Grey’s Anatomy: The Symbol of Strength

8×10 Suddenly

Today’s episode felt like a new beginning for me. Like we just passed through the white light at the end of the tunnel. The silver lining at the end of the episode was unexpected and sudden, it was exactly what the doctor prescribed for a better day.

Trauma was just spewing all over Seattle Grace-Mercy West today. We had the family of six, Callie’s screwup patient, the baby, and Henry. Henry’s still dead, and no one will tell Teddy until her surgery is over just so “everything can mean something”. The best part out of this whole situation is that, it couldn’t have been done any other way. As in, you hate that Owen won’t tell Teddy and you despise how Cristina is being secretly tortured inside that OR with Teddy. But there really was no other way this could have been done.

Cristina. I just have to commend Cristina for being so strong. Kepner would have burst like a little baby if she was in that OR with Teddy, though we did see her strengthen up a bit up in the gallery. Teddy & Cristina’s OR scene had to be one of the most painful OR scenes to watch. From making fun of Kepner, to the music and wooooing. It’s crazy. And that’s why Cristina is awesome. She wooooed, she kept away from the topic of Henry to keep her from breaking. And best of all, she helped Altman save a person’s life by taking out this woman’s heart and fixing it out of her body. The tipping point of great strength: she told Altman that Henry died. Something Hunt was too much of a sissy to do by the way. Here’s the part where I have to commend Teddy now. She understood every single word Cristina said. She understood the complications and what happened that lead to Henry’s death, and she didn’t lash out at Cristina. Which is just one of the greatest moments for me, because I think Cristina & Teddy’s relationship have been through enough already. Hunt, he made the right call yes, but it was still the wrong thing to do. Someone has to be the bad guy in this. Cristina and Teddy may see the bad guy in Owen. But in truth, he’s just being the Chief.

My next source of inspiration comes from Lily. Strongest person in this whole episode by a mile. She watched as her grandmother and mother died in front of her, then opted to take her father off life support so he wouldn’t suffer. Unharmed by the accident, Lily is now left to take care of her two younger siblings. She also helped the baby stay alive in the beginning at the car crash site.

The Little Things

  • Mer & Der got Zola instead of pizza!
  • When Alex didn’t remember doing the surgery on the baby – i freaked out because i thought he was suffering from a concussion, but Arizona quickly diagnosed it as tiredness (this is why i shouldn’t be a doctor)
  • Bailey & Ben rekindle their romance because, let’s all face it: Ben knows her
  • Teddy looks at Henry’s cold dead body 😥
  • Callie takes responsibility for what happened, while Avery doesn’t do anything
  • Lexi can’t hate Mark’s new girlfriend, whom Derek approves off
  • We got to see the COOLEST thing ever: Julia pulling out a piece of shard/glass from an eye. One of the most amazing surgeries in Grey’s for me.

Favorite Dialogues

Meredith: It’s not that simple, and it’s not your call. You’re his child.

Lily: I’m not a child anymore. I turned 18 4 hours ago, today is my birthday, and i have watched you torture my dad for the past six. So i’m the head of the family now, and it’s my job. If you take him off the machines, and he lives then he lives. But if he doesn’t, then at least we let him go in peace. You gotta stop, please.


Teddy: You’re saying…you’re saying he’s dead.

Cristina: Yeap.

Teddy: Say it.

Cristina: Teddy..

Teddy: When you inform the family, you have to say it so that they know it’s really happening. It’s the first thing that you’re taught. I never really thought about it…, but now I get it, and uhm. Cristina, I need you to….I need you to say it.

Cristina: Henry is dead.

Teddy: Thankyou.


Callie: What did Altman want? How’s the patient?

Hunt: She’ll be fine now that I put Cristina in there.

Callie: You what? You put Yang in the same OR as Teddy with my patient on the table. What the hell made you think that was a good idea?

Hunt: I believe it was your mistake that put everyone in this position in the first place so you’re really not one to point fingers right now.