Fresh off my brain: House Finale

I am not a critic, I do not remember things that happened years ago to a character, and I what I say isn’t necessarily important. This post will not make you believe my views, which may or may not even be correct. All I know is that I just watched the final episode of a beautiful show – an intelligent show, and I have a few thoughts about it which are probably really obvious already. But that doesn’t matter. I am going to go ahead and be ‘Captain Obvious’ because I just feel like it, people.

David Shore and Katie Jacobs, creators and showrunners of House, are never bored with House. 8 seasons of him and their still not done learning about him. And isn’t that how you feel after watching the ending? That even though they practically spread out what makes House House on the floor of a burning building, we have no idea. That’s what makes Gregory House great. I never knew how Chase, Wilson, Foreman, and Cameron could just go “because that’s what House wants us to think” in ever episode. I never got that, maybe because I was naive but honestly not knowing just made watching House so much more better of an experience.

[SPOILER ALERT] When he “died” in that building, I knew that wasn’t it. There was no way that could just be it. Then he lived, because he “went out from that the back”, like it was so simple. He picked friendship over escaping the pain even though Wilson is going to die – which by the way, I am so glad they didn’t show us; that would not be a fun ending. We know that Wilson has five months to live, but isn’t it nice remembering House as best friends riding off in their sick motorcycles? I’m feeling pretty grateful about that.

The finale, like every other series finale, brought back the old and the dead for one last hurrah. They hit through every check point of bringing the show back full circle by talking about House’s care for the puzzle only and mentioning time and time again that ‘Everybody lies’. They tied up all the loose ends and showed us how life went on for everybody else. David Shore, Hugh Laure, and Katie Jacobs gave us closure AND endless possibilities to do whatever we want with House and Wilson.

The part where he faked died and then lived his life as a dead man to be there for Wilson was genius and made Wilson so happy. In a way though, I feel like we could take that and make it bigger. Imagine you, the audience, as Wilson and House representing the show in general – and that’s basically what I think about the ending.

My emotions/thoughts throughout the course of the finale went from denial, to scared, to sad, to bewildered, and then to happy (but still slightly bewildered – you need a lot of time to process something like this). The important part is that I ended happy. That’s how I know that I enjoyed this ending, no matter what other people are saying, I am happy that House ended this way.

All of that was just feeling all zen from the finale and en ending to an 8 year long show that has received so much praise over the years. In a few days, I will probably be mad that the show’s gone and will continuously wonder: Where else am I going to see Hugh Laurie’s blue eyes? Who will teach the people everybody lies?? How will we know that it’s never lupus??!

Oh House, I will miss you. P.S: Wilson, your black leather jacket was slick!

Goodnight One Tree Hill

The tears on my face have dried up,and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ is on repeat for the rest of the night. That was the fastest 50 minutes of my life. Just like that, One Tree Hill is over.


How do you know where to begin when we’re at the end? The answer to that is to simply start over. [That’s right! ONE TREE HILL MARATHON WOOOO] I am not saying goodbye (mostly cause I refuse to), I am saying hello because I’ve already started rewatching from the beginning. And that gives me so much comfort because I know that what I just saw is not the last One Tree Hill episode I’ll ever see. There are 187 episodes of One Tree Hill. Even if that number will never increase, my point remains the same: There are 187 episodes of One Tree Hill. Spanned across 9 years, we have been blessed with 9 seasons full of basketball, time jumps, death, and even life. It’s for that reason, I will remain eternally grateful to everyone that made One Tree Hill possible, starting with Mark Schwahn. Words cannot describe how great this man is because of what he contributed to the world. He deserves the biggest plaque there is.

Thank you to Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy, and James Lafferty for sticking with us for nearly a decade and if anybody is listening: TURN AN UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS & THE COMET INTO REAL BOOKS (final wish)


Haley takes the stage, Chase still can’t make drinks, and Logan gets cuter (if that’s even possible)….THIS IS: THE END OF ONE TREE HILL (this is also: so sad)

Mark Schwahn’s style is to repay the loyalty of a fan, and it’s no secret he loves to make references to earlier seasons, here were my favorite from the final episode:

  1. ‘Make a wish and place it in your heart’ voiceover. First heard in season 5, he brought it back and used it as the ending of all ends. 9 seasons of One Tree Hill, and honest to god this specific voiceover was always the one I remembered the most, and obviously I’m not the only one. It was pure magic hearing this again, and this time I could actually say it along with them.
  2. Nathan surprising Haley with mac’n’cheese for dinner and that whole scene. It was a shoutout to their first date AND their first tutoring session way back in season 1.
  3. I don’t know if this officially counts as one, but it meant to something to me: the red traffic lights outside Karen’s Cafe/Baker man, it was Peyton all the way. OH! And if that’s not counted, I say the kids (and Skillz) throwing down water balloons from the rooftop.

I don’t know about you but I can definitely pick out my top 5 moments from the series finale. The whole thing was BEAUTIFUL, but come on, there was totally a few winners for me:

  1. Gavin DeGraw. When he sang his first song, I was like “oh shit!”, and then when he sang WHEN HE SANG “I Don’t Wanna Be” I went all “OH SHIT!”. They brought Gavin for the finale *clapclapclapclapclap* that is the best present ever. I have no doubts in the mind that I wasn’t the only one singing along and crying at the same time.
  2. The scene in Karen’s Cafe with everybody.
  3. Logan calling Quinn “mom”. That is the best boy in the whole world ladies and gentlemen.
  4. All the shots of Tree Hill and its respective places.
  5. Chris Keller performing “Loaded Gun”! Like, how do you not love him/it?

The show ended full circle, with JAMIE SCOTT NO 12 (!!!) running into the court after they had shown us that he beat Nathan’s record (and all the kids semi-grown up as well as Millie expecting: awwwhhhhh).


I thought I would start crying again as I wrote this post, but the truth is, after all that, I’m smiling. I am just so happy to celebrate One Tree Hill, just like they celebrated Tric’s 10th anniversary. You can’t deny that was the best journey you had the joy of taking.


In all seriousness, One Tree Hill was a real show. It was the most real show I watched because it was more than just about life. If you put all these storylines into a show like Gossip Girl, it would come off so ridiculous, we would all be rolling our eyes. And that’s why One Tree Hill is special. A dog running off with a heart goes down as being one of the most memorable moments in the history of the show.

You hear it everywhere, and you say it as well, ‘life’s unfair’. And that’s the main thing I learned from watching this show since I was 9/10 years old: good things happen to bad people. We watched our favorite characters suffer episode after episode, and then we watched them come out of it, only to be faced by another one. Just sit down and count all the hardships Nathan & Haley have faced and then take a look at them at them now. It’s a show about strength, about growing up, and about family.


We used to watch One Tree Hill with the lights off in bed. My dad would be asleep, and me and my brother would be on either ends of the bed as we watched with our mom. If i’m not mistaken, I think my mom stopped watching suddenly, so me and my brother took to watching out in the hall. Then he stopped watching after season 4, and I took to watching on my computer screen. Whenever my mom would come in when I was watching, 75% of those occurences, she would ask me what I was watching. After I told her, she would go “that’s still on?”. Well, not anymore, mom.


Goodnight One Tree Hill

#GoodbyeChuck #nerdherdforlife

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you have seen the Chuck series finale

So….uhm…CHUCK is over… 😥 (sits in silence and stares at screen for a good amount of time)

Subway takes over BuyMore; Jeffster gets famous; Morgan & Alex move in together; Casey sets off to find Gertrude; Devon, Ellie, and Clara move to Chicago; and Chuck and Sarah start over?

Before all of that can happen though, we got to saw EVILSARAH!!!! Holy wow! Did you guys see Sarah beat the crap out of Chuck in “their house”?! THAT is good TV people!! Yes, it was horribly sad, and Chuck pouring his heart out was beautiful; but everything worked out well in the end of that scene so it’s okay, no harm no foul right.

My favorite person in the whole finale has got to be Morgan, hands down. He knows when to be cute, and then he knows when to be tough. And his idea about just kissing Sarah was not crazy, Ellie! It’s what you’re supposed to do, believe in magic kisses people (blame Disney). He gave John that whole speech, takes a big step with Alex, and the best part: plays around with a giant invisibility cloak. Grimes has totally redeemed himself for being a giant intersect ass.

Chuck’s mission to get Sarah back…..did anyone else recall The Vow at that point? Sarah loses her memory, then Chuck has to make her fall in love with him all over again. Which he’s kind of successful with in the end (I guess we’ve basically seen the ending to The Vow) so kudos to you!

Honestly, halfway through the final episode I’m like “they’re not going to be together in the end are they?”. I kind of became okay with that idea once Chuck got the intersect back *sheepish smile*. Until now, I have been on Team ‘Nothing Good Comes From The Intersect’, but that was only because they gave it to so many other people. Now that Chuck has it, everything is where it should be. I LOVE that he has the intersect back. Even if they’ve all given up the spy towel, and the intersect is kind of just sitting in his brain not doing anything. It’s how the show came to be, and i’m glad they ended it this way.

Initially, my favorite scene was in episode 12 when Casey dropped off the data log and we watched as Sarah practically watched herself fall in love with Chuck; BUT, NOTHING can beat “Chuck, tell me our story”. Nothing. And then he did, and all those flashbacks *cue everyone crying* :’) awwwhhhh, go chuck!

Extra Notes: I’m pretty sure the porn virus can kill anything. SAVE THE WORLD invite from Genral Beckman!! ;).

Reflection time:

One of the main themes brought out from the finale is that, and I quote, “5 years of Burbank can turn a man into butter”. Everyone’s gone soft! Except the people who weren’t soft before. In 5 seasons, I have watched Sarah turn into Chuck and Chuck turn into Sarah. Devon & Ellie have also switched roles a bit. Ellie has proven she can be more awesome than Captain Awesome himself; and Devon has kind of got the whole mommy thing down haha. The centre of this show is family. And over the years, we have all watched Chuck and Ellie expand their family.

Chuck, for whatever reason, has always needed saving. I can’t remember a time where us fans didn’t have to campaign for Chuck to get picked up for the next season. It royally sucked when they announced the final season, but it’s the right time you guys. We’re lucky the show didn’t just get axed mercilessly (mostly because the network will probably get burned down by angered fans if they did), I feel at peace and it’s time to celebrate Chuck; not curl up in a hole and cry forever.

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P.S: I spy a Chuck marathon coming up soon (yes I have prepared for this moment by downloading all seasons of Chuck when they announced it was going to end).