Game Review: Saints Row The Third

Every once in a while that game comes along that’s both funny and interesting, that really let’s you enjoy yourself, that game is Saints Row the Third. What is Saints Row the Third? Well, it’s basically an open world, action adventure sandbox style game that let’s you roam around and do whatever the hell you want, all while having side missions to complete as well. Games such as these are some of my favorite types of games, they’re not too serious and extremely fun to play. Isn’t that what a game is supposed to be? fun? Well to describe better just how fun saints row is, I’ll be splitting my review up into Pro’s, Con’s and finally a conclusion. Let’s start with the pro’s shall we?


Vehicle’s and Driving System

yes, the real reason I play these games, the cars. Cars and vehicles as a whole in SR3 are amazing! SR3 has the best vehicle system in an open world game ever! The driving system is smooth and fluent and yet crazy awesome. One great thing about the cars are that you can store them in your garage (yes I am aware that GTA had that too) but in SR3, you get too take a vehicle out, crash it somewhere, and it still remains in your garage, you don’t lose it until you delete it! how amazing is that? Another thing is that customization’s are extremely detailed, you get to upgrade the inside and the outside, this makes it feel like you’re playing GTA mixed with NFS! You can also purchase an upgrade that let’s you call a “homie” and let him deliver a vehicle to you! how fun? oh and did my mention? you get to fly planes, yeah, I said it, planes! boom!

Gameplay and Storyline

Is there really much to say about this? you’re in a gang, you’re leader gets killed, you get pissed, and take out every single lonely jerk that stands in your way! The gameplay is overall comedic and quite fun, light and not too serious, unlike all the other games *cough* LA Noire *cough*. You get to pull out your smartphone and call for a mission, and even if you’ve finished the entire storyline already, there are loads of activities and side missions for you to play, so you don’t get bored 🙂 Also you get to buy buildings and invest in local stores, this earns you an hourly income, so you can buy some pretty slick and gangsta threads, which I’m getting to next

Clothing System and Gangs

Isn’t it more fun to play when you get to customize exactly how you look? from head to toe, SR3 allows you to customize exactly how you want to look. They also have preset outfits, for the lesser creative people or the ones who lack fashion sense (such as myself). The Gang feature is pretty neat as well, let’s you build a gang and customize exactly how you want them to act, from the cars they drive and guns they carry to how they dress (I personally filled up my gang with purple ninja’s who drive muscle cars).


Cops & Levels

yes sadly, every-time there’s a great game, there are flaws to it, and SR3’s biggest flaw is their police AI. Police are everywhere, and I mean everywhere! right outside your house, near the alley, in your mom’s toilet! And the worst part is their super sensitive, you bump into someone on the streets and next thing you know you’re getting shot at. And they’re so bloody hard to kill! No matter which gun you use, it takes at least 3 bullets for them to fall. That’s a waste of bullets, especially with the Luchador’s, Morning Star and Deckers all on your tail as well! And what is up with the level system? Games like GTA don’t ask you if you want it Easy, Medium or Hard, you play it the way it’s meant to be played, not how you want to play it!

Weapons and Shooting

Probably what you will be doing 80% of the time, shooting. Sure the weapons are upgradeable, but there isn’t much variety. Maybe it’s just me, but I like having 5-6 different types of SMG’s to choose from. And the shooting and aiming system isn’t just that comfy.


In conclusion, SR3 is a modern day re-imagining of GTA San Andreas and is really one hell of an amazing game. It brings awesomeness and humor together to really satisfy you’re gaming needs. I’m not saying it’s amazing for everyone, it can be very immature at times and is not for the people who want super serious games, if you want serious, go with Assasins Creed. I’ll  give this game an overall of 83% which is the best percentage I’ve given to a game since Mafia II (89%)