watching

Nothing like a few shows a week to really make you appreciate every minute of TV you’re watching and crave them when their not on. Yeap, those are the joys of summer TV. Instead of getting a whole load of shows each week, June brings the opposite. Although, it makes up by being jam-packed with amazing storylines. It’s been so exciting!

There are still a lot of shows going on, but I don’t watch everything and out of the little I do watch, here are my picks to fill up your holidays:

The Bachelorette

Yes, I know it’s stupid – but millions of people out there are watching it as well. This season we have Emily Maynard – who was on The Bachelor before – and now she’s back to find love. I admire her quest, but the statistics don’t lie. 7 seasons of The Bachelorette and 15 seasons of The Bachelor later, only two couples have successfully managed to stay together. Don’t let that ruin it for you though, the hunky men make it so much more better.

The group dates are very odd this season, but as Chris Harrison says “there are no rules” – so yeah, go crazy Emily! She could tell them to wear skirts and ride on donkeys and they’d do it – because that actually happened. Besides that, there’s the usual drama, the awkward moments, the oh so swoon-worthy kisses, the beautiful cities, the guy who’s “not there for the right reasons”, and the man we all love to hate! Yup, package deal folks!

My top contenders this season are Sean and Arie. Sean because he’s really good-looking, his arms are ripped! He sounds like a really good guy, and Emily could not stop talking about how good his kisses were. Arie because the cameras are just showing us every single moment with them. Their so sweet and comfortable with each other. I possibly want Arie to win, but drama lies ahead in next week’s episode when Emily finds out they he used to date a producer on the show. (I don’t know anything other than what the previews have told me, but so what? He has a past, deal with it and pick him already!) Oh, and there’s Jef (with one F). People seem to like him, but I really don’t think he’s the right guy. We’ll see..


Brand new show from ABC Family and Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator of Gilmore Girls). Slight similarities between Bunheads and Gilmore Girls can of course be found, which is not a bad thing. Gilmore Girls was pretty successful.

Bunheads starts off with Michelle Simms, ballerina turns Las Vegas showgirl. Enter Hubbell Flowers (yes, that is his name), the guy who does not know when to quit. On a whim (and a lot of alcohol), he finally got the girl and brought her home to his mother – Fanny Flowers, a ballet teacher.

While Fanny and Michelle were trying to bond, Hubbell died (nice hook for a pilot, huh?). The show forgets where it started and throws us (and Michelle) into this seemingly boring town where she is left with a mother-in-law and her four star ballet students (a.k.a Bunheads).

I don’t know what the big picture is in this, and as I’m watching the show I am constantly wondering where they’re taking us and how we’re going to get there. 40 mins of the episode is all nice, but then at the last second it’s just a complete curveball and that’s how the story is progressing. I enjoy how our perspective is Michelle’s perspective. She is new to everything and so are we.

Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 is going great for me. New A, new ‘pretty little liars’. Yup, our favorite liars are finally sick and tired of this sh*t and their kicking ass and taking names to finally get down to the bottom of everything! That’s a show I can get on board with, I’ve been wanting this attitude all along. This way, we’re rewarded with lines like “bitch can see!” and “bitch crazy”, it’s fun.

For me, this season is more amusing than thrilling. The girls aren’t receiving that many text messages from ‘A’, and their all about confrontation now. Facing Jenna, Lucas, and Garrett head on now to help uncover ‘Team A’. New characters will surface and something bigger than grave digging/robbing is just over the horizon.


I save the best for last. This show makes Fridays so much better for me. Since White Collar hasn’t started yet (tune in July 10 for the season premiere), Suits is my guilty pleasure.

This season is more serious, higher stakes, and relationships are definitely being put to the test as Jessica “IS GOING TO WAR”. Daniel, as in DANIEL HARDMAN, the second name in the firms title is back. While Mike being a fraud still remains the core of this show, things are getting bigger and bigger each episode. Personal relationships are studied more and new alliances are being made everywhere. The show is epic.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and do sound off in the comments below!


The long-awaited premiere of season 3 is finally here! It was so anticipated, they even released the first 10 minutes of the episode days before it aired. People are going cray-cray over these liars!

Overall, the episode was basically a catch-up and a semi-new starting point for the girls. There wasn’t as much thrill as a normal episode of PLL would have, but the ending definitely set up the rest of the season. They’ve introduced a new A, or another member of Team A that’s way more crazy than Mona. Even though, it sort of puts us back right where we started, it feels different, and I don’t completely dislike it. Where else were they going to go? As ex-Officer Garrett said, there’s way more to this than we know. Not to mention, we still don’t know who killed Alison and/or Maya.

I can’t imagine what the rest of the season is going to entail (my vote is on more dead bodies), but the first episode of the season honestly could have been more fresher.

It started off with Rihanna’s “S&M”, which made me chuckle:

The girls were catching up on what each of them did during the summer. Hannah managed to successfully take a cooking class with Caleb, while Emily went to Haiti to help out. Due to Maya’s death of course, she may or may not have a drinking problem – something Spencer didn’t take kindly to after Emily practically ripped a drink from her hands.

2 minutes into the episode, their phones started buzzing. Not to worry though – it was totally a false alarm. Apparently some people like to pretend to be A and send messages like “show me your boobs”. Yup, it’s totally normal to mock a group of people after they go through some major traumatic events.

Right off the bat, the episode quickly addressed the Maya issue:

After getting their buzz on and falling asleep, they awoke to creepy noises and found Emily to be missing. Meanwhile, Emily found herself in a graveyard looking over Alison’s EMPTY GRAVE. Who does that?!

After the rest of the liars reached the graveyard, they found Emily super drunk – and she thought she could control her liquor, HA!

Detective Spencer got right into the case:


After burying the shovel in the ground, we had to watch this scene which truly had no connection to anything whatsoever. As far as we know, Lucas knows something but all their doing for now is just showing creepy scenes with him in it:

Back at the Hastings house, Spencer – the only one thinking about what to do next – quickly burned Emily’s clothes to erase all traces of evidence and packed up shop and left for the Lake House. Claiming that they’d been there all night was the perfect alibi. At the same time, she also deduced that there’s someone they don’t know about yet – thus introducing a new tormentor.

The next morning, in the Lake House:

Jump to Ezra’s apartment, we are happy to find that they are still intact as a couple – except to the “little” lies here and there of course:

Ezra decided to change the topic from “Alison’s body stolen?!!” to “omg did u remember that our anniversary of the first time we met/made out is coming up soon”. They decided to celebrate by recreating the moment:

Meanwhile, Spencer’s phone will not stop ringing:

Hannah, the carefree smiley fun time one, also has a secret to hide. Turns out, she’s been visiting Mona at the loony bin under a fake name (Miss Rivers) to get some answers from her about why she caused 2 seasons of suspense. That doesn’t work out so well because Mona has gone wayyyy off the deep end.

Emily is busy unpacking her stuff from her trip when her mom decides to have a ‘real’ heart-to-heart with her about Maya’s death:

When Hannah decides to finally give up for the day, she runs into Wren, who just so happens to be helping out at this specific loony bin. Ohh, okay then. They just tend to bring him back EVERYTIME there’s a scene in a hospital.

Following in Ezra & Aria’s lead, Toby and Spencer are doing perfect as well. Toby has got a loft, and he occasionally drops by for a shower in Spencer’s house so she can stare at his abs until she forgets that she wants to wait to lose her V-card. Toby, being the nice caring guy, quickly put his shirt on to remind her that waiting is a good thing.

Since summer is officially over, the girls were back at school – except Emily. She’s still really messed up, and went to talk to Toby about things at his new place. He totally fixed her, something her BFF’s sure couldn’t do right. Anyway, Caleb and Hannah are doing great as well. She used her charms to get him to buy the ingredients for their funny sounding dish their going to cook later. Aria quickly made a mistake though, after all the things that happened in the toilet over the past 2 seasons, shouldn’t she know by now that it’s better to just hold it? Creepy things happen in the toilet ya’ll:

AND THE SCENE STOPPED THERE. Screen faded to black and we have no clue what happened.

One of my favorite moments from this episode was in this scene though. While they were busy convincing Aria that “A” (Mona) was all locked up and there’s no way she could hurt her from there, Spencer went badass and said the best thing ever in regards to Mona:

Then totally not thaaaatttt out of the blue but still pretty ‘in your face’ is Ella and Bryon officially splitting up. All of the other reasons Ella mentioned about the separation made a lot of sense, but it’s pretty obvious Bryon is just never going to be on Team Ezra and Ella is a bit more understanding than that:

Leaving the family moment behind, PLL went all creepy music again as we watched Spencer walk through the woods and into the motel where A’s lair previously was. Ya know, the one she was brought to in the season finale? Yeh, that one. Very creepy. It was all empty, and Spencer came to get some work done. Laptop and everything.

Bringing back British boy, Wren decided to interrupt Hannah and Caleb’s cooking time to inform her that her visits may be helping Mona:

The inevitable came just in time, the liars were called into the police station for some ‘routine questioning’ as a part of their investigation:

Afterwards, Aria, Ezra, and Ella went to have dinner together. Sure, before that there was the usual “what are you doing in a police station, do you want me to put you in jail by telling the police about your teacher-student relationship” – what parent doesn’t threaten their daughter’s boyfriend right? Point is, dinner is PROGRESS. Hannah went back to see Mona for round 2 after Wren’s call, I think he may have exaggerated how well Mona was feeling:

Remember the unknown caller? Spencer finally decided to pick up – it was Garrett. He called her down to jail to plead his innocence and convince her to get her super lawyer of a mom to help him. Obvious answer was no, but then it became a question mark after he said this:

Now that the episode was coming to an end, all the girls regrouped again. Emily remembered some blurry images from the night before – and it had something to do with this weird old car. Hannah came clean about visiting Mona, and Spencer showed everyone what she was working on by bringing them back to the A’s lair. Spencer’s had some mad skills, she recreated the whole room on her laptop with what she had seen before because turns out – Team A or New A took all the stuff in that motel room before they could get to it. Dangerous stuff. But that’s not how the episode ended, the girls ran out of the room only to find the car COVERED from head to toe of photos of them at the graveyard. They are screwed!

Nothing like marking a new A with a new text message: “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on bitches.” -A

The season is shaping out to be more dangerous than the first two. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

TV Thoughts of the Week: Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, and more!

[This post refers to episodes that aired from March 18, 2012 to March 23, 2012]

Hola everybody! This week was the big ‘A’ reveal on Pretty Little Liars, and it received mixed reviews. On One Tree Hill, Dan Scott the man that couldn’t die for the past 8 seasons finally went out with a tearful goodbye. After all of that, I say the highlight of my week was probably How I Met Your Mother because it’s awesome and I missed it. All drama shows make me enjoy the comedies more than usual. Read on to hop into my brain and see what I thought of  TV this week:

Once Upon A Time, Ep 16 “Heart of Darkness”

Started out AWESOME! I love the whole ‘red riding hood is a wolf storyline’, and it was such a treat that the ep started out with her turning and going all badass on those knights. The episode also features what having love and not having love can do to a person in the fairytale world, and the importance of teaching the audience that ‘Evil isn’t born, it’s made’. How funny was it when Charming kissed Snow and then she proceeded to knock the living daylights out of him? Fast forward to the part where she does remember him, I take note that true love really is strong because that was not in any way a grand kiss but it managed to do the trick alright. In the grand scheme of things, David remembered some of his fairy tale memories but he’s got them completely confused with Storybrooke memories. To that I say: ‘Dude! In your memories she had long hair, Mary Margaret has short hair!!’. But then again, it’s a completely valid reaction to be uber confused so I guess I can cut him some slack. I will NOT cut him some slack for not believing in Mary Margaret though. She’s right, she stuck by him and then he didn’t do the same. Men, i tell ya. It’s the reason we need a fairy tale world, to believe somewhere out there, there is a Prince Charming. At the end, Rumple got his sweet lookin’ potion of love and Mary Margaret escapes her cell. Now on to the whole ‘Katherine is missing’ storyline. If that is her heart, we know she’s alive because Regina hasn’t squeezed it to dust right. All she needs to do is come back to Storybrooke to prove it, then this whole storyline can wrap up and we can all move on because it’s getting a bit too draggy for my liking.

How I Met Your Mother, Ep 19 “The Broath”

Amazing episode. Just the best. It had EVERYTHING. Let me repeat, EVERYTHING!!!! How could it not? The episode was written by Carter Bays & Craigh Thomas themselves! They are going to be revealing Barney’s wife at the season finale, and as much as I want it to be Quinn, I’m going to be uber cautious and not jump into things. So cautious that I’m still leaving Robin on the table. You never know with How I Met Your Mother (which is why they are awesome).

Pretty Little Liars, Ep 25 “unmAsked”

Season finale and MONA IS ‘A’. Or at least part of Team ‘A’? It’s really crazy that there’s actually a TEAM out there who seek to ruin the lives of these “Pretty Little Liars”. The girls also got their love lives back on track….except Emily who has to supposedly deal with the death of Maya now. How horrible is that? I can’t believe they would do that to Emily, to any one of them actually. It’s all about raising the stakes now i guess. You uncover one of the members of Team A, and we kill one of your loved ones. Yup, that’s totally scary. Speaking of scary, HOW CREEPY IS IT THAT JENNA IS PRETENDING TO BE BLIND WHEN SHE CAN ACTUALLY SEE IN ONE EYE?!! I hope there’s some psychological problem with Jenna, because I took comfort in the fact that Mona has multiple personality disorder and an IQ to turn her into an evil genius instead of her just being sane and doing all those things. What’s going to happen next season though? The girls will get another text from A and the first 2 seasons repeat itself? It’s going to be interesting when season 3 starts, the slate has been cleaned and things are fresh…except for the whole ‘dead body’ part of course.

Smash, Ep 7 “The Workshop”

First thing first, if you haven’t heard, Smash has been renewed for a second season. Congratulations to them, I am just glad that a show I’m watching hasn’t been canceled. Anyway….so this week on Smash was family day for me. Everybody came to the workshop to support their loved ones. Although, Ivy didn’t really see it that way. Julia was not all smiles this week as opposed to last week. This whole Michael and Julia thing is like a roller coaster. One minute their happy, next minute their not. Make up your minds! Meanwhile, Ellis shows off his trademark move by snooping his nose where it doesn’t belong. When he told Eileen, and she told him to never repeat those words again, OMG I WANTED HIM TO REPEAT IT SO BAD. He needs to go away. During the workshop, Karen still managed to be the second center of attention next to Ivy, which is ridiculous. I’m on Ivy’s side on this. Towards the end, Team Houston-Levitt made a “creative decision” to fire Michael. I don’t really have any strong opinions about this, just hoping that he’s not completely out of the picture. I doubt he is, they kept Karen when she wasn’t cast as Marilyn and they refuse to kill of Ellis even though a lot of people hate him. Focusing on Marylin: The Musical, the workshop didn’t go as great as everyone would have liked. This would have to be one the reasons why I’m so interested in the show. It’s a look into Broadway, and all the hardships that come with it. I always knew that Broadway is super tough, but seeing the process is knowledge. Of course this is a TV show not a documentary, so everything isn’t fact, but they are pretty close to it.

90210, Ep 19 “The Heart Will Go On”

Alright, a 90210 episode worth talking about! This episode was definitely a step up from last week’s mostly because Raj came back. And then he left. Then things got incredibly sad. On top of that, the show also managed to leave us curious about billionaire PJ and Naomi NOT finding true love. Solid episode. You know when Ivy left to get Raj water, IT WAS OBVIOUS THAT RAJ WAS GONNA DIE WHEN SHE CAME BACK BUT STILL SO SO SAD. I feel calm with the fact that Raj did not die divorced, and that Ivy lost her husband that day not her ex-husband. It’s nice. In other news, next episode we find out if Silver has the cancer gene or not and possibly more scenes with Annie and her new man. Also, if Liam was so bad in acting, how on earth is he in a movie? It does not make sense.

One Tree Hill, Ep 11 “Danny Boy”

While the thrill, suspense, and danger of the first 10 episodes are over. This episode leaves me in awe in a different way. Like Haley said, closure makes a difference. Dan finally opened up about Keith, and he died a redeemed man. Keith had the best line of all: ‘Don’t worry little brother, you’re my plus one’. I loved it. Intertwined with flashbacks from earlier seasons and visits to see Dan one last time, this episode was a fitting goodbye to the man we have all known to hate at some point. And at the end, it was a tribute to Paul Johansson’s mother who had passed away when they were shooting the episode.

P.S: I feel so sad for Brooke, and I was totally screaming with her when she asked why her father didn’t love her.

The Vampire Diaries, Ep 17 “Break On Through”

Lots of Damon for one episode, no one’s complaining of course. Damon trusted Sage, which didn’t really go his way, but he’s Damon. He has the ability to turn things around and the ending was awesome because he and Stefan were all armed to kill some originals! Woot-woot! Don’t want Klaus to die but yayyyy more badass episodes! Stefan also had an awesome scene where his vampire face peeked in but then he kept control and chose to save someone’s life instead of having lunch. Meredith totally owes him. But before that, Elena and Stefan found some of Alaric’s documents. This whole Alaric murder spree thing makes me feel so betrayed. It’s like we didn’t know Alaric at all and the first 2 seasons mean nothing. Alaric used to be one of my favorite characters, but now he’s all secret murderer and he has the worst haircut in town. Yes, it’s the rings fault, but can’t Bonnie find a way to make another ring that has the same function but does not turn people psycho? We got to see Jeremy again and I missed him! And I do really hope that he’s ‘gone out with his friends’ instead of going out to slay somebody.

The Voice, Ep 8 “The Battles, Week 3”

Wow, CeeLo did what he does best, gave us a performance to remember. Erin Martin vs The Shields Brothers. To quote Adam, it was SO WEIRD! It was more scary than entertaining for me. The Shields Brothers were right to twist Scott Pilgrim vs the world to make it Erin Martin vs rock and roll; because it really was like that. I preferred The Shields Brothers, i wished CeeLo picked them. But were we really surprised when he didn’t? She’s “interesting” and he likes that, but it’s unfair to just say that because Erin really does have a unique voice. For me, I really didn’t enjoy Erin at all, I liked her blind auditions but I did not like this. Next performance was No Air from Team Christina which was the least entertaining performance of the night. It was boring even though Christina wanted a performance so bad. You know what was a good battle? Angel Taylor vs Katrina Parker. I went in not choosing any sides. It was hard for me to determine the winner and these are the sort of fair battles I enjoy watching. Adam made a good call on this one (from picking the competition to picking the winner). Same goes for Team Blake’s Gwen vs Erin “We Belong” battle. Erin’s voice was amazing yeah (I wasn’t expecting to like her so much). Pip won his battle, which I expected, but still happy because Pip…well, he’s Pip.

Extra notes: Doesn’t Robin Thicke’s hair just look like the perfect gelato? Kelly Clarkson has got to be the most enthusiastic adviser ever. It’s so amusing that she loves The Voice so much when she came from Idol.

That’s it for the week folks! Thank you for reading and do leave comments below on your opinions and thoughts of the weeks’ episodes.