G.G. 100!

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you’ve seen this highly anticipated episode of gossip girl.

100 episodes of Gossip Girl, and this was the best one. Brava! I’ve never seen the 100th episode of a show so celebrated like this before. That sort of content could have been used as a season finale, that’s how big this is. Sure, weddings are common for the 100th episode, but no one does weddings like Gossip Girl does. (I’ve never enjoyed Gossip Girl this much – Joshua Safran, producer&writer, is absolutely amazing).

Let’s start from the end: they revealed who gossip girl is!! (not completely trusting it’s her though, some twist is bound to come up) Georgina, apparently, has been living in Brooklyn all along. I’m not that taken aback after finding out it’s her. I’m mostly fixated on the point that they (supposedly) revealed gossip girl’s identity. It’s beyond anyone’s wildest speculation. I really don’t know what else to say, I’m in awe, I just want to clap for the geniuses behind this. While we’re on the subject of Georgina, her brilliance really stood out when she called out Nate, Serena, and Dan. Now I can’t wait to see her at the next shindig!

Next, Loui’s evil side: I did not think Loui was the kind who could ever do that to Blair. That was some major cold-blooded behavior. What do they drink in Monaco? First the mom, then beatrice, and now loui! Yes, a man can only take so much, but he’s not exactly innocent in all of this. When he told Blair that Dan was the one who wrote his vows after everything else; that was the equivalent of someone literally getting their heart ripped out of their chest on The Vampire Diaries. Loui’s dark side was something I didn’t see coming, and that’s probably because gossip girl blindsided all of us with the wedding. It was surprise enough that the wedding would go on, and then it was just so perfect, I didn’t have time to question Loui taking Blair back! When Blair thanked him for giving her a second chance, that’s when I started to smell the baloney. This couple has over exhausted the use of second chances.

Speaking of the wedding: IT WAS SO PRETTY RIGHT?! Everyone looked so good when they are all smiling! I, personally, loved seeing Dorota being as happy as can be and out of her uniform. Her smile was my favorite, because she didn’t know about all the drama and everything else. She just knew that her Blair was getting married, and that was enough to make me smile. Cyrus also walking Blair down the aisle was another sign of genuinity. It was very sweet how they highlighted the less important characters. But then the sweetness ends, and the show holds everyone at gunpoint when the background music slows down and everyone glances as Chuck to see what he’s going to do next. Then, in true gossip girl fashion, everyone’s phone beeps and the church is abuzz with the new “scandal”.

The Little Things:

  • Did you see Chuck turn into a little boy when Eleanor walked in? It was better than Chuck putting the priest in his place by poisoning him.
  • Music used in the episode was all spot on.
  • The beginning of the episode translates into the end of the episode. Very cool.

Where could Dan & Blair possibly go where Monaco or Chuck won’t find them? Is there any way to get out of this imposter marriage? And are we going to see Georgina again in next week’s episode?